How to combine multiple runs in a day into a single run

This article has been updated on May 18th, 2018 with details on how to manage your data submission for multiple runs in a day. We are no longer recommending using a third-party tool for this process.

Planning to run multiple times a day? Remember, our data submit system can accept only a single entry per day. However, our Strava import system which imports any run activities from your Strava account has now been enhanced to enable of import of multiple runs in a day to your 100 days account. Here’s what you need to do:

New Process (recommended)

Step 1: Download the multiple activity files from your app or app website

Most apps (or the website for the app, like Strava) support download of your run activity. Download the multiple activity files for your runs for a particular day. The downloaded files may be named something like .gpx, .tcx, or .fit file, these being the common formats).

Step 2: Upload your app to your Strava account

Create a Strava account at if you already don’t have one. Upload your downloaded activities to your Strava account by clicking on the “+” button on your Strava dashboard page (this button is on the top right of the page), and then click on “Upload activity” and upload each file for your multiple runs for the same day you downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Wait for Strava import to happen

Make sure you have connected your Strava account to 100 days account. Your activity details for the multiple runs in the day should be automatically imported to your 100 days account within 24 hours.

Important: Strava import system is still work in progress and not perfect. In some cases it may not be able to import your run data. Please wait for 48 hours for the import, and if you still do not see your run reflected in your 100 days dashboard, then add it manually as per the old process below.

Old Process (not recommended)

This is what we had advised our participants in the initial days of the 2018 challenge when we did not support automatically importing multiple runs in a single day from Strava. Please be aware that the below tool generates BAD combined data with extra distance and bad pace. Use at your own risk. Your run might get flagged and disabled if we identify any pace or distance issues created by this tool. In other words, DO NOT USE this now.

Step 1: Download the multiple activity files from your app or app website

Most apps (or the website for the app, like Strava) support download of your run activity. Download the multiple activity files for your runs for a particular day. The downloaded files may be named something like .gpx, .tcx, or .fit file, these being the common formats).

Step 2: Combine the multiple activities into a single one

Head to the GoToes website below and merge your various GPS activities (.gpx, .tcx, or .fit files) into one.

Website to merge your multiple activities:

Download the combined activity (another .gpx file this time), which is now a single activity file representing your multiple runs for the day.

Step 3: Upload the activities back to your app or app website

Once you have downloaded the combined activity, upload that activity to your account (which might be your Strava account, or your existing running app account if it supports file upload, you need to check first). On Strava, there is a link called “Upload activity” which is used to upload any activity data to Strava website.

Note: If you are uploading this new combined activity to Strava, then Strava requires you to delete the activities you are merging (since there cannot be two links for the same run). Delete those entries (after saving the downloaded .gpx etc files safely somewhere for later access) and then upload this new combined one. Same may be true for other apps as well.

27 thoughts on “How to combine multiple runs in a day into a single run”

  1. I am a single participant and I will run in gym only. Can I take picture of the treadmill ( representing total kms etc) after finishing my run and submit? Please advice.

    1. Photos are not accepted. However, no proof of your run is required till 20km distance daily. We trust our participants to submit the data correctly. Proof in the form of a public activity link is a must only for distance beyond 20km.

  2. If im running and cycling on the same day recording on strava, will the activities obstruct syncing directly?….or will it automatically pick the running activity only irrespective of any other sport activity?

  3. My fitbit surge is connected with strava. What should I do to upload my stats?
    In fitbit surge there are two types of recordings, one is step counter converting to km, other is with the pressing of right side lower button. In case of Interval and speed work, you have to stop recording by pressing right lower button. After this if you go on walking that recording continues and two distance of running come up. Whether the distance recorded through step counter is admissible by taking screen shots. Only data which is recorded with right lower button is uploaded on strava and not that which gets recorded without right lower button.
    Other query is which is the app where the workout is to be uploaded.
    It is quite disgusting. Last years were very easy to upload the workouts.
    With regards
    Justice Sat Paul Bangarh

  4. My running activities logged in Strava are not picked up even after 24 hours. How should I make sure that it will pick up?

  5. I have combined my 2 activities of a day in given tool but when i am uploading it of Strava its giving error
    “2783595162133376.tcx is a duplicate of 100daysrunningchallenge day 4_1”

    1. You will have to delete your other multiple runs to make that happen. I suggest you do a manual entry for now with any one of the links. We will take care of such scenarios automatically very soon by improving the import process.

    1. I think you can ignore this for now. We are looking for automatic import of multiple runs in a day via Strava. That fix should be there in a day or two.

      To download, click on the “wrench” icon near the edit icon, and click on “Export GPX”.

  6. My running activity on 05 May was not automatically imported from strava , even after passage of 24 hrs. I submitted the same manually. Request to guide further

    1. Import system still in early stages of development. Request please do it manually whenever you do not find automatic import within 24 hours.

  7. Dear Team,

    I have registered in 100 days of running challenge. I am using iwatch (series 3) to record the data via Starva. But iwatch option is not available. Also when i click on “connect to Strava” its getting connected to someone else profile.

    Kindly look into the same and let me know what i need to do.

    Group – Surti Runners
    Place – Surat, Gujarat, India
    Strava – Saty D (Surat, Gujarat)

    1. Just updating the message in more detail. Also the links shared above were not working, so corrected those.

      This past Sunday I ran 15K outdoors in the morning and then 10K in the evening on a treadmill, however when I combine the two files it only shows the data for the morning run (tried exporting to multiple formats and even combining individual formats such as *.gpx and *.fit). When I import the files via the tool it does show the data as below

      File # Start Time End Time GPS Type File Type File Name Sport

      01 May 13, 2018 6:23:34 May 13, 2018 7:48:41 GPX 5232812306947178_1.gpx

      02 May 13, 2018 18:28:12 May 13, 2018 19:25:55 FIT Other

      But when I combine the files for export (tried both options *.gpx and *.tcx) it generates a single file but when I import into strava it just shows the morning run.

      I used a TomTom Spark3 watch to log data. Links to the runs below.

  8. hi friends
    i have same problem
    i am using strava and endomondo
    i cannot combine my morning and evening workouts data
    please help

  9. Hi, In a day if I do multiple activities then only one is automatically imported. however, in others multiple activities are automatically imported. I have done everything what is written but nothing sorted. please suggest.
    I use Garmin which automatically loads multiple activities to starva but from strava to 100 days of running only one is imported.

    1. Depends on time of day of the activity, since import is done only once a day. So, it may take two import cycles to import all the activities for a day.

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