Event Rules

To qualify as a 100 Days of Running “Finisher”, you would be required to meet the following requirements:

Run 100 days straight

At least one run a day (you may do more than one run in a day, if you wish, but at least one). First day of the run would be on Sat, Apr 29th, 2017. 100th run would be on Sunday, Aug 6th, 2017.

Run minimum 2km a day

There is no upper limit, but 2km is the minimum you need to run daily.

Record your daily run data

This event website will be setup with a Data Submit page from where you will be able to submit your daily run data (distance, time) using the login details which will be provided to you.  If you use a smart phone or GPS watch to record your daily runs, you can also provide a link to your daily run data when submitting data (optional).

You will be required to submit your run data within 7 days of the actual run date for each day.

Where do I run?

Anywhere, as long as you run. Treadmill will do indoors. On a road near your home, a park, around your office, it doesn’t matter. Just run!

Single or multiple runs?

Your day run may be done as a single run or broken into multiple runs, as you prefer, subject to total distance being covered for the day being 2km.

Run or walk (or cycle)?

Walks will not qualify for the purpose of this challenge. You need to run daily. We understand walking is also a very healthy activity, this challenge is specially for “runners”. Same holds true for cyclists.

So, these are the basic rules. Additional details about the event are available on the event FAQ page. Please check it out, it is a must read.