Inspiring Stories #21 – Bisr Kaur Jauhar (Chandigarh)

Hi I am sending out this email on behalf of my daughter Bisr Kaur Jauhar aged 12, who is participating in the #100DayChallenge. 

Hi! I started running because my father used to push me to run. Initially I used to dislike running , I used to run mostly on weekends. Gradually running grew a little on me and I participated in a few runs such as the ISB Joyathon (7K), TiE run for entrepreneurship (5K), the Global Shapers Chandigarh run for charity (5K) and the Earth day run.

I heard about the 100 days of running from my dad took this challenge up because I heard about a few of my school mates taking it up so I took it up as well. I started on 29th April and summer holidays were soon approaching. For me to run every day was a challenge enough and to run during holidays was dreary. But like it’s said ‘If you have the will, God shows you the way. My parents had planned a holiday to the U.S. which meant long flights. So during our travel I ran at the stopover airports, Zurich airport on our way to U.S. and Frankfurt airport on our way back which was a lot of fun. Yes running in America was enjoyable as the weather was very pleasant  there. And then finally running in my own city Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

But by now I am used to it. They say running doesn’t get any easier but you get stronger and I feel it too. I feel stronger and move quicker. Now my legs don’t ache as much and the motivation to finish this challenge keeps me going. Running relaxes me. I feel fresher and my tiredness wears off whenever I run. I have somewhere within me developed my love for running and now I don’t detest it any longer like I used to. It refreshes my mind and takes it away from studies and my monotonous routine.

I am writing my story so I can motivate others to take it up too. It’s not like you’re running against anybody, you are running for yourself and challenging your lazy self. It’s not a completion, it’s fun. I would want to stick to this newfound routine all my life. I don’t  know if I’ll be able to stick to it with my exams coming up but from now on I surely would not scorn upon the idea of going for a run to relax.

Finally, Mirror Mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk or have to crawl.  I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.

Happy 2017!

53 thoughts on “Inspiring Stories #21 – Bisr Kaur Jauhar (Chandigarh)”

  1. That’s so sweet and wonderfully expressed.Iam pretty sure this will motivate millions.Bisr kaur ..May God shower HIS choicest blessings on you.God bless and God speed !!

  2. So proud of you Bisr….love your spirit-” always get up after a fall”👍a big pat on your back for your never say die spirit and keep penning your beautiful thoughts.

  3. So proud of you Bisr n admirably expressed …m very sure your story will motivate many …god bless you dear …

  4. Wow Bisr!I love your evolving love for running. I have always admired your dad for his tenacity, sincerity and easygoing ways. You are sure to go even higher! Stay blessed

  5. Hi Biser Beta
    You have proven that if there is a will there is way to achieve your goal.
    You have proven it.
    This story is well written and is a inspiration to others.
    Kept it up.
    God bless you .
    Darshan Uncle


  6. This is an inspiring story. Keep it up Bisr. This perseverance will build body and character. And make you successful in life.
    God Bless.

  7. Bisr, i always found you a very pleasant girl and knew for sure that there’s much more to you than the pretty infectious smile .your determination is an inspiration to all. Today I went for my first walk after a gap of 6 years!Run….i definetely will .God bless you…little Motivator…and remain spirited as you are.

  8. Very inspiring even prompting me to take this venture. Though I have not met our sweet sweet daughter but certainly it would me matter of great pleasure to see her soon on completing 100 days . God bless her all success in futire.

  9. Bisr…. Way to go girl!!! This is fantastic!! … Worthy of emulation… I am certain it will inspire a lot of people…. Keep it up… All power to you… May God Bless you…

  10. Great going Bisr! Taking up such a challenge at this age already conveys a lot about you. You sure will inspire many. God bless you.

  11. Just got motivated….I am in office cubical right now…just wanna wear sport shoes and shoot off right away.

  12. Wow! Bisr. You have motivated me to run. I will start running now and someday, will pass you along a marathon, my motivator.

    God Bless! May Waheguruji always be with you, bachha

  13. Bisr baby…What an achievement and how beautifully it has been expressed!!!!U will go a long way in every sphere of life seeing ur dedication…Keep it up my child!!!Proud of u!!!

  14. Hi Bisr.Congratulations to the little champion. It takes enormous guts, stamina, discipline to do 100 days of running and at your tender age it is so amazing. I have a 7 year old daughter, who I try to push to do some running but she is so damn lazy. Will surely show your write up and about tell her about u to motivate her to run like u.
    I have also been running 100 days of running this year.

    Well done little champion.

  15. Amazing, at 12 it is remarkable. Running at airports must have been very exciting. You are true champion & should be on poster of 100 days of running 2018 to motivate whole lot of lazy individuals that we see around. Keep it up & keep motivating others.. God bless..

  16. Bisr dear, wonderful indeed ! A remarkable adventure initiated by a young girl,who i’m sure is gritty enough to complete it successfully. Keep it up kiddo. A big God bless to our budding star.

  17. Wonderful story Bisr… will definitely motivate so many other kids and adults as well. Keep it up…Hope running will be a part of your day for times to come. Wish you happy running, good health and success always.

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