Inspiring Stories #7 – Anil Howladar (Ahmedabad)

I am Anil Howladar. A resident of Ahmedabad. Age 71. A retired Indian Naval officer. After retirement in 1984 I slowly started gaining weight and became an obese. Couldn’t even walk properly at a stretch for a mile. I used to look at the runners running on the road and feel sorry for myself

One day I decided to run ran a few hundred mtrs. Next day I couldn’t stand but came on road and started running and could run a hundred mtrs more. There after I didn’t stop. Running became easy as I started losing weight. I have joined ADR (Ahmedabad Distance Runners). My weight reduced to 55 kg from 90 kg.

I have now participated in about 15 half marathons. When I heard about 100 days of running I thought people are crazy and I can’t do it. Last day of registration I changed my mind and registered. Thought if I can’t continue I can quit anytime and no harm. On first day I ran 13 km.

After a few days of running I had to move to Ratnagiri for an assignment. After morning run at Ahmedabad I left for Mumbai Had my morning run at Kharghar. Evening I left for Ratnagiri. Reached Ratnagiri on Sunday morning and ran there about 3/4 km. Stayed at Ratnagiri for the day. Next morning again ran there. Left for duty station Jaigarh port. Continued running thereafter at Jaigarh.

Again on 25th of June I had go to Ahmedabad. On the way to Ahmedabad and back I took night halt at Mumbai. Ran there. So far I tried to run minimum 5 km. Till today my average running distance is 8+ km a day. Hope and confident to touch the finishing LINE in the same spirit. Moral of the story is that age is just a number. One can achieve good health at any stage of life.

Inspiring Stories #6 – Rashi Shah (London and Mumbai)

Name: Rashi Shah
Age: 20 years
Club: Adidas Runners IN
Location: London & Mumbai

My Story

100 Days ago, I took upon a challenge. A challenge to run consecutively for 100 days. No, there was no cause behind the run, but a simple form of motivation for myself to get out of the house and explore the cities I was traveling to, to enjoy a few hours of independence and and to give myself a different kind of break during exams, instead of the zillion TV shows I could’ve been busy binge watching.

Along the way, I took a selfie “Every Single Day” that most of my snapchat followers are well acquainted with. These selfies are a simple form of memories to remind me of the various challenges I overcame to find a mere 30 mins or so to fit in a run through exams, weddings, work and travel.

It may sound easy to find “some” time to run in the entire day, but trust me, it’s easier said, than done. Nonetheless, it was sheer determination and dedication, that motivated me to run every single day.

In my early days of the challenge I’d almost forget about my run until my London friends would ask me, “Where’s today’s selfie post?” And I’d be like, “Oops gotta run!” and there I’d fit in my run at about 11.30pm.

I still remember the days when I had to attend my brother’s wedding at Abu Dhabi. Trying to squeeze in a run and dodge between the bullets of my mum’s constant phone calls to get ready for the next function is something I have no idea how I’ve managed, but it sure as hell was one of my many memorable 100day’s stories. I’m pretty sure the hotel staff thought I was mental to be running around in sports clothes with a fancy hair-do and semi-dried Mehndi  on my hand, but hell ya! It was an experience after all.

Soon after came my globe trotter days where I’d literally have to plan my runs as per my flight schedules. I still remember having gotten up at 3am for a run, to catch a 9am flight that landed in Mumbai around 11.50pm, just a few minutes before the next day started.

Call me crazy, but there’ve even been days when I had to complete my runs in my aunt’s building corridors due to the New York weather conditions and the lack of a nearby gym for visitors.

Be it a run around an entire lake around which a city (Bled, Slovenia) lay or a specialized route planned by a hotel itself (The Westin, Zagreb, Croatia) , my runs have helped me explore the numerous towns I was traveling to during my summer break. It led me to seeing these places from a very unique point of view, one I probably would’ve missed out on through the typical touristy versions of sightseeing.

On day 72 of the challenge, I ran South Mumbai’s first ever Monsoon Marathon, The Worli 10k Monsoon Run, and to my surprise or maybe not, due to the constant 100 days running, I placed 1st in the Women’s category, setting myself a new PB too.

On the whole it’s been one hell of an experience and along the way I’ve come across a number of people who’ve wanted to join me on my run or say I’ve motivated them to start running too!

Lastly a huge Thank You to @adidasrunnersin and @fitgirl.india for introducing me to this challenge! It’s been one hell of a journey, one I’m truly proud of!

#100DaysOfRunning #RASHrunning #RashInAFlash #WhyIRun #RunnersOfIndia #MumbaiRunners

Inspiring Stories #5 – Renata Pavrey (Mumbai)

The 100 Days of Running challenge has been a great experience. From the super chilly climate in the hills at the Ooty Heritage Run, to the hot and humid track in the night slot of the IDBI Mumbai Stadium Run, and heavy downpour at Tarblazer in BKC, running has truly pitted me against the elements, and taught me to endure and come out stronger.

I generally like trying out events at different venues, to be challenged on different routes and terrains. But the 100 days challenge made me step out even during regular runs to explore in and around the city. From sea-facing Marine Drive, to the Badlapur highway, and the salt pans in Bhandup, I made a conscious effort to run in new places, and bring in some variety in the daily runs.

The best part of the challenge was that it set a minimum daily requirement of 2 kms, thereby ensuring that other workouts were not compromised. On days of strength training, stretching, core work and other workouts, I could run 2 kms to make up the bare minimum mileage and stay injury free. I even did dance shows and managed the daily rehearsals along with my running, since I could do 2 kms on these days and still stay in the challenge, without affecting dance practice. All in all, it’s been a great 80 days so far.


Inspiring 100 Days Stories #4 – Arjun Sharma (Namibia, and the Sea)

I was never good at running, I wasn’t fast and I didn’t have the stamina or the inclination to give it a try. This year in April after a lot of convincing, I joined my brother in a 5k event and managed to finish but I wasn’t happy. I knew I could do better.

100 days of running started the day I was already in Namibia to join my ship. I signed up on the last day, thinking it’ll be interesting to see how long I can manage running while sailing. It’s a lot different than being on land. Timings aren’t really fixed, you have to work 8 hours in a hot engine room daily and then somehow find the will to run your daily 2k. Other days the ship is in port and work is planned at odd hours so you have to make sure the run doesn’t coincide with the work. Sometimes there is a machinery break down and you have to spend long hours in the engine room. I’ll admit, there were days when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore but so far I’ve managed to drag myself to that treadmill in the ship’s gymnasium every single day since I started.

Arjun – before he started running

There’s been a lot of encouragement from people around me. My Chief engineer is a proper marathon runner and hails from South Africa. He has been very excited to hear that I’ve enrolled in an event like this that tests your physical and mental strength on a daily basis. He tries to push me and provide support and I’ve just about managed to reach a level where I can challenge some of his times. It was unthinkable for a guy like me to run 10 kilometres but I did it and I beat the chief’s time. He beat my time again the next day but that’s not the point.

I was 82 kilos when i joined this ship and as of now I have lost 9 kilograms just by running and working. The ship’s internet is so bad that I cannot even open the website to register my runs. I can barely manage to get messages across and my brother has been kind enough to do the needful for me. With about 3 weeks left, I find myself in disbelief that a non-runner like me has somehow managed to make it this far and the finish line is around the corner. This has been the biggest physical challenge I have taken up and probably one I’ll remember forever.

In hindsight, I’m glad I signed up for this challenge while I was sitting in my hotel room in Namibia waiting for my ship. I believe I am a changed man after this experience. And I’ll continue running well beyond these 100 days. I’m sure of it.

Thank you for organizing this event. It has changed my life and me.

Inspiring 100 Days Stories #3 – Dharmesh Shah (Mumbai)

Hi!!! I am Dharmesh C. Shah, a resident from Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. I have completed my 80 days of injury free runs, with 438 Kms so far, which I never dreamt of ever doing. I started running to lose weight. I started running on 2016 April @Bandra with the first launch of IDBI FEDERAL MUMBAI HALF MARATHON and my first launch too! Since then every 20 days they had their promo runs and I used to run without any practice, just a mad runner without any knowledge. Then, I joined few 10 km races, again, no training.

After finishing around 3-4 10km races I came to know there is training to be done for any type of runs HM, FM and Ultras. I started traveling to Marine Lines from Ghatkopar on Sunday for Adidas Runners Mumbai training runs by Fitgirl India. I then joined NRC MUMBAI and used to travel to Bandra on Wednesday / Marine Lines on Saturday. Everyone who knew me said you are insane to travel for practice to different places 🙂

Now, I run 10Km at 60 minutes, compared to my last years 10km time of 78 minutes. I was 100 Kg and now I am 84 Kg. I am happy to run on roads & trails both. At Adidas Sessions we pledged to run the 100 Days Challenge and that was my turning point. Thanks to this initiative of 💯 days challenge my daily routine has totally changed now. Making the day energetic, like waking up early regularly, warm up exercises to keep ourselves fit, a daily run, a healthy breakfast, timely lunch, early dinner and to bed early to rise early next day …

This event has really changed my lifestyle and transformed by life. As I was a lazy person, it was late sleeping in nights and mornings were never early for me, mostly later than 9am. I now believe in myself and in Discipline, Dedication, Devotion, Hard work.

Lastly most inspiring / motivating line: Impossible is nothing!

Inspiring 100 Days Stories #2 – Sukhpreet Kaur (Chandigarh)

Thanks for giving me this platform first to run & second to convey my thoughts. Here it goes – Long email alert or post 😁

1. For a beginner like me who hated running since childhood because I was someone who used to be studious & would bunk a PT period to complete homework over running or playing on the field. This event gave me a platform to put on my shoes, get out of the door & run.

2. I have been a caregiver to my mom who battled fiercely with a terminal illness for an year. She passed away in the month of November 2016. This event acted as a therapeutic & healing to me & for my soul grieving for my mom who was my soul mate, my best friend , my sister & much more than anyone was & would be important to me and someone who I can offer my love to. This is one step towards healing, to celebrate & honour the gift of life given to me by my precious & beloved mom & last but not the least, for myself because our body is something that is going to stay with us till our last breath & in service to our loved ones & mankind.

3. I weighed 70 kg then & still weigh the same but scale can’t differentiate between muscle, fat or water retention. I weigh almost everyday but don’t get discouraged by it as I feel wonderful leaning & fitting in clothes with de-tan glowing face. Blush Blush.

4. Running has toned my legs & I have gained a lot of confidence & to be comfortable in my own skin making me feel sexier than ever. Credits to the compliments increased multifold. Everybody has been appreciating my confident & bold gait. Wink Wink..

5. Running not only boosted my physical stamina but helped me de-stress from work, relationships , break ups & sting of ” Log kya kahenge”. Yes, I can’t shy away from confessing my love for…… Running. Damn it .. <3

6. Dec 15 2016 – I participated in an event “Run for Fitness” organized by Voice of Youth at Infosys, Chandigarh. I am in blue and white striped cardigan in the enclosed pic . Fortunately, I was captured in the frame as the race just began. I got completely exhausted within 5 mins but I didn’t give up & completed the rest of the race walking. This run gave me some serious fitness goals. 😛

My takeaway was : I don’t need to compete with others. Everyday, I need to make an effort & strive to make myself better than I was yesterday – to be more loving, polite , kind, focussed , stronger & happier. Other people are on their paths & I need to stick on to mine. I should be able to look into the mirror everyday & say – That’s my competition. But then I again got lost in the noise of the world & fitness goals were forgotten. Here is my journey ..personal diary unfolded.. towards the test of endurance and commitment for 100days of Running.

April 28 2016 – We received an email to participate in the event “100 days of running” . Immediately, I pinged a few of my friends but none of them were interested as most of them are married & need to attend to other important obligations at home. Without another thought, I applied & nominated to participate. I believe that it was also the last date to participate.

Apr 29, 2016 Day 1 – 1mile in 12:57
An important date in my life to remember when I began running.
Coming out my comfort zone & accepting the challenge to run 2k everyday without a miss for the next 100 days starting today to beat myself that says I can’t.A beginner.. Yes. Better late than never. Let us live & die exhausted … not in boredom or fear.

Day 2 Not bad 👉3 k in 23 mins

Day 3 I remember how tough it was to make it to 2k huffing and puffing.

Day 4 Personal milestone – 1 mile in 11.22 minutes. It’s a Fact 👉”High” fitness women ran the mile in 9 minutes or less; “moderate” fitness women ran it in 10 minutes and 30 seconds or less and “low” fitness women needed 12 minutes or more to complete the mile. Run for Life states that a 10-minute mile rate is good for beginners; the goal is to complete 3 miles in 30 minutes. Keep running..Oscillating between a low & moderate fitness woman 👩

Day 5 Another day huffing and puffing looking at the Endomondo app reading if it’s read 2 k or not.

Day 6 Keep pushing yourself out of the bed even if you had a bad sleep last night 😁😁 Treat your body like gold 👉 Train your mind, body will follow 😇🙏

Day 7 Personal milestone 1KM – 06:52 😎🏃 🏃 If sun can make a comeback every morning , so can we, in our best version of ourselves everyday (SummerLady 😎⌛)

Day 8 ✌ Studies reveal walking with confidence repels the potential attackers. The cowards who attack look for ‘victims’. They ignore strong & confident people who look like they’ll put up a fight. So stand tall & walk with confidence. The big question here is how can we improve our gait? Defeat sleep on a weekend & run 👉You will thank yourself for the favour later.⌛🏃

Day 9 Ohdi Raza Je Hove, Ta pani ucheya wal vi wagde ne, Meri Mehnat Jaari Hai, Teri Rehmat Saari Hai. 😇🙏 🏃meaning everything happens with God’s grace , so keep working hard.

Day 10 It is said “Good words, good thoughts & good deeds is a simple sure fire 🔥 method of spirituality.” Gurbaani says”Kabeer manas janam dulambh hai, hoye na baarai baar. Jeo ban fal pake bhuay gire, bahur na lage daar”
Kabeer, it is so difficult to obtain this human body; it does not just come over and over again.It is like the ripe fruit on the tree; when it falls to the ground, it cannot be re-attached to the branch.

The human life is so precious and if we waste this away, we will not be able to meet with Waheguru Ji and the soul is reincarnated into other life forms.
Let us honor Life by treating our body in the best possible way first followed by cleansing of our thoughts & ultimately with good deeds. 😇🙏

Day 11 It is said “No pain, no gain”
Exactly my situation – sore muscles.According to surveys, muscle soreness is one of the major reasons non-runners don’t run. 😐

Day 12 Cure to treat sore muscles after running 👉 By hydrating within the first 10-15 minutes after stopping. ✌

Day 13 A tip for women 👉
The red flush you get after running is beyond comparison to any blushers in the market across the globe. 🏃🏃 😎 😉 😊
Day 14 Personal milestone 1Mile – 11 mins . Started Day 1 with huffing & puffing & with a little practice, now could manage with little effort and with unlabored breathing ✌ Hydration is very important looking at the forecast to be high as 40 degrees today ☀

Days 15,16 & 17 were regular with 2k but really tough.

Day 18 🏃🏃Tip 👉 Studies reveal that running first thing in the morning creates a “runners’ high” that lasts all day. It releases neurotransmitters in the brain that cause a feeling of increased energy and mood. ✌ Also, 👉Listening to music while running can add to feelings of well-being and motivate us to work out harder. ✌ Also, I have been feeling little dizzy today.

Day 19 Studies reveal that if we run as much as our mouths , we would be in good shape. ⌛😁

Day 20 Need to be hospitalized due to dehydration as a result of loss of electrolytes along with high BP since I was just consuming plain water throughout the day. It could have also been due to over exertion especially because of low energy levels during the onset of a normal monthly cycle. Doctors advised to have lime water, lassi or ORS to maintain electrolytes. The best is after i got discharged, I used the dormitory for the veru first time in my career of 6.5 years with Infosys.I am really thankful for a friend who was besides me when I was feeling low & later to my maternal aunt & cousins who made it to look after me for the coming weekend.

Day 21 Tips to prevent lightheadedness due to dehydration 👉
1. Drink fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration, and drink small amounts of water or sports drink during exercise.
2. Use sports drinks with 6 to 8 percent carbohydrate to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, especially if you exercise intensely or for prolonged periods.
3. Try taking vitamin B12 and folate supplements to prevent anemia-related low-blood pressure. ♥🏃 🙏😇

Day 22 🏃 ✌ With the prayer , I bounced back again “O Power of Akaal, give me this boon .May I never ever shirk from doing good deeds. That I shall not fear when I go into combat. And with determination I will be victorious.”🙏

Day 23 Another regular 2k run

Day 24🏃 Baba Nanak ape mukaam te pahuncha denge 😇🙏 I need to keep running, God will lead me to reach the finish line.

Day 25 🏃 ✌ Simple living & high thinking should be our agenda. Refrain from jealousy & we should lead by example (with reference to running here)
“Mann nivan paaniyan de vaang chalda,
Par mat sada rakhidi uchi e.
Aiven sadi da ni vekh ke tarakiyan,
Harek bhaag apne hi khanda ae.”
Day 26 🏃 ✌ Bahut Hi Karma vale ne oh jinha nu eh swaas mile. Let us make each breath of our lives worthwhile – Treat your body & mind like gold & radiate positive vibes in the name of Divine “The One” – Call Him Waheguruji, Ram, Allah, Jesus, Mom / Dad…….. 😇🙏
“Raat gawai soye ke, diwas gawaya khaye,
Hira janam anmol tha kodi badle jaye.”

“Whole of your life you spoilt and wasted your time by sleeping and eating only, but remember god has given you this birth to achieve heights, but you have made your life worthless”

Days 27 & 28 Regular easy 2 k runs

Day 29 🏃 ✌ Joy of running in the evening – Revitalizing & Comfortable in the breeze.Hawa vich uddi fira me, Menu Pyaar udanda Tera, Waheguruji 😇🙏

Day 30 🏃✌Two important things we need in life to do anything
1. Motivation 👉It is said that action is the antidote to a lack of motivation. I wasn’t very motivated to run since school days. In Jan 2017, I performed really bad in an event at office, #100daysofrunning gave me an opportunity to defeat my fear 👉 “Running is not for me”.

2. Commitment 👉 It is said that the irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating — in work, in play, in love. The act frees us from the tyranny of our internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around like rational hesitation. To commit is to remove our head as the barrier to our life.

Waheguruji, Meri mehnat jaari hai, Teri rehmat saari hai. 😇🙏

Days 31 & 32 Easy 2k runs just to be in the competition.

Day 33 Almost 1/3 f our journey ✌
Some days like this one seems tough & looks impossible when it starts raining. With a leap of faith, I still thought of trying & found that it was God’s plan for me to experience the nature’s spell as My Mom Dad sending love from Up above the world so high. Thank You, I see them embracing me via Nature & people around me.

The key here is to conquer our mind that will conquer our fear and then we will see His grace everywhere.🙏😇

Day 34 🏃 ✌ Summer vacations begin for children on June 1. Wish we could turn back time to those childhood days & live those school summer vacations once again. 😀😂

Day 35 Another 2k run on the endomondo app.

Day 36 Busy schedule after work – I have to cook, run & watch a cricket match. By the time I finished running , SL lost 4 wickets. Interesting 👉Cheering for SA😎✌ #CT17 #SAvSL #ChampionsTrophy

Day 37 Runner’s High or the Joy Of Running 🏃 ✌ 😋 Running is more than aches & pains 😉

Day 38 & 39 Regular running with sore legs. There’s no stopping.

Day 40 No pain in legs seriously …no huffing puffing…More than a competition over my fears, it has now become my comfort zone. In fact, perfect way to channelize my adrenaline rush 🏃 ✌

Loki kehende “40 din simran ya nitnem karoge , tan Rabb dil di sari ichava puri krda.Me kehendi har roz, har jagah simran karo. Kuch managan lyi nai, shukar karan lyi”

It is believed that one who meditates on the name of God regularly for 40 days gets all his desires fulfilled. But I would say that God dwells in each one of us & he knows better what is good for us. Keep up the faith & meditate daily without any desires but just to be grateful for all His blessings.

Day 41 Another 2k completed.

Day 42 🏃 ✌ Can’t think of anything rejuvenating than running on a full moon Friday night.
That’s the secret of my Sang diyan laalian glorious gallan ( Blushing cheeks ) 😋 😎 😉

Day 43 ✌ 🏃Kudos to me for completing 1 mile in 10m.

Day 44 Yayy.. No quitting.. I am still in the game with an easy 2k.

Day 45 Sore legs said “Quit”
Mind said “Let’s try. If not, you can atleast fake as if it’s the 100th day”

Mind won over pain – managed to complete 1 mile in 9 mins comfortably. Pain relieved as an end result.✌ 🏃 Virat Kohli

Days 46 , 47, 48 & 49 were another busy days with a regular easy running of 2k & recording on the endomonda app during another but happier monthly cycle with no cramps, no moodiness or no low energy levels. I am so high with running 😂😋😎

Day 50 Halfway there today, and can’t wait to get through the other half. Waheguruji di rehmat saari ae.
It is important to say Ardaas or Prayer during all times (when we start something, in the middle of something & on completion) as nothing is possible if His grace is not there. Gurbaani says
“Aad pooran madh pooran ant pooran parmaysureh.” meaning In the beginning, He was pervading; in the middle, He is pervading; in the end, He will be pervading. He is the Transcendent Lord.😇🙏 <3

Days 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 & 57

Day 58 It was supposed to be my first marathon today & like all first timers, I did my homework & had certain expectations in mind.
1. Goal was to “defeat the distance” ( reaching the finish line ) if not time.
2. It is believed that “There are no bad runs… Just stories about Marathon .” I was just curious about the day.
3. “Believe yourself and don’t give up till you reach the finish line.” The reason I wanted to participate since I am strongly in favour of this.
4. “Easy runs are meant to run slow & easy.” I assumed it to be an easy run & an advantage of falling in women category.
5. The experts say – ” You are not the first person to take on a marathon & you won’t be the last.”
Last but not the least,” the first step is always the hardest ” as we are always ready with xyz excuses for every damn thing out of our comfort zone.The way we talk about our success & journey ..we should also talk about our setbacks in life. I reached the spot late by 5 mins & couldn’t participate. Hell, here goes my story about my first marathon – The first important lesson is about discipline & to value time like 💵 …to reach the spot on time as per the schedule. Hoping for another chance, day & finish line but yes, I am still in the league for 100daysofrunning 😇🙏🏃 ✌ Have a terrific Sunday 😁

Day 59 It’s the grace of God that I have been able to manage till here. Waheguruji di kirpa sadka warna nimaane di ki aukat. Jo ho reha, Sab raza Maalik di. 🏃 ✌

Day 60 & 40 more to go 🏃 We may cancel running plans in the evening if we are working late, or have sudden plans to watch a movie, or housework ,cooking or just too tired. It is better to run before work & we will not have any excuses and we’ll still have time after work for daily chores. 🏃 ✌ It is believed that running in the morning wakes you up better than a cup of coffee 🍵 or an apple 🍎 😎😋

Day 61 Seems 2k easy to me so completed 3.8 k today. Yayyy.

Day 62 Now maintaining 3+ k distance became my goal because I wanted to push further🏃 ✌

It is believed running everyday in the same way works out the same muscles hence putting us in our comfort zones with no results. 👉Here’s a tip..Let us challenge ourselves in new ways by varying steps, running high knees, big leaps, tiny baby steps, in a zig zag or increasing the time or distance we run & let the lower body 🔥 burn & our toned legs will thank us later 😎😋

Days 63 , 64, 65 & 66 running 3.5 k, 4.5 k, 4k & 3.5k respectively to push my extremes further.

Day 67✌ 🏃 Kya apke jeewan me nirasha hai?

What a crappy question 😂 If we had to pay a 💵 to feel each moment of happiness , I am sure we would have done that. Ayurveda originated in India & foreigners are so fascinated & are following it to experience the benefits. Yet, why are we looking for happiness & wellness outside. Mitro, Kuch din to apna India ka wo bhi free ka formula apply karke dekho 😂😂

A long workout ( Remember with each breath👉 exhale negativity & say in mind “I give up everything that brings me down” & inhale positivity & say in mind “I take in everything that makes me smile”) Then, Hear yourself roar 🐯🐆

Day 68 Another 3k + distance ran.

Day 69🏃 ✌ Haha, if it still doesn’t motivate to start running for yourself, do it for the poor head-turners 😎😂

Day 70 – Completed a total distance of 175 k in 24 hrs for the 70 days – What an analogy (Uff.. 24 hours make just a single day 😅) 🔥 Bhaag Sukh Bhaag Run Sukh Run 🏃 ✌

Day 71 Another 3k+ distance

Day 72 My personal milestone 5k in 43 mins – Adrenaline rush, what else will motivate to run in this hot & humid weather. 😋😎

Day 73 Yes.. Another monthly cycle back butanaged to finish 3k+ gracefully & later to discover another discomfort or con of running. Yes, you are right… The severe sports rashes with wear & tear of moist & sweat skin with clothes. Googled h managed to take dermatology powders & creams that provided some relief.

Day 74🏃 ✌ My personal milestone 10 k in 1h 30 mins , Bas niyat saaf honi chahidi, Waheguruji ap sahai hunda.
Keep working hard with all your heart, Waheguruji will carry you through the journey 🙏😇

Days 75 & 76 ran 9k + & 7k+ respectively to push the bars further.

Day 77 🏃 ✌ Important to spend Friday evening with friends but never quit running even if you have to run after dinner. It is said that some endurance athletes train their bodies to eat on the run. Even at the marathon distance, runners must ingest some nutrition during the race, although hardly a large meal. Experimenting in your training with eating and running will let you know just how much you are able to eat before a run.

Day 78 Another 10 k in 1h 30 m. I ranked 1324 today on the leaderboard for the top 4000 runners.

Day 79 I could run just 7 k in an hour in such hot & humid weather of Chandigarh with sore legs but there is no quitting. It gives me immense pleasure to be ranked at 1274 today. I am eligible for a bronze till today. 😋

Inspiring 100 Days Stories #1 – Joshua DSouza (Mumbai)

I know my story isn’t as miraculous as Samir Singh but I really look up to him as an inspiration and hope to make my weakness my strength on this journey.

Well I came across this more like a personal challenge for me. At first running 2km daily wasn’t a big deal, but only after I began doing it I realized that it’s not easy. I started running a year ago not knowing which direction I would be heading but since then I have been able to challenge myself and completed a half marathon at Powai this January 2017.

But few months later while playing football for my club I hurt my knee during a practice match and I felt somthing pop in my right knee. Thats when I knew somthing wasn’t right. I did run the ICT 10k with this injury,which wasn’t a wise decision but i didnt want to give up.Post that I rested from any activity for a month and during that time I knew 100daysofrunning was a good way to start my rehabilitation.

During this journey I knew this was a challenge in itself. Even though I had to stop running for a brief period as I did an MRI and found out I had a partial ACL and Meniscus Tear. I still haven’t yet fully recovered. I missed my Tar blazer 21k and BNP 25k during this time.

The feeling of not being able to run really sad but I had take a decision if I wanted to prolong my running years and decided to rest. But rest assured am feeling good and looking forward to IDBI and Satara.

I hope to inspire people to run and in the last one year I have done that, I surely wouldn’t advise another person to run during a knee injury it’s not a wise decision. Rest is as important as a normal run.

Anurag Sharma – From 100 Days to 365 Days

Anurag Sharma from Delhi NCR is one of the very few runners from the 100 Days of Running community who can claim to have run an entire year, 365 days of non stop running. Anurag shares his story with us.

100 days of Running Challenge 2016 Experience

( A sincere disclaimer at the start line itself – m not a habitual writer /blogger, so please bear the lengthy description, as it is! Thanks )

As I look back at the period April 2016 till date, a unique and extremely satisfying feeling engulfs me. It was mid April last year, when “Run Freaks” ( formerly, GRC – Ghaziabad Runners  Club), a wonderful running Group of Delhi-NCR, of which. I am privileged to be a member, informed me about the 100 days of Running Challenge ( 2nd Edition) initiated by Runner Tanvir Kazmi ( Indirapuram, GZB) w.e.f. 30/4/16 to 07/08/2016. A very flexible challenge in respect of terms n conditions, barring one ( n that’s the hard one) – To run at least 2 km daily for 100 days, COME WHAT MAY! Being (constantly) in and out of running since 2009, when, due to motivation and guidance provided by runner Pankaj Arora, I took part in my first H/M ( ADHM’09 – 2:39 mts), I thought it as a great opportunity for gaining running consistency. Wasn’t running much since last ADHM’15 (2:35 mts) at that point of time. So, knowing my past track record of (in)consistency. I registered for the 100daysofrunning challenge with a considerable amount of skepticism in my mind.

Simultaneously, our “Run Freaks” group floated another challenge “100 Days No Sugar” challenge for the same period. Initially, being an owner of ‘Sweet Tooth’, was a bit apprehensive, but still, enrolled in it as well, to give it a try.But with our Group’s mutual support / cajoling, it happened. In the initial days, had to control my hand from grapping the easily accessible sweets, cookies etc. at home & office. But, surprisingly enough, within a fortnight, the mind adapted to it n the cravings diminished as well. Also, whenever any plate of Loddoo, cake or Rasgulla passed untouched , a sense of elation was felt.

My relatives, not directly, but through diplomatic hints, confirmed whether this sudden change in eating habits and theconsequent weight loss) was due to Diabetes being diagnosed! It’s an understandable reaction, I don’t blame them for their apprehension.

Back to my running experience. Surprisingly enough, for the first month, it was a smooth sailing, with minimum 2 km run on weekdays, and some more distance on weekends. Then, come June’16, my job responsibilities changed, 5 days working week to 6 days & longer working hours added. But, by now, the strong desire to complete the challenge had strengthened its roots, so when morning run got missed, late evening / night running compensated for it.

And then, the first instance of challenge arrived. I, alongwith my wife Nandini, went to Haridwar, our in-laws place. Deboarded the train early morning. Knew for sure that daylong activities at Sasural won’t permit for the run once I reach their place. So, at the railway station itself, requested my wife to relax for a while in the Waiting Room (to which she readily agreed). Then I set off towards nearby Bilkeshwar Road ( a hilly one), did my day’s run there, and then we proceeded further. Ah, that day’s task was accomplished.

Other than that, one or two night runs, sometimes in light drizzle, took place. And then, the day arrived. On 7/8/16,  It was a glorious moment for us all, when we gathered at India Gate, met Tanvir sir and many fellow runners who got through this challenge and celebrated our fulfilling achievement. We shared our exciting experiences with each other. Event T-shirts n medals were made available there, who opted for it. T;s were instantly wore there itself by many. My T and medal arrived a few days back via courier.

The benefits achieved through this challenge were quite evident. During this 100 days period, considerable weight loss ( without fatigue) took place. Energy level improved, daily routine of getting up early , developed. And to top it all, my earlier favourite trousers, reluctantly stored for long, fitted me once again.

To reward myself for this success, I procured a Tom Tom GPS ( with Heart Rate Monitor) watch for ease of running.

The story doesn’t end here. The next morning, I experienced that absolutely without special effort, but by default actually, I was in my running attire, and did that day’s run as well. It was the moment, when I felt what miracle this 100daysofrunning has done. The thought of ‘Running daily’ had got absorbed in my mindset for future as well.  I was continuing my running schedule even after the challenge had finished.

Further, Like they repeatedly say in the Film ‘Om Shanti Om’ – “….The whole Kaynaat ( Universe) conspires to support you to achieve your goal , when you are firmly determined….”, I too had a similar supportive experience in November’16. That Monday ( our society gym’s weekly off day), I was a bit feverish & wasn’t feeling comfortable enough for evening outdoor run. But still, , went downstairs  for completing the day’s run, I was pleasantly surprised to see that our Gym’s lights were on, some maintenance work was going on there. I gladly hopped on the treadmill, & comfortably did that day’s run.

This ADHM’16, I performed better, improved my PB timing to 2:10 mts (2”11 mts. Way back in Feb’10).

In December’2016, for our Revenue Departmental Sub-Zonal Sport Meet was to be held at Lucknow. I started practicing for my main event (1,500 m) at CWG track. Packed my breakfast n office dress, left them in car, did practice runs there, changed my clothes and headed for my office directly from there, to reach in time. There, on one Sunday morning, I was practicing wearing my 100 days T. Met Tanvir Sir there, who was supervising his son’s run there. During the course of chatting there, I told that I was continuing the daily running till date. He listened to me patiently, then told me that a guy in his office was continuing his daily run SINCE 1oo days challenge 2015  ( Ser pe Sawa Ser indeed). Got humbled instantly, n did 4 more laps that day. Few days later, had to catch early morning train for Lucknow.. So, at 3 am in foggy weather, managed to do the day’s run inside colony itself ( had to convince the security guards there, that all is well), and then proceeded for the journey. There, those 8 months of consistent efforts paid back, and I won Gold Medal in 1,500 metre event.

Due to this consistency, in January ’17, 12 hr Group Relay event at JLN Statdium, did 21.5 k in 2 hr slot. Feb 17 was fab indeed. Clocked my first sub 2 H/M ( a surgical 2.59 hr, so to say) at F-1 Track, BIC on 12/2/17, and another NDM H/M on 26/2/17 ( 1.57 hr, PB till date).

And Now, date for 2017 edition of 100daysofrunning (29/4/17) has been announced. I have registered for the same, this time my wife Nandini has also taken up this challenge. Running is contagious, u see. Incidentally, on the very same day, my 365 days of running will be completed.

Hope to continue this good habit further, reap health benefits from it and for the Joy of Running as well. My Sincere thanx to Tanvir Kazmi Sir for his initiative and providing an opportunity to amateurs like us to be consistently active.

So, feeling very much satisfied and thankful to God, family and my Run freaks group for this sustained journey, as I tie  my shoe laces for 364th day of running today.

All the best to you guys for the same.

Manmeet Kapoor – Journey to Fitness

Here’s an inspiring story from 100 day participant Manmeet Kapoor. From having a bad heart condition to becoming what he is today, a happy and motivated runner, its been an amazing journey. Check it out below in his own words.
I suffered an heart attack in 2014 at an early age of 33 years, with an artery being 100% blocked and other two were having 40% and 50% of blockages. I had undergone an angioplasty and was fixed a stent to open up the blockage.
At that time it seemed to me that life is finished as I was unable to perform any physical task. Physiologically also I was very weak.
Slowly, I started to walk and tried to rebuild my strength. But my biggest drawback was that i always use to have a very low HDL (good cholesterol, which protects our heart). It was always around 21-22. I tried many medicines and advises of doctors but nothing worked.
In 2016 I heard this 100 Days Of Running challenge. I got myself registered for that and successfully ran all 100 days. It was quite motivating and helped me to attain a habit of running. At the end of this challenge I got my blood sample tested and to my surprise my HDL increased to 39. What medicines and doctors were unable to do, 100 Days Of Running did to me. I had maintained the habit of running till date and have registered for 2017 edition also. Lets see what transformation will be done in the body this year.

Kanwarpal Singh – Who Ran At Airports To Do 100 Days

Runners inspire other runners, and Kanwarpal Singh, a runner from Delhi NCR, was inspired by the achievements of Harmider (yes, the 100 days guy who never stopped running since 2015 edition) to start his own streak after the 2016 edition, and he continues to run everyday without missing a single day. Kanwar shares his experience.

For me it started with a very casual conversation with one of my colleague, who told me about this challenge. I never knew that it would become a life changing event for me. I was going through the phase where like many others around me, the need to keep fit and healthy was realized and I was continuously looking for challenges to keep myself motivated and going. My fitness goal was (and continues to be) “be balanced” and this challenge sounded just right and balanced – Not too aggressive but at the same time required discipline, commitment and fairly good physical fitness.

I talked to Tanvir (my biggest inspiration in my company) and discussed with him about the challenge. In his usual motivational style, he encouraged me to take up the challenge and I signed up. My only goal at that time was to hit 100 days. This is the promise I made to myself and was very happy to finish this off in style with a number of follow runners at India gate on Aug 6th.

On the day when I finished the 100 days challenge, I had two obvious choices… stop and do other things or just continue. During the 100 day finishers facilitation event, we were introduced to Harminder Singh who started with the challenge in 2015 but never stopped since then (has hit 700 days now). I decided to go for this goal and be called the same way in 2017. I am 15 days away from my target of making it 365 days and I am very excited to hit that milestone and then get going for this year’s challenge, which starts the same day.

The journey of these 350 days has been simply great and as I said was a life changing event for me. It is a habit now and each day I look forward to go out and run for at least 2 Kms. During this year, I did my Airtel half marathon where my running streak helped me clock much better time than last year. Additionally I did 10K Super Sikh Run as well. I would like to highlight two precious things this running challenge has given me

  1. A lot of new relationships: Wherever I have been in last one year, I have
    At a beach in Haifa (Israel)

    tried to find running partners and have made a lot of good “running” friends. I have also come to know my friends, co-workers, family members a lot better as all have been my running partners.

  2. A chance to explore new places and also be innovative: As part of my job I do travel to a lot of places and every time I am booking a hotel, I try to find one near a place
    At a forest trail in Nice (France)

    where I can go out and run. As a result I have been to mini forests, parks and trails around my hotels in various countries South Korea, Israel, UK, US, Brazil and of course India. These are the places where I would never go otherwise. And need to be innovative is also related to travel as many times I would reach my destination only after the date change, so I did a jog on the airports to clock the 2 Kms for that day. It is interesting to pretend to be a passenger who is rushing through the airport as he is missing his flight 🙂

I am not breaking records in terms of the distance I run and the time I clock but I am definitely trying to make a mark with the continuous number of days I run and also inspire people around me. I am very happy that this year my wife and a lot of my friends are joining for the 100 days running challenge and add this ‘good habit of fit (trying to be fit) people’ to their lives 🙂