Inspiring Participant Stories

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Iza Gajewska (Pruszkow, Poland) – Inspiring Story #79

Izabella Gajewska (Iza) from Poland is an established runner as well as an ultra-runner. She has been very supportive of other participants in the HDOR community, inspiring them by her words and advice, and always [...]

Gurleen Arora (Gurgaon) – Inspiring Story #78

This is the inspiring story of Gurleen Arora from Gurgaon. An IT professional turned homemaker, Gurleen turned her life around after going through tough life situations. Transformed herself from 90kg to a fit 60kg, inspired [...]

Meenu Lunia (Jaipur) – Inspiring Story #77

Meenu Lunia is from Jaipur. She is a fashion designer by profession. Read her transformation story from a designer to a social activist to a marathon runner! The beginning of change Hello everyone! I am [...]

Rahul Chadha (Chandigarh) – Inspiring Story #76

I am Rahul Chadha from The Run Club, Chandigarh. I am running since March, 2017. I started running just to overcome my obesity. My Weight Transformation Story I was around 120 kgs and in around [...]