Inspiring Story 2018 #60 – Mahesh Dwivedi (Jaipur)

Hello friends, myself Mahesh Dwivedi (33 years) based at Jaipur, and running my own business in Education. I have seriously started running since may 2018 Before starting to run, after motivation of my brother to
participate in HDOR. But I have not taken it seriously for about 20 days, but after 20th May, when my elder brother pushed me to come with him for running , I started running seriously and in around 75 DAYS I have completed 2000kms read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #58 – Ankit Tiwari (Jaipur)

Hi.. my name is Ankit Tiwari..37 years old from beautiful Pink City Jaipur. Working with Amazon & running since last 10 months only.

I am suffering from severe Anklosing Spondylitis with few fused vertebrae in spine & severe stiffness in neck resulting in restricted movement since last 15 years read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #53 – Nirmal Damani (Hyderabad)

This is my first HDOR and I started with a target of 350Km for 100 days, increased it to 500Km after almost 35 days and reached this target today in 92 days. I have revised my target, a stretched goal to beat HDOR overall average which is about 5.65 per day today and constantly moving up. I think I will fall short of reaching this goal but that’s ok. read more