Running apps to use for submitting your daily run data

As per rules of 100 Days Of Running, if you need to submit a run data for a distance exceeding 20km, we require you to also submit a public activity link for that run on our data submit page (not yet live), i.e. something which anyone can click and see and verify your run details. For distances up to 20km, this is not required. read more

How to submit your Garmin run activity data on event website

This is a step by step guide on how to share your run data from your Garmin GPS watch and submit it on the 100 Days of Running run data submit page (not yet live). Do note that most of you will not be required to go through all the below steps if you already have your watch setup and syncing to your phone or your computer. In that case, you can directly start from Step 7 or 8 below. read more

Inspiring Stories #39 – Irina Hazarika Barua (Guwahati)

When she started running a 100 days, everyone around Irina Hazarika Barua thought that she had lost it! Even her son joked to her about this. Starting from just 2km a day, Irina gradually built up her mileage to 10-15 km daily! She considers this challenge as a life changer for her. read more