When Running Becomes An Addiction – Sunaina Ravindra

This post is contributed by Sunaina Ravindra, an engineering graduate with a masters in marketing. Sunaina worked as an advertising professional for over 4 years, but chose the path less traveled as she discovered her passion in fitness. Sunaina is proud to call herself a runner, is a trained Hatha yoga professional and an enthusiast for any physical challenge. read more

100 Days And My Journey To Barefoot Running – Pankaj Prasad

There have been various studies towards long distance running and barefoot running is no exception to this. Every runner is different as the reality is they follow different training and diet plans and are living in different geographical / climatic conditions. So the debate is always on whether barefoot running is good, bad or is it ok as per the individual’s body strength. Before I started practicing barefoot running, I have never ever thought of including this even for my training. read more

Reminder to submit your #100DaysOfRunning data

Dear All

The first 3 days of the #100DaysOfRunning challenge are done, and this is a good time to remind all of you to please record your daily run data on the event website. Till now, we have seen data submitted by 559 participants, so there are plenty of you who have NOT submitted data. Here are the important points to remember about that. read more

Get ready to run a 100 days!

Dear participant,

This email confirms your registration for the 100 Days Of Running – 2016 Edition, a very unique challenge where all participants are required to run daily, for a 100 days. The feeling of accomplishment which you will get after running those 100 days is huge. And the health and fitness benefits are immense, this can be a life changing experience! read more