Inspiring Stories #34 – Neha Bhutani (New Delhi)

Neha Bhutani is a runner from Delhi NCR. Basketball was her first passion, but that gradually paved way for running, and then she took on the 100 days challenge. Read her inspiring story in her own words.

It feels awesome to be part of this challenge ! Thanks for making me a better athlete !! Here is how it all began..

I used to be an athlete during my school days.. basket ball being my first love followed by race events. Then later college and job didn’t give enough time and energy to pursue my sport. However, after marriage and post delivery, my husband, who has been an athlete himself pushed me back in the game. He wanted me to have my stamina back, so he started training me. Since he knew that I played basket ball and was an athlete, I would have no shortage of will power. So as he advised, I started with basic walks, treadmill run, cross trainer and light weight training.

And now, for the past one year, I am actively part of an aerobic group and have been participating in short distance runs. When my instructor informed me about the 100 days of running challenge, without wasting any time thinking, I registered myself. I remember I wanted to get enrolled last year but had missed.

I was so excited that I called my parents and brother to inform that I have accepted this challenge and want to make a plan so I could complete till the 100th day. Like me, they knew 100 days is a big length of an event.  This wasn’t an easy one. Especially with my son’s vacation, Delhi’s heat followed by rains,  won’t be easy.. but nothing comes easy.. I had made up my mind to take up this one !   It was like taking an oath, a big commitment. It needed a constant dedication, and sincerity.

I remember 29th April, running wasn’t easy.. by the last 500m I had started panting and wanted to slow down. With some effort I managed. Gradually one week passed and then two, three , four.. I was sitting with a month completion of my challenge. It felt good and even better because I had not injured myself. I started taking care of my food habits all the more than before. I started consuming a lot of water than before too. Some discipline and healthy routine helped me to keep running injury free along with aerobic workout and evening walks.

So far this challenge has been the longest run challenge in my life.. It definitely feels great especially while I write this to you today I have already completed my 95th day run!!

As an athlete I always look forward to be at the Finish Line.. my finish line is on Sunday, August 6. I am awaiting that .. my good wishes to all the runners who would run till the Finish Line with me..

Also, friends who could not participate this year, get up and get ready .. let’s run together next year! See ya soon !!


Inspiring Stories #33 – Meeta Goel (Ahmedabad)

Meeta Goel from Ahmedabad started the 100 days of running with two objectives – to improve her 10 k pace, and to run the 21 kms distance with no walking. Here’s here story.

100 days of running… what!!! Why on earth would you do that?

Yes, that was the question many asked me when I said that I am taking the 100 days of running challenge! It sounded madness to many as to why would someone want to run every day for 100 days. But now as more than 90 days have passed, their question has changed to – how much did you run today?

I have been running since October 2014. To the non-runners, I was doing great, but inside me I knew, I had miles to go still for I had been as irregular as one can be. My co-runners would jokingly call me “regularly irregular”. So while I covered long distances, from 10 k to half marathons, full marathon and even an ultra, the regular breaks in between always brought me back to square one. When the dates for 2017 challenge were announced, I knew this was my chance to get running into my system – into my very DNA. To make my goals tangible I set out two objectives from this challenge – to improve my 10 k pace and, to run through the 21 kms distance (without having to walk in between).

I knew it will be challenging given the work and home commitments, erratic schedules and travels already planned during this time. But I also knew that I had a huge support system in my runner-friends and my “sole sisters” who would help me sustain it till the end. And above all – my husband who, though wary initially of the toll this might take on my body, would support me in each step I take.

So with that support mechanism, I started – and since 29th of April I have managed to run each single day, till today. There have been ups and downs, high and lows, long runs and the very short runs… but I ran. Sometimes alone, other times with my friends, sometimes even with my kids in tow… but I ran. Under the sun, or under the stars or even in the rain showers… I ran!

The journey of 100 days gave me much more than I had thought:

1.      Definitely running came into my system – I cannot imagine my day without a run now. If I happen to miss my morning run, my mind keeps racing through the day planning my schedule so that I can catch up on a run later in the day.

2.      Running got into my family system too – my kids now don’t wish me good morning. Instead when they open their eyes they ask “how much did you run today Mumma”. My husband now reminds me to check out the running trails on the destination when we are travelling.

3. I learnt that I could run anywhere, anytime and in any gear – To keep up with the challenge, I ran in mornings, in afternoon, evenings, and even as late as 11.30 PM. I ran in my running gear, in jeans, in palazzo pants… wearing my running shoes, or in sandals and even barefoot. I ran on long routes on roads, on 150 metres loop and the most dreaded treadmill!

4. I achieved my goals – I improved my 10 kms timing by almost 4 minutes. Starting from 70 minutes, I achieved my personal best of 66 minutes 8 seconds. Also getting better on my 21 kms running goal… I can now run longer than 15 kms without walking!

5. An improved running form came as a hidden advantage. Running everyday helped me improve my running form, resulting in better pace and lesser stress on my neck and back.

6. I discovered a new version of myself – stronger, lighter and faster. As a working-running-mom-of-two, it was almost like living two full days in 24 hours. But I was surprised to find myself up an about and full of energy throughout the day. My efficiency at work too improved drastically.

7. They say friendships formed over miles go the longest and that is exactly what I found. I formed friendships that not only took me longer and stronger on running trails but shall last with me lifelong.

So while the challenge to keep up to the commitment of running everyday for 100 days tested my mental and physical strength, the very fact that I was able to keep up with it gives a sense of immense joy and self-conviction. It is almost like, if I can do this, I can achieve anything I set out for!! There were times when I felt I was burning out, but as I near the finish line I definitely know – ye dil maange more!!

Inspiring Stories #32 – Sudhir Sharma (Roorkee)

Sudhir Sharma from Roorkee has been running and cycling regularly for the last few years, frequently seen in the Delhi NCR running events in particular. Sudhir shares his 100 days story.

Hello Fellow Runners,

Little did I know that when I met Tanvir bhai way back in 2016 during the Dashers’ Delight, Dwarka Delhi, on 26 June, I was rubbing shoulders with  the brain behind the 100 days of Running. As a fellow runner, we had little chit-chat and nothing more. At that time I had heard about the 100 days of Running, but frankly was not enthusiastic about joining the band as 2 km daily didn’t really excite me at that point time. It was only when I accidently stumbled upon some digital certificates of my fellow runners that I made up my mind to participate in the 100 days of Running 2017.

During April and up to third week of May I was only doing cycling and had put running on the back burner doing minimum 2.1 km daily to be eligible for the 100 days of running, as I was at that time practicing for an MTB event in which I had to cycle over 75 km from Dehradun to Dhanaulti spiced with an elevation gain of 4,602 meters which is more than half the height of Everest. Even after the Dehradun MTB event I did run only 2.1 km daily under the pretext of recovery after the MTB event.

One day just out of curiosity I checked the leader board and was pained to note that I trailing way far behind and my rank was somewhere beyond one thousand one hundred or so. At that time I realized that if I have to prove myself, I had to do something quick. But I had already wasted more than half the time. Just about than there came a twist in the story.

In the gym where I go for strength training, motivational songs from Bhag Milkha Bhag, Sultan, Dangal Chak de India are played on daily basis to motivate the members. I don’t know how but while listening to the Bhag Milkha Bhag song, I was reminded of a scene from the movie wherein the coach gives ankle weights to Milkha Singh tells him to practice with them. At that very moment I got highly excited grabbed the ankle weights from the gym’s shelf, tied them around my ankles, and started practicing on the mechanical tread mill. For three days I practiced for forty five minutes to one hour on the mechanical tread mill with the ankle weights.

On the very first day I had painful ankles. I took it casually because pain occurs whenever we start a new workout in the gym. But by the third day my condition was worsened I could barely touch my ankle to the ground. So I decided to consult my running coach. He told me that the ankle pain was due to extra heavy 3 kg ankle weights that I was using for training. He said to begin with the training has to be done with 500 gram ankle weights, the weights are then increased gradually, but by then the damage had been done, I had badly injured my left ankle. My physiotherapist immediately put me under treatment, and instructed me to stop running. He also cautioned my wife that if I don’t take full rest, a surgery may have to be performed. However despite his banning the running, each day I sneaked out of the house very early morning did my mandatory 2 km and returned home before my wife got up.

My physiotherapist was concerned that despite his treatment, my condition was deteriorating each day despite his best treatment because he was unaware that I was running all these days with the bad ankle. When I told him why I could not stop running, he instructed me to have transfer bath at least four times a day, and also to reduce my running speed so as to lessen the impact on my badly injured ankle.

Despite my injury it was in July first week that I decided that I have to complete at least 500 km and be within first five hundred runners. So despite my horrible injury and unbearable pain, I gradually started increasing the daily run distances and presently my both my goals are within the sight. My ankle has not fully recovered yet and I have a limp in my running, which attributes to my very slow pacing.

I don’t think my story is motivational in any way; it is just about commitment and dedication despite all odds. What I want to share with my fellow runners is to caution them that never ever get highly inspired by the movies or videos on the Internet, always consult your coach and physiotherapist before starting any new workout or technique.

Have injury free running because I have experienced the painful limping running all these days.

With Best Wishes & Sincere Regards

Inspiring Stories #30 – Ritu Chauhan (Pune)

Ritu Chauhan from Pune shares here story of 100 days of running in the 2017 edition of the event.

I am Ritu, baker by profession, and creative by nature from Pune. Mixing art and taste is part of my job. Hectic schedule with the real tiring lifestyle of business, where i am supposed to working in late night hours just to make people happy on their special days. I was always in search of some means to get fit. Journey was continuing, but nothing was coming as a permanent solution for fitness.

Running to me started in fits and starts. Me and my friend Shivani Mehrotra, who is real reason to continue my daily run, my real motivation, used to meet and decided to run. It was a time when there were multiple things in life, but being a sport enthusiast, I wanted to be fit and moving. I was not thinking too ahead about this 100 days of running, all I had in mind was to do it till I can. But slowly but surely, the run bug did bite me.

I was so excited to start 100 days running challenge, I did not notice that its going to start from the 29th April. I thought that its going to start from 28th and did my pre-run of the challenge even before its actually started. so technically when people will be celebrating 100 days run, I will be on my 101th day run .

In this span I have seen Pune so much I even have not seen in last 4 years of my stay in Pune.

These 100 days were very special part of life, where I met lots of people, and also, I met the real me. There are so many good friends I was able to collect as a memento from the remarkable journey of 100 days. Initially I thought that it will be a fitness movement for me and I will run only 2-3 km per day. I started with that but then slowly with time, best coming out of me and longer runs started becoming part of my life. Now I am running close to 10 km per day. The day I am writing this its my 95th day and i am rolling on my 771 km.

There are so many changes I have seen in this journey which is almost like a big book, some times I feel it will not be possible to complete 100 days. Now, I have even started looking beyond 100 days and I have so many reluctant and enthusiastic friends, who will push and cajole me if I ever think about pausing my run streak.

To me run is life and also run is happiness. Running has given me so much strength and fulfillment, which is not easy to get from other means. Thank you so much, 100 Days of Running Challenge, you gave me a reason to chase my childhood dream to do running in a marathon. Now my dream is to run a full marathon.

Inspiring Stories #31 – Poonam Metta (Hyderabad)

Poonam Metta from Hyderabad took part in the 2017 edition of 100 days of running. This was her second year of 100 days running challenge which she ran as part of Hyderabad Runners Group. Poonam shares here story here.

About Myself: A daughter, wife and a mother. Coming from a family of freedom fighter and army men, I have learnt to tackle the hurdles of life, figuratively and literally. As an extension to my daily fitness routine, I incorporated running into my regime and found a way to express myself.

Running History: I was always snubbed for my ways of keeping fit and ticked-off by even friends. I was reminded of my age and a comment, “You are not modelling, are you?!” But yes, losing my mother and mother-in-law to cancer, I was aware of the importance of keeping fit. Pinkathon was the first platform where I could prove to myself that I could run and yes, 10K was my target. I completed my dream run in 1hr 4mins. Now the question asked was not why, but how?! So, you see, life does not end after forty, but it’s a start of a new chapter in your life! And yes, this was the start of my running journey.

2015 was the year when I was actively running and completed my first Half Marathon. There was no looking back after that…

2016 I started preparing myself for a Full Marathon and that too the toughest one in Hyderabad… Along came the 100days of running challenge which was one off its kind! From Hyderabad, it was just two people Me and one more runner Udit. I clocked 792K in 100days and was ranked 10th on the women’s leader board.

The highlight of this event was a run on my marriage anniversary. We were in Pune to celebrate our Sons birthday and our anniversary which falls on the same day. I was looking for an opportunity to run my 2k and with all dolled up for a temple visit on a hill I jogged up to meet the god and complete my run challenge 😊 Running daily for 100 days is by no means an easy task but then if u treat it as a task the fun goes out of it . I made it into a fun and thrill experience and voila it ended with a vow to take up the next challenge…

The next challenge was FM on 30th August.

And with so many of our friends coming out for this event and motivating each other we soaked into the cheerful environment.

Moving ahead I registered for my second Full Marathon SCMM 2017 and there was no looking back.

2017 also brought back 100 Days of running challenge in a much bigger way… For a surprise from Hyderabad we have 259 Runners compared to 2 runners in 2016…and as a part of Hyderabad Runner Proud to say that we are on the fifth position among the cities across India… We as a community at Aparna Sarovar, are doing our bit of running by celebrating each day and each land mark in our unique way.

2018 new year new resolution…
Some surprises make you more strong and determined and my biggest one came when I get a Medal all the way from Mumbai by one of the fastest Runner from Sarovar, Sharath Chandra !!


“ONLY THOSE WHO WILL RISK GOING TOO FAR CAN POSSIBLY FIND OUT HOW FAR ONE CAN GO.”-T.S. Eliot We’re all searching for something within ourselves; most of us want to know just how deep our well is.
My first ultra, 50KM running on the most challenging route with incredible incline/elevations! With blisters and toe nails falling off it was an incredible journey to a Podium finish!!

Challenging yourself and discovering what surprises your body has in store is important ….So the next focus was #SpiritOfPinkathonRun #Vijaywada2Hyderabad #280Kms #5days

The toughest decision for me as my Son was appearing for his 12th boards exam during the same time. And yes personally, physically and mentally this was my toughest run so far. This could have not be possible without the constant encouragement from my #SarovarRunners group and my co-runners, my family and the blessings of each and every one! <3

And in the process, I have completed 57 Half Marathons including practice runs, 2 Full Marathons one Ultra and 280 kilometres from Vijayawada to Hyderabad run.

My journey will continue and yes, I can do so because I have my Friends and Family and the blessings from all my Running Friends.

My favourite running line: When your muscles ache and you don’t think you can go another step, it’s your mental will that will push you forward.

The wait to run, the third edition of 100 days has started …

Thank you, Team – 100DaysofRunning.

Inspiring Stories #29 – Alisha Madhuvarshi (Houston, USA)

11 year old Alisha Madhuvarshi shared her experience of 100 Days of Running in 2017. She was one of the younger runners who took up this challenge, and actually wrote about it sharing her journey, and hopefully inspiring more kids to take up running.

I’m sure that everybody in this world has experienced a challenge before. Whether it is a social challenge, a health challenge, or a personal challenge, there is something in life that everyone has had difficulty with. A lot of challenges have something to do with hardship, but not all challenges are like this. There are actually some challenges that you can have fun doing! When you are doing one, you feel compelled to continue and determined to never stop. I am extremely proud to say that I gone through one of these challenges, called the one hundred days of running.

This challenge commenced on my 11th birthday, April 29, 2017. My family and I had taken a trip to Galveston Beach to celebrate, and I was anticipating a long weekend of relaxation, full of days in which I could sleep in and do whatever I wanted. Boy, was I wrong! On the first day, my mom woke me up early and told me to get dressed for our very first run. I unwillingly obeyed, already dreading the next one hundred days. Then, all of us headed out to the beach and began to run.

As I was running, I thought about how much torture this was going to be. However, in the back of my mind, I was also thinking, “What if this experience turns out to actually be fun?” I wanted to see the outcome so I kept on running, which was painful at first. Every day, I would come out of the gym, wheezing and out of breath, thinking that I wouldn’t have to run for much longer. As I continued to run every day, I became more comfortable with the whole process and actually began to enjoy it. Running wasn’t torture to me anymore. Running actually became something that I could do to release all of my pent-up feelings and emotions. It became something where I could be free and just be me.

In every challenge, even if the purpose for it is to be fun, there is always some difficulty. Even though I was starting to enjoy running, there were some days where I didn’t want to go at all. On these days, I would have to be forced to go running by my parents. I would promise myself that I’d get up and go running at 5:00, but I just kept on extending the time. When I was finally ready to go, both treadmills were taken, and I’d have to run at night. Somedays, I even had to run at home because it was too late to go to the gym. Even so, I pushed myself to go running, because I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to say that I ran one hundred days nonstop?” Believe me, it was.

I never really thought about what one hundred days of running would change about my running style. At the end, I realized that everything had improved. In the very beginning, I took a break every 0.25 mile. Now, I can run 3.1 miles without stopping. This proved that my stamina increased throughout the one hundred day journey. When I looked at all of my timings, I noticed that my best timing was eleven minutes and six seconds, and my worst timing was eighteen minutes and thirty-two seconds to run two kilometers.

This information showed that my speed had increased. On the first few days, four miles per hour seemed pretty fast. Now, I run at seven miles per hour! After running on the treadmill for a few weeks, I decided to try an outside run, thinking it would be the same. I was definitely wrong! When I was running outside, I realized that I didn’t have a controlled speed, so it took me much longer to run two kilometers. However, I still preferred running outside because there was so much to see! I even completed 5k, my longest run, outside!

Overall, one hundred days of running has been a wonderful experience! At the end of the one hundred days, I completed 214 kilometers. The reason I enjoyed this experience so much is because it gave me a chance to try something new. Running has definitely changed my life, and not just in the sense of health. This challenge has made me more determined and happy. My family and I are all continuing running for a whole year, but I might just continue running for my whole life.

Written By: Alisha Madhuvarshi, age 11

Inspiring Stories #28 – Shyam Sundar (Trivandrum)

Shyam Sundar, a runner from Infosys, Trivandrum sent his inspiring story from the 2017 edition of 100 days of running. Check it out below, in Shyam’s own words.

A word of caution , this is not an inspiring story.. it is just a simple account of my 100 days of running 🙂

A typical day in office was coming to a close. An exhausted me was trying to wrap up. As I brushed through the mails which I have in my “To-Be Deleted” folder, I came across this mail from a Health Initiative in our Company. The name caught my attention. I read through the mail and immediately got interested. Before I could change my mind I went ahead and registered for the 100 Days of Running Challenge. I was in such a haste that I had half understood the challenge. Based on a quick mental calculation, I had assumed that I had around 110 days of which I could run any 100 to complete the challenge. The only second thought I had while registering was a trip I had planned along with my family to Cochin and Guruvayur. But the 10 days of cushion I thought I had made me neglect it.

Later once I reached home and settled down, I was thinking on the start and end dates again and realized that the event was only for 100 days and that I had to run every single day to complete the challenge. The next few days I kept thinking what to do. I visited the event site, reread all the event rules and also saw a few posts where people in the previous year’s challenge had run at airports and railway staions to complete the challenge. Now that sounded like fun :). I decided to go for it.

A little about myself – In the past one year, I have tried my hand at lot of things without having the will power to continue on it. I started with badminton, switched to Squash , tried a few days at swimming.. but then the enthusiasm would die down in a few days. Even though not overweight, I would have very much qualified to be a couch potato. When I started on this challenge I had set myself a target of 250 to 300 kms by the 100th day.

April 29th 2017- I started running. I started with 2kms per day. Then came the day when I had to go on the trip with my family (wife and 2 kids – 7 years and a year old). I was travelling to Cochin and from there to Guruvayur temple and to Trissur and back home. A 4 day trip with 2 kid and lots of luggage. On top of all the luggage, I did look silly carrying my running shoes and gym clothes in an extra bag. But then, it went much more smoother than I thought. I was able to run on all 4 days without too much of a trouble. In fact, I enjoyed my runs in Cochin and Trissur.

Once back from the trip , I didn’t have anything stopping me. I had started looking forward to my daily runs. Slowly from the basic 2kms I started stepping up to 3. But then close to the 30 day mark my enthusiasm got the better of me and I ran around 5-6 kms daily for 6 consecutive days. It was a big jump from 3 to 5-6. Then reality stuck, I started having pain in my shin and was forced to go down from 5-6 kms daily back to the 2 and 3s for next few days. I was disappointed ,alarmed by what I read on the web regarding Shin splints. I was worried I would have to stop running. I kept reading and in one article which put it very positively I realized I could continue provided I do not push myself too much. I tried that, slowed my pace, started pausing in between, did warm up and cool down exercises, some leg massage after my runs. Basically I pampered my legs for the next 1-2 weeks ,then Lo, and behold! I could start running back at 4 and 5 kms a day. This time I took it a bit slow though. I set myself target of 4 kms daily, revised my target to 300-350 kms in 100 days.

Samir Singh was my big inspiration. I initially thought it was a mistake and someone was entering data incorrectly 🙂 . Later I saw the article that came on him and realized it true :). I was awestruck . I felt so belittled , yet so inspired. If Samir Singh can do 100 per day , I decided I should do more, revised my target to 400kms.

By July, running had become a part of my life. Kerala monsoons meant I had to run around 40% on thread-mill. Any day the sky was clear , I would venture out exploring roads I have never explored before and run as much as my body would let me. I decided to give myself a perfect birthday gift by attempting a 10k. I completed my first 10K on 22nd of July 2 days before my birthday, presenting myself with the perfect gift- a big heavy load of self-confidence to last for the entire year 🙂

Once I completed a 10K, adrenalin kicked in. I wanted to attempt it again the next weekend ,which I did successfully . By July end I had hit the 400 mark which I targeted for. Now I yearned for 450 , on day 98 I still had around 23 kms to hit 450. I was thinking no way.. but then I surprised myself with 2 back to back 10K+ runs on the 99 and 100th day to hit 450.. From a meagre target of 300, I had managed to hit 450. I know my achievements are small when compared to most of the seasoned runners, but I don’t mean to stop here. This might be the end of the challenge for this year, but I consider it as a beginning for a new goal in my life, one of that to run a marathon someday.

I would like to close by expressing my sincere gratitude to the 100 days of running team for giving me this great platform. More than the improvement to my fitness levels, it has done wonders to my confidence- to try new things and go all out for what my heart desires. I learnt one very important lesson in these 100 days- Schedule your priorities and don’t prioritize your schedule. If my determination played a small part in me finishing this challenge a big major part was played by the motivation from my better half and my son who were ever curious to know how much I ran each day and how many more days I had left for me to complete the challenge. A big Thanks to everyone who helped me complete this year’s challenge. Thank you Samir Singh !!! for being the big inspiration you are 🙂

Participant Before and After stories – 2017

Nothing speaks louder than words from participants. We asked our 2017 participants to share with us their “before” and “after” stories of 2017 edition of 100 Days of Running. And we were delighted to hear some really amazing and inspiring stuff… which motivates us to reach out to more and more people every year, and inspire them to start running.

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Before : Had PB for HM 2.26
After : Sub 2, a better athlete, more agile & discipline now

Videsh Vilas Kasar

Before : Will i make it to final day??
After : Mission accomplished ✌

Neha Bhutani

Before : 100 long days .. 🤔
After : yipppppeee completed! 😬

Chirag Khamesra

Before : finished a FM with few injuries
After : happily finished a 100k ultra without any injuries.

Sagar Singh

Before : undisciplined, insecure, lazy, broken soul, out of shape
After : superficial, ambitious, conceited, new born soul, healer, in shape 😃

Rohan Patel

Before : Feels running is tiresome activity
After : Feels running is Refreshment and Meditation…

Jatin Marken

Before : 1/2 km running feel tired..
After : last day of running 6 Aug continuous run of 25 km …

Baskar Kothandan

Before : just a beginner to run.
After :
1) self support HM in 2.15 hrs.
2) DRHM – 02:07:05
3) Jawadhu Hills Ultra Run (25k ) – 02:58:56
4) 10 km – 54min
5) 5km – 24 min
6) reduced 6 kgs ( 83 – 77kgs )

Sameer Chavan

Before : it was difficult for mee to run daily and had gain a some weight
After : happy to run continuously for 100 days and now fit and healthy!!

Saurabh Sharma

Before : I never achieved consistency.
After : I was able to achieve consistency

Pradeep Kumar

Before : Low on Confidence, low in stability and endurance.
After : High on Confidence, feeling powerful inside & outside

Sukhpreet Kaur

Before : Pain of separation of my beloved Mom, uncertainty of future & acting to look strong with a weak inner self.
After : A new Me with peace of mind. I completed this journey stepping into my Mom’s shoes (literally, yes,we had the same shoe size. Ideally, I became a Mom to her the day I was chosen by God to be her caregiver. You see, you don’t have to give birth to be in her shoes). This test of endurance & commitment is a tribute to her & yes, with every step I took, it was one for her. My mom’s shoes protected me against stumbling numerous times like a Mom does – it really gave me goosebumps during those times as I could feel her besides me supporting & uplifting throughout the 100 days .😇🙏

Parth Patel

Before : I always looked for a suitable conditions to run e.g. time, weather, track, etc…
After : now I can run anytime anywhere in any conditions.

Manish Srivastava

Before : 73 Kg
After : 69 kg, love for run

Rekha Malhotra Bhatia

Before : completed 10k in 89 mins
After : 10k timings reduced to 81 min with substantial increase in stamina n endurance

Anand Nott

Before : Major injury on October 15 , 2017. – a trivial fall caused a Sciatic nerve injury causing a foot drop with paresis of right leg. Never thought I would run again.
After : Started limping with 100 days and did a HM distance of 21 km run a week before the 100th day. Now looking forward to the running season.

Bhuvaneshwari Suryanarayanan

Before : was guilty of over eating.
After : eating consciously with controlled portion.

Ankur Gupta

Before : Went for jog, used to come back with little jog
After : Went for jog, return with half marathon sub 2 hrs…..

Sandip Nanda

Before : 💯 days daily😓
After : it’s possible 🤗😉

Swapnil Joshi

Before : Would I be able 2??
After : I Did it

Venkatraman Venkateswaran

Before : hope
After : conviction

Coolest Jeet

Before : My girlfriend loved me
After : My girlfriend loves me more now..after #100days

Shrikant Pandey

Before : Had never run seven consecutive days or done more than 200 kms in a month.
After : Could run 100 consecutive days and accumulated 780 kms in total.

Anil Jain

Before : Used to Reach home from office by 10.00-10.30pm
After : Start early & Reach home between 9.00-9.30pm

Yashwant Jadhav

Before : only used to do 10k
After : going to do 42k and 21k this month

Abha Jain

Before : I never thought I’d ever run 10km
After : It’s so much FUN & Easier to run now.. Got to feel the post run exhilaration 🙃😍

Shyam Sundar A C

Before : A Couch potato
After : A new found passion for running.. Completed four 10k runs. A new goal in life- to run a marathon and loads of self confidence to back that..

Shilpa Bhando Dixit

Before : with a travelling job, my love for running took a toll .. my best was 3 days in a week
After : never knew I was capable of so much discipline. Ran out of country, ran in rain, ran in the hospital when a family member was admitted, but ran every day! With a big smile!

Nagu Maradani

Before : It was Target👍
After : It’s an Achievement 🎀 These 💯 Days were Special 😃😃😃

Umesh Rao

Before : Was struggling to manage a 7.3 + pace. PB for 5k :33.5 mins
After : Able to do an under 7min/km pace comfortably. PB for 5k : 29.2 mins.

Prasad Raju

Before : was planning to run 10k in Airtel Hyderabad Marathon
During : after 50, registered for Full Marathon – Airtel Hyderabad Marathon
After : successfully completed full marathon in 5hrs 20 min.

[VIDEO] Introducing Coach Ian Dexter Ladbrooke

Dear participants, we are delighted to announce that veteran runner and coach, Ian Dexter Ladbrooke, will be our official 100 Days of Running coach. Ian is from United Kingdom and currently based in Kenya, where he works with runners of all abilities, from beginners all the way to experienced elite athletes. Continue reading “[VIDEO] Introducing Coach Ian Dexter Ladbrooke”