Running apps to use for submitting your daily run data

As per rules of 100 Days Of Running, if you need to submit a run data for a distance exceeding 20km, we require you to also submit a public activity link for that run on our data submit page (not yet live), i.e. something which anyone can click and see and verify your run details. For distances up to 20km, this is not required.

We sat down and went through some of the common apps people use for recording their runs, and analyzed how good or bad they are for sharing your run data. Based on our analysis, here is an app by app analysis to help you understand how to share your run data.

If you see any error or mistake in below, do let us know. It was a tough task going through all these apps and we may have missed some points which might change the recommendation status below, please let us know in the comments section at the end of the post.

List of apps covered

We have covered the following apps in this post:

  • Garmin Connect (for Garmin device users only)
  • Endomondo
  • Nike+ Run Club
  • Runkeeper (not recommended)
  • Runtastic
  • TomTom Sports (for TomTom device users only)
  • Strava
  • Fitbit (recommended via Strava sharing)
  • MapMyRun

Garmin Connect

Does not allow direct run recording from phone (only syncs run data from a Garmin watch). To share, click on the share icon, choose “Web Link” option, and then “Copy to clipboard” from the list of options. You can next paste this copied text on 100 Days Of Running data submit page on your mobile in the appropriate field.

The problem with this copied text is that it is of the below form:

Check out my running activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday

Hence, you will need to remove the extra words before the link and just paste the link, which is of the form:

Before submitting on 100 days website, make sure that your activity link is public, i.e. it can be read by everyone. To confirm this, open your link in a mobile or computer browser when you are not logged in to your Garmin Connect account. You need to do this only once, to make sure all your runs are public.

To set your Garmin account runs as public, refer to the instructions we shared in our earlier article on sharing Garmin activity.

To avoid all this hassle, we recommend you connect your Garmin Connect account with Strava. That way, after your run syncs to your phone (or computer), it will automatically be exported to your Strava account. Copying activity links from your Strava account on a computer is much easier, once we have the automatic data integration between Strava and 100 Days Of Running, you will not be even required to submit your daily run data, our backend system will import it automatically from Strava.

Sharing the activity data from the computer is however easier. Just login to Garmin Connect website, open your run activity, and copy/paste the URL which you see in the browser to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.


There seems to be no option to share your running activity link from the Endomondo app. All you can share is a photo which contains your run details in a photo format. From our perspective, this is not useful for submitting data to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

You can however share your run from the computer. Just login to your Endomondo account on its website, go to your activity, and then share the activity link which shows up in the browser URL bar. Make sure that you have set your privacy settings to “Everyone” in advance.

Nike+ Run Club

There seems to be no option to share your running activity link from the Nike+ Run Club app. All you can share is a photo which contains your run details in a photo format. From our perspective, this is not useful for submitting data to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

There is a share via Facebook option on the NRC website, but it did not work for us. Directly sharing the activity URL also does not work since it requires logging in by the activity owner.

However, we have recently found out that Nike+ Run Club runs can be exported to Strava via an exporter tool. With that, it should be possible to share your runs from Strava.


Go to the app Settings section, set “Sharing Settings” to Everyone (for both Activities viewable by, and Maps viewable by sections). When you share, there is no direct option to share the activity link, but you can share to you email app (choose from the list of apps shown under share), and you will receive an email of the form below:

I just completed an activity with Runkeeper

Copy and paste the link part from above to the 100 Days Of Running data submit page. Not a great way to share, but at least it works. The negative part is that this link can display only very minimal information about your run, unless the person opening the link is already logged in to their Runkeeper account. So, Runkeeper is not highly recommended, but you can use it for your runs, and for sharing your activity link.

Sharing the activity by logging in to the Runkeeper website and copying the link from there also has the same limitations. The link does not show full activity data unless the person viewing it is logged into their Runkeeper account, even when setting the privacy settings to share activity data with “Everyone”.


Similar to Garmin Connect in terms of easy of sharing. First update your Profile / Settings / Privacy / Activty to “Everybody”. You can then share run details via the share icon, choose “Copy to clipboard”, which will copy some text and the activity link together. Before pasting, remove the extra text.

Tanvir just finished a Runtastic run of 0.11 km in 01m 32s

Use the link from above for sharing at 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

Sharing from the Runtastic website works well. Just login, select your run activity, and copy the browser URL for the activity, and submit on the 100 Days of Running data submit page.

TomTom Sports

There seems to be no option to share your running activity link from the TomTom Sports app. All you can share is a photo which contains your run details in a photo format. From our perspective, this is not useful for submitting data to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

Correction: As confirmed by @Pankaj in comments below, TomTom mobile app can actually generate the link to share via the “Copy Link” option (see image on right), instead of the “Share” option. The link generated this way can be submitted on our website (after removing the text before the link).

You can however connect your TomTom Sports app account with Strava, which will ensure that your runs get automatically exported to Strava, and from where you can share it, either from mobile or Strava website.

You can also share your run activity from the TomTom MySports website by logging in to the activities section, selecting an activity, and then clicking on the share icon at the bottom to see the share options. Select the link option and copy/paste the link generated to the 100 Days Of Running data submit page.


This is our app of choice for sharing data, whether directly using the Strava mobile app, or indirectly by sharing your run data from another app (provided it supports exporting data from that app to Strava).

On your Strava mobile app, go to Settings and uncheck “Private by Default” under Privacy Settings (i.e. make sure that the box is NOT checked). Next, go to your activity and press the share icon, and share to your email account by choosing an appropriate email service shown. Your email would have text of the form below:

Check out my run on Strava:

Copy and paste only the link from above to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

On the Strava website, it is easier. Just go to the my activities section, select your run, and use the link you see in your browser URL bar at the top for sharing to 100 days website.


There seems to be no option to share your running activity link from the Fitbit app. All you can share is a photo which contains your run details in a photo format. From our perspective, this is not useful for submitting data to 100 Days Of Running data submit page.

The Fitbit website also does not seem to have any activity sharing functionality. Looks like a pretty closed ecosystem to us.

@Rohan informs us that Fitbit data can be synced via Strava. That means you can use Fitbit app if you connect it to Strava, since sharing public activity link via Strava is straightforward.

Map My Run

Go into the Settings > Privacy section of the app and set “Default Workout Sharing” to “Everyone”. Sharing from the mobile turns up very limited share options, Facebook, Bluetooth and Messages, essentially useless for our purpose.

You can however login to Map My Run website on your computer, and then share the activity link right from your browser URL bar by copying the activity link from there and pasting it on the 100 Days Of Running data submit page. Example below:


So, there we go with a thorough look at some of the post popular running apps, and how we can share our “public” run data activity links from those apps. It is very important that you test this out yourself before the event starts. Copy an activity link (from your mobile app or the app website), and see if it loads up correctly in a browser where you have not logged in to the app website. If that did not work, go back and check the privacy settings both on your mobile app and the app website and ensure that you are sharing your activity link with “Everyone”.

And finally, we recommend that you connect your app with Strava, so that your run data is exported to Strava as well. We are working on automatic import of your run data from Strava, so this would be very useful for you in the future (hopefully soon with this edition only, no definitive timelines yet).

21 thoughts on “Running apps to use for submitting your daily run data”

  1. Hi. I am using HONOR 9i phone with an inbuilt app “HAUWEI HEALTH APP”… it’s good…. Nd I m using it since last 5 month.. Can I use that app to submit my data…

    1. We don’t know about this. You need to figure this out yourself. Can the app generate a public activity link which you can share with everyone? If yes, that’s fine.

      In any case, activity link is a must only when submitting runs longer than 20km. Otherwise, it is optional, not required.

  2. Hi, I use the FitBit and even though you cannot directly share the activity but you can sync it with Strava. Missed it out under the fitbit section.

    1. Thanks Pankaj, I missed this, this happens using the “Copy link” option instead of the “Share” option in the app. Will update the article.

    1. Help us out here. Please go into your running app from Apple, and see if there is an option to share an activity as a public activity link. If there is, then the apple running devices can be used for the purpose of submitting your run data. If not, then you will need to use something else (when running more than 20 km).

  3. I have been using “Nike+ Run Club” for more than 2 years now… It does not make sense to abandon it just for the sake of recording my run… Am Ok with just a 20K credit for my long runs… if/when challenged, can always share NRC screen shot… very disappointed with “HDOR”s new rule…

    1. For now, I recommend submitting the data directly on website, and if you have any activity link from an app, submit that also (optional for distances upto 20km). Doesnt matter which app you use.

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