Inspiring Story 2018 #70 – Monika Sharma (Jaipur)

My journey started from Feb 2018.. I always loved walking but some physical conditions motivated me to get going as I hate lying down in pain n living a life full of pills… I had polyarthralgia many years ago, its a kind of arthritis.. I fought with that pain n kept on moving then recently I got muscle sprain n doc suggested me not to do any exercise that could strain my back still I thought of fighting back n I joined the boot camp organised by Jaipur runners.. read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #69 – Anita Janu (Jaipur)

Hi myself Anita Janu… a house maker,  mother of two grown up daughters and wife of a defense officer. After trying my hand at teaching job in various schools i decided to try running two years back. To begin it was purely for fun and to stay fit. However, after some time the story changed. I had never tried running in my life…so initially it took some efforts from me and some motivation from my friends and family. I did my first 10K in 72 mins, Jaipur nite run. read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #68 – Dr. Satish Gupta (Jaipur)

Hello friends

Myself Dr. Satish Gupta I am senior Botany faculty and centre head ALLEN JAIPUR. I have several responsibilities in my institute and my duty hours are more or less 8 to 10 hours … I started my running from JAIPUR MARATHAN (SINCE FEB  2018). I did my first half marathon … I joined  HDOR just for fun … initially I just completed my 2km after few days I realised some positive changes in my body after that I did 5 to 12 km per day … read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #65 – Ishan Joshi (Delhi NCR)

One Hundred Days of Running

I am Ishan Joshi, a sixteen-year-old boy studying in the Shri Ram School- Aravali. My father, Rahool Joshi, is a proficient runner who has run about several marathons, and my mother, Sonal Joshi, is as competent a runner as he and has run about ten marathons. I have a younger sister as well, called Shravani, whose sheer enthusiasm makes up for her lack of experience in the field. Prior to the 100 days of running challenge, my relationship with running was somewhat unsteady; I ran only around three or four times a week and found myself consistently unable to effectively balance my studies with my running, thus resulting in me forsaking the latter. That changed once I accepted the 100 days of running challenge. read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #64 – Balasubramanian T (Chennai)

Hello friends, my name is Bala from Dream Runner Group, Chennai.

I was weighing 108kg (waist +46”) before I could start up any sort of activity.  I was feeling very embarrassed to go shopping with my  spouse  as I was not getting suitable dress that fits me. I then realised that its high time to reduce the body weight to transform myself to a relatively decent shape. I tried out a series of diet & was able to reduce just 12kgs+.  But that wasn’t enough to make myself comfortable. I  felt that I was draining my energy completely to reduce weight which is not the right way of doing it. My purpose of following diet was to change my physique and I realised that I should charge my body regularly. After experimenting with multiple sports, I finally landed up to running as a last of resort of Weight reduction plan. But to my surprise Running gave me that energy and confidence will eventually help me to get to a physique of my choice. read more

Inspiring Story 2018 #63 – Dr Umesh Yadav (Rohtak)


Hi, I am Dr Umesh Yadav, 31 years, an orthopaedician by profession from Rohtak. At present ,I am working as Assistant Professor in Department of Orthopaedics.   Running was never in my “to-do-list’ specially after daily dealing with many running related injuries and sportsmen with injured ligaments on daily basis. In august 2017 when I shifted to my new residence, I started going to nearby ground and do little bit of walk and running but that too stopped abruptly when I suffered from Grade III ankle sprain. read more