Inspiring Stories #39 – Irina Hazarika Barua (Guwahati)

When she started running a 100 days, everyone around Irina Hazarika Barua thought that she had lost it! Even her son joked to her about this. Starting from just 2km a day, Irina gradually built up her mileage to 10-15 km daily! She considers this challenge as a life changer for her. read more

Inspiring Stories #37 – Supriya Khound (Guwahati )

Supriya Khound is part of a group of fitness enthusiasts called United Fitness Squad from Guwahati. She registered for 100 days of running to use this platform to spread awareness about women health issues, something which she suffered with personally, and to hear stories of other women. read more

Inspiring Stories #35 – Pradeep Sharma (Chandigarh)

Pradeep Sharma has a hectic lifestyle, working in a marketing position which involves a lot of travel, but that did not stop him from giving his all in the 2017 edition of 100 days of running. And he had another motivation, his wife, who was his partner in crime in this challenge! Here’s his story. read more

Inspiring Stories #30 – Ritu Chauhan (Pune)

Ritu Chauhan from Pune shares here story of 100 days of running in the 2017 edition of the event.

I am Ritu, baker by profession, and creative by nature from Pune. Mixing art and taste is part of my job. Hectic schedule with the real tiring lifestyle of business, where i am supposed to working in late night hours just to make people happy on their special days. I was always in search of some means to get fit. Journey was continuing, but nothing was coming as a permanent solution for fitness. read more