Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s the duration of the 2018 edition?
The 4th edition of 100 Days of Running will start on Sat, Apr 28th, 2018 and finish on Sun, Aug 5th, 2018.

2. How can I participate in the event?
To participate, please register yourself on the event register page. You can register individually or mention your running group when you register, your choice.

3. How can I register my family members for the event?
Every participant will need to register separately. You can register your family members, but you need to register them using a different email id for each member.

4. What is the last date to register for this event?
Registrations are now closed for the event.

5. What is the entry fee for this event?
This is a FREE event. You are not required to pay anything. Just be part of this wonderful event with us, at no cost.

6. I registered on the website, but did not receive any confirmation email. What now?
Drop us an email via our contact page. Don’t forget to check your junk mail folders before though.

7. Where do I need to run to take part in the event?
There is no restriction on where you can run. Indoor or outdoor, any place. On the road, on a treadmill, inside a park, as long as you run.

8. How much do I need to run daily as part of the event?
You are required to run at least 2 km everyday. You must pay close attention to your body and listen for any signs of problems, and stop if needed. There are no winners in this event for the maximum distance covered. Run a distance which you are comfortable with. Run/walk if you must, that’s okay with us.

9. I am training for a marathon, should I do the 100 Days of Running event?
Short answer is, you can. If you are following a training plan, train as per that plan. On rest days, or on days where you are advised to cross-train, just run the minimum 2km distance at a very easy pace. This would be like your recovery day.

10. What if I miss a day? Can I run twice the next day?
Missing a day would mean you miss that day, and it cannot be compensated by running twice the next day. Don’t stop your 100 days running streak if you do miss a day here or there due to an unavoidable situation, like injury, or travel. Of course, with injuries, you have to take precaution before restarting, and advice of doctor as necessary.

11. Can I walk or cycle instead of running?
Short answer, no. This event is intended for runners, and though cycling and walking are both very healthy activities, those activities are not considered as part of this event, though you can always mix your running with walking.

12. How do I submit my daily run data?
You will first need to register for the event. Next, you will be provided your login details close to the event start date via an email. To submit your run data, you will need to login on the event website with the provided details and then submit the run data.

13. I use Strava / Endomondo / Runkeeper etc apps or Garmin / TomTom watch. Will my data be read automatically?
No. We do not support the various apps that exist. Although a very good idea, but given that there is a very large variety of apps which people use, and a large set of runners who do not use any app or GPS device, this is currently not supported. That might change in future though, we are looking into this.

14. How will you validate the data submitted by runners then?
Very good question, and the most asked one. We will not validate the manually submitted user data. The data entry system is based on trust. We trust the runners to truthfully enter the data in the system. There are no awards for running 100 days. What people will achieve though is a tremendous sense of satisfaction of taking part in this challenge, and the health and lifestyle benefits which automatically come from their regular running.

15. When can I enter the data for a particular date. Same day? Next day, 10 days later?
Users must enter the run data for a specific day within 10 days of that date. This allowance is given to handle things like travel, etc, which might lead to delayed entry of data. No exceptions to this rule will be allowed.

16. How will I be able to see details of my recorded data?
The website will have a page set up where runners would be able to see the current status for all participants, like number of days run, total distance run, etc. Participants will also be able to view the event leader-boards displaying top runners as per number of days run and distance covered.

17. I entered a wrong data, how do I fix it?
You will be able to edit the data for the relevant date again, with the right information, within that 10 day window.

18. Do we get any t-shirts or medals for participating in this event?
This is totally a self sponsored event. We do not have any entry fees. We do however get nice event t-shirts and participant medals designed, which runners can order at their own cost from our partner vendor online stores. Participants may be provided free t-shirts in case we get a sponsor is willing to do that.

19. Do I get a finisher certificate?
At the end of the 100 days, we will provide all participants with an e-certificate which will proudly display the number of days and the distance they ran, which can be downloaded from the event website.

20. Is there any restriction regarding submission of distance for daily run?

Yes. If you are submitting run data for a day, and the distance exceeds 20km, then you will be required to specify a GPS activity link for that run. If you do not have a GPS activity link, and you do not use any running app or GPS watch, you can enter a maximum distance of 20km.

21. Can I run more than one time a day? How do I submit data in such a case?

If you are running multiple times a day, you can combine the time and distances for all activities for that day and submit it as a single entry. If you are running using a GPS watch or app, and have multiple activity links for your run, you need to combine them to one single activity. You can do that as per below steps:

a. Download all your multiple activities .gpx (or .fit or .tcx) files for a day to your computer (or phone)
b. Combine the multiple activities into a single activity using this online utility
c. Upload this activity to your app as a manual activity import
d. Share this new combined activity link using our data submit page

Read more details of this process here.