How to connect your 100 Days of Running account with Strava?

Strava integration is now enabled in your 100 days of running account. Connect by logging in to participant page at  and click on “Connect to Strava” and follow the steps as directed.

Once you connect your 100 Days of Running account with Strava, the system will automatically get your daily runs recorded in your Strava account imported to your 100 Days Of Running account.

Process to Connect to Strava

Once you login to the participant page, please click on connect button below to start as shown in the image above. Login with your Strava credentials on the pop-up window which comes up. If you are already logged in, just authorize 100 Days of Running to access your public activities.

Click ‘authorize’ to connect your account with Strava.

When does import of your run happen?

Your Strava run data will not be immediately imported to 100 Days of Running. Each run activity import is expected to happen within 24 hours of the actual run. Please give it time.

If multiple activities for a day were found in your Strava account, the activities will not be imported. You will have to manually create a combined activity link as per instructions at here. If an activity for a day is already found on 100 Days of Running when importing from Strava, the activity will not be imported.

Update (May 18th, 2018): We now support import of multiple GPS run activities in a day from Strava automatically.

Important: This is a beta/early version of our Strava account connectivity. Please be aware that there might be unforeseen issues retrieving your Strava run data. You are requested to watch for your latest activities on your runner dashboard and if you see a run not imported within 24 hours, then manually add those run details.

26 thoughts on “How to connect your 100 Days of Running account with Strava?”

  1. Hi Tanvir,

    Thank you very much for your time and information by sharing these articles and instructions.
    Could you possibly answer a question for me please?

    In Strava, I have given 100DOR access, but do I have to keep my runs “public”, or can I make them “private”?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give with this question.
    Kind regards,

    1. Making the runs ‘public’ is essential for our Connect to Strava flow, since we will be displaying these links to other runners too as part of our reports. This is also a means for the community themselves to validate if data submitted by the user is correct. If you do not want to submit all links due to privacy issues, do not connect your account to Strava. Below 20km, you are not even required to submit any links. But submitting public activity link for any run more than 20km is mandatory, so either submit the link, or be content with submitting a max distance of 20km without link if privacy is the more important concern (which might be for many users).

  2. Hi
    Ve removed privacy link today…..can I manually do last two day enteries n it will automatically pick from today ?

    1. Yes. We are currently facing issues with Strava import though, should be resolved in a couple of days. Till then, please submit manually.

        1. Give it a day more to import, hopefully later today. If it doesn’t still happen and you cannot wait further, then I would recommend copy/paste link from Strava website.

  3. I had recorded my 1st day run on endomondo, and I am not able to upload that run on 100 days website. Can you please guide ?
    From Day 2 have been recording runs on Strava. So far I do not see any of my runs being automatically uploaded to 100 days website, but as you have mentioned, I will wait .. for some more time for it to automatically fetch the data from Strava. I hope it works.

  4. Hi Tanvir

    I am registered with email id…while connecting my strava account i connected my HDOR account with my husband’s strava account.this happened by mistake. Please guide how to correct this.

  5. Will auto import from Strava fails if it detects multiple any kind of activities like RUN, SWIM, BIKE? I do couple of sessions in pool to recover from running, and noticed that on days when I have additional SWIM activity, auto import doesn’t happen. Can this not be corrected to only look for RUN activities for import from Strava?

      1. Hi Tanvir, Does the import function distinguish between “manually” recorded Strava run(meaning no GPS and maps, just manually adding stats into Strava) and the one that is automatically recorded run with GPS tracking in Strava.

        It looks it import function only imports the runs that Strava records and not the ones that are manually updated into Strava

        Can you clarify?


        1. For now, we are only importing GPS activities. From next week, we will also start importing manual activities as well (like treadmill, or just a manual Strava entry). However, manual entry rules will still apply (no import for manual entry for distance more than 20km).

      2. Thanks will wait for the changes. From my personal experience of multiple activities in a day, the current auto upload doesn’t have check of only RUN

  6. I have registered in 100 days of running challenge. I am using iwatch (series 3) to record the data via Starva. But iwatch option is not available. Also when i click on “connect to Strava” its getting connected to someone else profile.

    Kindly look into the same and let me know what i need to do.

    Strava – Saty D (Surat, Gujarat)

    1. There is an option to Disconnect from Strava in your Dashboard now (click on Connect to Strava and then you will see it).

  7. Hi Tanvir , my account is linked with Strava,few days back Strava was updating my runs, but for last 2 days it has stopped.Tanvir I tried to do manually but was not able to do.Please help me to do manually .

  8. Hi Tanvir,same issue my runs are not added by Strava,and manually I am not able to add my runs,may be I am doing some mistake. Please explain with example.My email ID is days runs are not added

  9. Hi Tanvir ,

    My Day 19 Strava data is not imported to HODR automatically. Unfortunately, I am unable to login to Strava website & copy the URL manually for the activity link. Please advise.


  10. Hi Tanvir,

    Thank you for such a wonderful initiative and I am glad to have participated for the first time. The 30 days have been a great learning experience about my own self and loo forward to discovering more. I have been consistent with my running; have managed every single day of run so far. However, I have missed submitting my reports for some days. Since the dates are past more than 10 days, I cant do anything about it on the participants page. I tried reaching the team via the support email id and also Facebook chat, but haven’t found a solution. Please help.

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