You will first need to register for the event. Registration for past year’s events are not valid for any future event. Next, you will be provided your login details close to the event start date via an email. Past participants will be able to login using the previously registered details if they register for the latest edition using the same email address.

To submit your run data, you will need to login on the event website with the provided details and then submit the run data.

We also support automatically importing your run data from your Strava account, if you have connected your Strava account with your 100 Days of Running account. In this case, you are not required to submit daily run data since the system will import your run data daily within 24 hours of the run (not immediately). If there is any issue in your Strava data (missing data due to Strava issues, errors), the participant will be responsible in ensuring that they submit the data manually on the website within the permitted time limits.