Inspiring Story 2018 #61 – Vimal Pal (Ghaziabad)

Let me introduce myself first before writing my 100 days of running journey, I am vimal and I work for Allergan Inc. (a pharma company) taking care of government business (Half country) and designated as Sr. Manager Institution Business.

My job is little challenging as in sales I need to travel many places for my work requirement which is almost 15-20 days in a month.

Almost 2 years back I was around 87 kg due to my travel as well as eating habits and top of the all not at all considering any workout in my schedule So I was feeling very lethargic as well as my overall health was deteriorating day by day and was not able to concentrate on my work .

Then I realized that it’s a high time I need to add something In my life to overcome this high weight /obese condition and I started running in Oct.2016 , Initially I started walking for almost 5km and then gradually converting these walk into occasional running and later on running every day.

Friends this was the time which has changed my lifestyle completely, now I am 70 kg and have already completed many running challenges in my life.

  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017
  • IDBI Delhi Half Marathon 2018
  • Kronos Run Noida-2017-10 K
  • Run for a Runner Indiarapuram – 10K
  • Indian Marathon April-30 days 5 Km daily running challenge
  • Indian Marathon May-30 days 5 Km daily running challenge
  • Indian Marathon June-30 days 5 Km daily running challenge
  • Indian Marathon July-30 days 5 Km daily running challenge

And many more races in my kitty already.

100 days of running have changed my thought process completely, Initially when I started this challenge I was very skeptical weather I am able to complete full 100 days or I miss some days due to my travel but then I found out a solution of carrying my sports shoes whenever I travel and I started using hotel gyms, Play grounds, roads as well near the hotel and with all these I am able to complete my 100 days of running .

I also want to share that during this last 2 years of running journey I have made many friends as well as created a running enthusiast group (Crossings runner Club ) where we had around 100 runners with different zones like Ultra , Full , Half , barefoot runners as well as 100 miles runners .

I sincerely thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me in this journey.

Vimal Pal

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  1. Vishvajit August 4, 2018 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    Proud of you Vimal bhai. You have created benchmark for others. Your story motivates all who always pretends for time constraint.

  2. Muthu August 6, 2018 at 8:16 am - Reply

    Wonderful and inspiring Vimal..!!

  3. Pankaj Malhotra August 8, 2018 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    Excellent boss……strong determined.

  4. Ravinder Gaur August 21, 2018 at 11:09 am - Reply

    Hi Vimal,
    Quite impressive , appreciate your determination, and hard work.
    me got heart attack way back in 2014, i took a challenge to myself , start running and i am running for the last 10 months . at present running 10 km every day. yes running change my life my doctor is very surprised to see me running for 10 km.
    here is my cell 9891596863 i would to get in touch with you .
    Ravinder Gaur

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