Inspiring Stories #16 – Rekha Bhatia (Mumbai)

Hi all friends of #100daysofrunning, I am Rekha Bhatia from Mumbai. My heart felt thanks to team 100 days of running for giving me a platform to share my experience on this global platform.

It was in year 2010 when I suddenly had severe vericose veins problem, I couldn’t sit on a chair without proper leg rest leave alone standing. Being a professor I had to take lectures sitting. It was then I took to exercise along with medication. Joined gym and under professional guidance worked on my strengthing my muscles. Next step was I took to walking. Initially walking 2km was a big task. Slowly and gradually increasing my speed n distance over the years, started with 10k runs, but with very bad timings.
Then I spotted this #100daysofrunning challenge and decided to take it up. So registered for it and it motivated me to run every day covering a little more distance than the previous day and with better timings. Within 50days of running I participated in Women’s  6k run at goregaon and bagged 2nd runner’s up position. In the consecutive two 10k runs my timings improved from 88mins in last run in November 2016 to 81mins.  Now that I am addicted to running, I look forward for each morning so that I can put my running gear n run another distance. This not only helps me maintaining myself but also a way to destress myself and prepare for the new day with a boost of energy.
Million thank to team 100daysofrunning
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  1. bdmalhotra August 1, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    very good and mummy papa are very happy with youour performance.

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