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Take part in this very unique concept event where participants will race against each other on a virtual platform. Select the distance you want to race at this event. Pick a place or route where you want to run. And finally, decide your run start time. This event is your true freedom run!

You can choose the day you want to do the race attempt, starting from Sat Aug 10th to Thu Aug 15th. You can also attempt the selected distance more than once to try to improve on your performance if you are not satisfied with your earlier attempts.

Key Highlights

Race Categories

Race against competitors from across the country in this exciting new format. Starting from the 5 km race, all the way up to the 73 km Freedom Ultra. Prizes for top 3 finishers of each distance and age category.


Registration Charges

You can register for any of the above race categories, or even multiple race categories which you can run on same or different days during the event duration starting Aug 10th and ending Aug 15th, 2019.

Domestic Applicants (applicants residing in India)

Applicable datesFee (no finisher medal)*Fee (with finisher medal)*
Early bird (till Jul 21st, 2019)INR 99INR 299
Regular price (Jul 22nd, 2019 onwards)INR 149INR 349

* Exclusive of all applicable taxes and processing charges

# GST No. 07AADCG9813F1ZM and CIN No U72200DL2010PTC207844

Any cancellations and refunds can be requested latest by Aug 10th, 2019. No cancellation/refund request will be accepted post Aug 10th.

Individual Registration
Group Registration

How It Works

Prizes & Awards

Race Age Category**Prize*
5K Run10 - 17 yearsRs 2000 reimbursement for top 3 finishers each (men/women)
18 - 29 years- do -
30 - 39 years- do -
40 - 49 years- do -
50 - 59 years- do -
60 years & above- do -
10K Run13 - 17 yearsRs 2000 reimbursement for top 3 finishers each (men/women)
18 - 29 years- do -
30 - 39 years- do -
40 - 49 years- do -
50 - 59 years- do -
60 years & above- do -
Half Marathon18 - 29 yearsRs 2000 reimbursement for top 3 finishers each (men/women)
30 - 39 years- do -
40 - 49 years- do -
50 - 59 years- do -
60 years & above- do -
Marathon18 - 29 yearsRs 2000 reimbursement for top 3 finishers each (men/women)
30 - 39 years- do -
40 - 49 years- do -
50 - 59 years- do -
60 years & above- do -
73 km Freedom Run18 - 29 yearsRs 2000 reimbursement for top 3 finishers each (men/women)
30 - 39 years- do -
40 - 49 years- do -
50 - 59 years- do -
60 years & above- do -

* Winners will be reimbursed entry fees to any running event of their choice. The event for which a winner can request reimbursement of registration fees must be a running event only. Reimbursement is subject to a maximum of Rs 2000/- on sharing invoice/receipt confirming the payment for the registered event. Participant must register for the event for which reimbursement is being requested and apply for the reimbursement latest by Aug 15th, 2020.

** Age as on Aug 15th, 2019.

Only Indian residents are eligible for the the above listed awards on sharing a valid residence proof and identification documents as per this list.

Finisher Medal

All participants who finish the race as per the event timelines and rules will receive a beautiful medal designed specially for this special occasion and for this very special race, India’s first virtual race. Make this very memorable medal yours and cherish forever. This is going to be historic, really!

Rules & FAQs

  1. Event registrations will start on Fri Jul 4th and end on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 at 5:00 pm.
  2. Participants may register for a single distance event or multiple events. For example a participant may register for 5 km and half marathon races.
  3. The HDOR Freedom Run event starts on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 and ends on Thu Aug 15th, 2019. Participants may complete runs for their registered distance between the event duration.
  4. Participants must run using a supported GPS running app (refer to supported apps article for details), or a GPS watch.
  5. Participants must submit their run details either manually by providing their public GPS activity link details for the run, or connect their HDOR account with Strava if their run details are available on their Strava account. No data will be accepted without activity link.
  6. All submitted runs must be a single recorded GPS activity. Multiple activities are not allowed to be combined into one activity.
  7. All manually submitted runs must submit the ELAPSED TIME only, and not the moving time. Any run submission with recorded moving time will be rejected. See the image of one such example run entry from Strava which shows both moving time and elapsed time. Only elapsed time must be submitted.
  8. Participants are free to attempt the same distance multiple times between the event duration. The best recorded time will be considered.
  9. Participants must ensure that they run the minimum distance for the registered event distance. For example, for running 5km, participants must have at least 5 km recorded as part of their activity link. It is advisable to run a little extra (0.5 km for 5 km run to up to a km for 73 km Freedom Ultra) to ensure that the distance your app or device saves is the minimum required for event completion (apps occasionally reduce distance when saving, or when exporting data from one app to another, example from Garmin Connect app to Strava). Your final recorded distance as per GPS data must be between the limits mentioned in the below table to be accepted.
    EventMinimum DistanceMaximum DistanceExtrapolated Distance
    5K Run4.9 km5.5 km5 km
    10K Run9.9 km10.5 km10 km
    Half Marathon20.75 km22 km21.097 km
    Marathon41.5 km43 km42.195 km
    73K Freedom Ultra72 kmNo limit73 km
    For all participants, we will extrapolate the recorded distance to the actual race distance (reduce/increase the finish time proportionally to make it equivalent to the event distance).
  10. Your race results will be available on our website within 24 hours of your run data submission or post availability in your Strava account if you have connected your HDOR account to Strava.
  11. Any runs reported of distance less that the registered distance will not be considered. Event organizers will not be responsible for any GPS app or device issues for the participants device.
  12. All runs are to be done as per a person’s own capability without the use of any other vehicle or aid which may help with their finish times, just like in any physical event.
  13. Participants will be completely responsible for their well being and safety during the run. They must make sure they are running in a safe environment and take all precautions to avoid and risk to self on roads/parks or other premises where they plan to run, and will need to arrange their own hydration/nutrition on route.
  14. All winners will be required to provide their original GPS activity link if not run using a phone app. Example, a participant running using a Garmin watch would be required to submit Garmin GPS activity link with the organizing team for proof also. The team may reject the entries if they notice any inconsistencies between the submitted link and the original GPS link.
  15. Event organizers have the right to take any decisions for disqualifying a participant if the participant is considered to have taken any external help in running the distance (like using a cycle or any other vehicle) or cheated in any way.