We keep getting a lot of questions from runners about the data submit process, apps to use, how to link to Strava, and so on. Below series of articles will help you find answers yourself.

(1) You can use any running app, but it must provide a “public activity link” either directly, or via export to Strava.
(2) No need to provide any activity link till 5km
(3) Beyond 5km distance for a day, providing activity link is a must. Some apps support public activity links, some don’t. For some apps, you will have to find it out yourself, since we haven’t explored all available apps.
(4) If you plan to run more than one times a day, check out the relevant article in below list.
(5) To enable auto-import of your GPS based run data, connect your Strava account with your 100 Days of Running account. Only Strava import is supported.

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