Before: finished a full marathon with few injuries.

After: was able to happily finish a 100 km ultra without any injuries.

Chirag Khamesra

Before: Felt undisciplined, insecure, lazy, broken soul, out of shape.

After: I am ambitious, new born soul, healer, and in great shape.

Sagar Singh

Before: Had PB for HM 2.26

After: Sub 2, a better athlete, more agile & disciplined now

Neeraj Vishwakarma

Before: Feels running is tiresome activity

After: Feels running is Refreshment and Meditation…

Rohan Patel

Before: it was difficult for me to run daily and had gained weight

After: happy to run continuously for 100 days and now fit and healthy!

Sameer Chavan

Before : Pain of separation of my beloved Mom, uncertainty of future & acting to look strong with a weak inner self.

After : A new Me with peace of mind. I completed this journey stepping into my Mom’s shoes.

Sukhpreet Kaur

Before: I always looked for a suitable conditions to run e.g. time, weather, track, etc.

After: now I can run anytime anywhere in any conditions.

Parth Patel

Before: Went for jog, used to come back with little jog

After: Went for jog, return with half marathon sub 2 hrs

Ankur Gupta

Before: A Couch potato

After: A new found passion for running. Completed four 10k runs. New goal to run a marathon, loads of self confidence.

Shyam Sundar AC

Before: with a travelling job, my love for running took a toll .. my best was 3 days in a week

After: never knew I was capable of so much discipline. Ran out of country, rain, but ran every day! With a big smile!

Shilpa Bhando Dixit