If running for a 100 days is not reward enough, we will be getting certificates, medals, and finisher T-Shirts made specially for all the 100 Day finishers. Mementoes like these are great additions to our memories, something we will remember for a long time after doing something very unique like this.

This event is unlike your regular Marathon, half marathon or a distance race which you keep doing year after year. 100 Days of Running is definitely very special, and something which can only be felt after running through those 100 days.

  • 100 Day Finisher Certificate
  • 100 Day Finisher Medal
  • 100 Day Finisher T-Shirt

Last year (2015), participants of the inaugural 100 Days of Running challengeĀ themselves sponsored their medals and finisher T-shirts. This year, we are looking out for sponsors who would do this for us. And if we do not have sponsors, we will get them made ourselves like last year, self sponsored šŸ™‚