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100 Days of Running is a fitness movement which started in 2015 to encourage people to make running a part of their lives, a habit, and a way towards better fitness. The event has seen more than 40,000 runners across India and indeed from across the world commit to run daily through 100 days of summer’s hottest months.

The scale of this event is unparalleled. The 2019 edition, with 11,500 participants, was the largest such event in the world, by far.

Event History

How It Works

Participant Testimonials

“Before: finished a full marathon with few injuries.

After: was able to happily finish a 100 km ultra without any injuries.”

Chirag Khamesra

Before: Felt undisciplined, insecure, lazy, broken soul, out of shape.

After: I am ambitious, new born soul, healer, and in great shape.

Sagar Singh

Before: Had PB for HM 2.26

After: Sub 2, a better athlete, more agile & disciplined now

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Before: Feels running is tiresome activity

After: Feels running is Refreshment and Meditation…

Rohan Patel

Before: it was difficult for me to run daily and had gained weight

After: happy to run continuously for 100 days and now fit and healthy!

Sameer Chavan

Before : Pain of separation of my beloved Mom, uncertainty of future & acting to look strong with a weak inner self.

After : A new Me with peace of mind. I completed this journey stepping into my Mom’s shoes.

Sukhpreet Kaur

Before: I always looked for a suitable conditions to run e.g. time, weather, track, etc.

After: now I can run anytime anywhere in any conditions.

Parth Patel

Before: Went for jog, used to come back with little jog

After: Went for jog, return with half marathon sub 2 hrs

Ankur Gupta

Before: A Couch potato

After: A new found passion for running. Completed four 10k runs. New goal to run a marathon, loads of self confidence.

Shyam Sundar AC

Before: with a travelling job, my love for running took a toll .. my best was 3 days in a week

After: never knew I was capable of so much discipline. Ran out of country, rain, but ran every day! With a big smile!

Shilpa Bhando Dixit

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