What is 100 Days of Running?

About the event

100 Days of Running is a fitness movement which started in 2015 to encourage people to make running a part of their lives, a habit, and a way towards better fitness. The event has seen more than 5,000 runners across India and indeed from across the world commit to run daily through 100 days of summer’s hottest months. The scale of this event is unparalleled, the 2017 edition was the largest such event in the world, by far.

Event History

2014 – Started off with one of our runners running 100 days during the summers as a self motivation and fitness initiative. Realizing the potential for something like this to lifestyle changer in the running community, this concept was rolled out to a wider audience.
2015 – 187 participants took part in the event, with 28 runners managing to run all 100 days.
2016 – 727 participants. 209 ran all 100 days. Became the biggest such event in the world.
2017 – 4121 participants took part in record breaking numbers, and ran a total of 9.9 lakh kms over the 100 days. This included participants from 21 countries across the world.

Benefits of 100 Days of Running

It’s a way to make you go out and run, and build a habit doing so
It has been proven that if you do a task repetitively, you form a habit, and after some days, it just becomes part of your life. Running everyday, for 100 days, achieves exactly that. Running will become a part of your life, with very little chance that you will come out of this wonderful new habit.

Overcome the summer slack
Summer is the time when most of us regular runners tend to take it easy. You miss a few runs here and there, and gradually, that period is going into weeks and months. Having a challenge like 100 Days of Running will keep you on your toes, all through the summers and beyond

Build up a base for the upcoming running season
What you put into training during the summer time, will come out when you do the races later in the running season, which sort of kicks off post the hot summer months. Hyderabad Marathon, Delhi Half, Chennai, Mumbai Marathons, and many many more. If you are looking at doing well, rather, doing great, then it is important to build consistency in your running starting with summers. 100 Days of Running would get you on the road to new personal bests later in the year.

Avoid injuries
A stronger base means a fitter body, capable of training better when you start picking up the pace and building mileage. 100 Days of Running will provide you with that strong base, and reduce the chances of picking up injuries later in the season when you start training hard.