Inspiring Stories #17 – Alka Vyas (Ahmedabad)

Hi I am Alka 🙂 as they usually say a woman on the wrong side of 40!!!! A term I fail to understand….

I have been running and done a few HMs. I came across the 100days challenge.. Went through the details.. Wanted to join.. But didn’t know how far I could go. However on the last day of registration, setting all doubts aside I finally picked up the courage and registered for it.

And yes I m very happy that I did. Ever since I joined this challenge I have been traveling a lot. Earlier I would give my running a slip if I was out of town. But the #100DaysOfRunning brought discipline in me and I haven’t missed a single day whatever town or city I have been in. So basically been running all over the country!!!!!

However the challenge was never a pressure for me. I did not take it as a stress.. Just went ahead with my daily runs with a calm mind.
And I must say the tension free consistency helped me a lot.
Running is like meditation….

Ever since having joined the # 100DaysOfRunning I have done two Endurathons which were quite tough. As I want to progress to doing trails and Endurathons the #100DaysOfRunning is great for me as it helps me build up my endurance.

I am very happy that I joined this challenge and am thankful to the team at #100DaysOfRunning for coming up with this event.
Thank u #100DaysOfRunning

Inspiring Stories #16 – Rekha Bhatia (Mumbai)

Hi all friends of #100daysofrunning, I am Rekha Bhatia from Mumbai. My heart felt thanks to team 100 days of running for giving me a platform to share my experience on this global platform.

It was in year 2010 when I suddenly had severe vericose veins problem, I couldn’t sit on a chair without proper leg rest leave alone standing. Being a professor I had to take lectures sitting. It was then I took to exercise along with medication. Joined gym and under professional guidance worked on my strengthing my muscles. Next step was I took to walking. Initially walking 2km was a big task. Slowly and gradually increasing my speed n distance over the years, started with 10k runs, but with very bad timings.
Then I spotted this #100daysofrunning challenge and decided to take it up. So registered for it and it motivated me to run every day covering a little more distance than the previous day and with better timings. Within 50days of running I participated in Women’s  6k run at goregaon and bagged 2nd runner’s up position. In the consecutive two 10k runs my timings improved from 88mins in last run in November 2016 to 81mins.  Now that I am addicted to running, I look forward for each morning so that I can put my running gear n run another distance. This not only helps me maintaining myself but also a way to destress myself and prepare for the new day with a boost of energy.
Million thank to team 100daysofrunning

Inspiring Stories #15 – Rohan Patel (Vadodara)

Hello Everyone,

I am Rohan. I was inspired for running couple of years back when I was incidentally took a visit of a garden in the morning and had seen few elder people (May be 45+ Years of age – it’s just a number for them !!!) running. I tried to match the steps with them up to some distance and found it difficult. So, I have started approaching the Runner’s Group in the city and took some guidance, advice and knowledge from them and started to run for long distance (10 Km is long distance for me !!!) and did one Half Marathon in my city. Along with this group I enjoyed many group runs, cross-training session and long distance cycling including duathlon and enjoyed a lot.

I believe injuries are part of any sport and have been witness of it. I got injured many times but didn’t give up. Meanwhile, I came to know regarding the 100 Days of Running Challenge and decided to enroll and complete it disregards of any injuries. I have face issues in shin muscles and knees just after completion of first 22 days of the challenge. But giving up the challenge was not the option or the cure. So, I continued the journey with slow & short distance running and some cross-training for next 15 Days. I was feeling comfortable after that and today I completed 84 Days of streak and now looking forward to achieve my target of 450 Kms on the 100th Day.

At the end would like to give one message I heard from one of the member of Running Group that the People should not afraid of injuries in the knee and leg because Knee Replacement Surgery is available and it’s cheaper as compared to Heart Replacement 😃😃😃😃 !!!!

I would like to THANK the whole managing team of 100 Days of Running Challenge for their support and inspiration.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Keep Running…..God Bless !!! 👍👍👍

Inspiring Stories #14 – Geetanjali Oberoi (Faridabad)

Hi all, first thing first… mine is not an inspiring story. I am a homemaker blessed with two daughters aged 14yrs.and 9yrs. Running didn’t happen to me accidentally.I participated in a Minithon of 6k in our locality in February  n that was a turning point.I m slim by physique so when I started running, people around me commented that why I m running.

There is difference between being fit and being slim. Earlier people thought this is like a beginner’s enthusiasm, I will give up after few days but I didn’t give up. 100days of running helped me building stamina. I hv become more disciplined. Now my first priority is running. I organized my day keeping running in mind.

As a result, I participated in 10k run on 16th July and finished with a good time. The idea behind sharing my story is “it’s never too late, ladies….get up n start living for urself… Be fit… enjoy your life “and if I can do …so can you. I can’t end my story without thanking the person who trained me, encouraged me… Dear friend Mr. Mukesh Tyagi who himself is a runner. A heartfelt thanks to my hubby dear for letting me do whatever I wished for.

Inspiring Stories #13 – Manuj Sharma (Pune)

How 100 Days of Running changed my Lifestyle

Running turned my health around. Running for this event every day, continuously has taught me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible. Every day I clear my mind of problems & think of joys while I am running. I have realized that Running has therapeutic values. I use it as stress reliever.

Changed my Priorities – Running has cleared a space inside me allowing me to appreciate more important things in life.

Less Socially competitive & more Self-competitive – Majority of my time practicing; running, trying to beat the set time to finish that last kilometer.

In tune with my body – I found out that whether Elite / Novice, running is just about you & you alone, 100DaysofRunning allowed me to stay healthy & keep body in motion.

Pursue Passion with Support – I would be completely lost without incredible support from runners supporting me with their words, applauds, appreciations – so I realized that “Every runner needs a Sherpa”, never underestimate the importance of your support team.

Time is really Irrelevant – Running compels to stay in the moment, connect with your breath & roll with your cadence. So for me, running has nothing to do with cumulative time, but everything to do with connected highly charged moments.

– I feel authentically connected to surroundings. Driven off the laziness.

After I started running, I did want to try something new, I could see my appetite for running to be growing.

The message here is Persistence. You become stronger, leaner & more toned. I am now pushing harder than I knew I could.

Thank you, Team – 100DaysofRunning.

Inspiring Stories #12 – Zainul Abideen (Moradabad)

Hello friends…my name is Zainul Abideen from small city Moradabad in U.P. My story is just based on focus n determination i never find consistency in my running i run since 31 oct 2016 but due to 100 days it help me in maintain accuracy in such height i never skip in during Ramadhan too even not skip my any single fast even i run on eid day too with full joy in Ramadhan.

i run in night some of muslim friend not join this challenge due to Ramadhan in 100 days but if u have dedication u can achieve anything bcoz excuses don’t make results but ur hardwork & dedication can even i face several injury in starting days n now also but then i try short distance in different time in whole day even night too or even in rains but never skip due to this 100 days my pace also increase from 8:00 to 6:00 normally in 21 km & 5:00 in 10 km…

now if i skip in morning i feel i skip my meal it become my meal due to 100 days challenge only & i want to continue it 365 days if God help me & ur love n blessings all running friends…All the best all & thnx to my running partner to Ayush bahri who help me in my journey & various strava friends who inspire me & guide me time to time like mughda bahri rajeev bhai (1) shuaib ansari sangharsh singh ajeet kumar jogendra singh Giri Brothers Rajeev bhai (2) & of course samir singh( i try several time to do 100 km but after 25km all collapsed but 1 day i surely try this)..Thanx Team 100 days for this event

## Pics belong to glimpse of transform due to run & some of 100 days run which provoke me to run even in nights & in bad atmosphere either hot or rain.

Inspiring Stories #11 – Shahul Hameed (Chennai/Pune)

This is my first time entry in 100 days of running. I am Shahul Hameed, Basically from Chennai and stay in Pune for around 4 years.. I initially started running in 2014 Aug just as a fun to run with my friends.. At that time my weight was above 100 🙈..

Day by day Running has become a part of my life and I see a result of 30kgs reduced..But still I was lagging at some point that my running was not regular.. I need to thank you guys for giving such wonderful opportunity which made me to run on a daily basis and see I am regular now.. Initial days were strong and then lagged back due to Ramzan month.. Still did not loose hope.. Continued my running with a relax 2 to 3 kms per day and at some point picked up my regular work out.

I would say it is 100 ways of running or a 100 days of learning which gave me different experience day by day.. Proud of what you have achieved is my thought and I am proud of what I am now.. I have crossed 85days now with more than 550kms.. hope this is a never ending road… Cheers to all runners and a hearty thanks to PCMC runners and Chennai tower twisters.

A big thanks again to 100days of running team for such a great idea.


Inspiring Stories #10 – Vivek Mittal (Ahmedabad)

Hi everyone! I am Vivek Mittal, resident of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). First and foremost I would like to thank all the organisers including the admin of the page ‘100 days of running’ for thinking and starting such an event which makes an individual to run for 100 days. 100 days is a Big Number for any Starter who has never run even for 1 km, but your liberal rules like minimum 2 km runs, running on treadmill, running anywhere etc plus free registration are big motivators for any starters.

I got to know about this contest only via facebook in April 2017 and I immediately decided to participate in it and shared this information on facebook & my other groups too to make others participate in it especially non-runners. When I joined this contest my objective was to run Every day and not on achieving very high number of kms run.

I started running in 2016 and my first official participation was in BSAFAL 10 km run in Dec 2016, later in Jan end participated in 21 km run in Gandhinagar and couple of few runs in March month. Post march I found perfect contest to keep myself going. I feel unlike other contest which are of 1 day this contest is very unique because it makes Running a very much Part of your life , it helps a person to overcome fear of participating in many 1 day run events.

As of now I have completed 70 days of run injury free. Each day morning begins with a run in fresh weather in open sky with beautiful sound of birds chirping and seeing morning sunrise and listening to temple bells, a scenic morning beauty which we often miss while sleeping in bed in morning hrs. I generally run near Kankaria lake which is one of the most beautiful site in Ahmedabad and favourite place for walkers. Due to my regular runs, morning walkers now almost recognise me..:-).!!

Event started in summer season so enjoyed cold morning breeze and continued in Rainy season so enjoying rain bath many times while running. It’s awesome feeling to run even while raining but I take precaution to run slow. I believe that in this event I am not competing with anyone but myself, for me challenge is to continue every day. Luckily due to regular runs I didn’t catch up any viral infections like cough or cold too due to rise in immunity all credits to 100 days of running..!! There was a time when I could not imagine myself running even 1 km and now I can easily run 10 km on daily basis.

What does 100 days of running do? It instills self-discipline in any individual, building immunity & self-confidence and stamina.

Inspiring Stories #9 – Ramjee Sivakumar (Chennai)

Hi, this is Ramjee Sivakumar from Singara Chennai. I am a coder by the day, cyclist to travel to the coding station, a photographer whenever my camera’s battery is charged, and an avid reader whenever it snows in Chennai. I used to be a complete couch potato till 4 years ago, and I slowly entered the world of sports and fitness on my wife’s insistence. (She is a Physiotherapist, and had to walk nearly 2 km to work; and was mighty pissed off that I had an office cab to commute). I started my fitness activities with playing badminton with my flat mates, working out by going to the gym and with home gym equipment, cycling, then running. I have participated in nearly 20 running and cycling events in the past 2 years, including a 200-km brevet.

So, the 100-day mark is getting closer, and I am training for my first half marathon, which is due on Sunday. My wife calls me “Jack of all hobbies, pursuer of none”, and she is right in a way. I very enthusiastically start every hobby I wish to pursue, purchasing the needed gadgets and accessories for it, storm into it for a few weeks, and then let it fizzle out. The issue was that I did not have a challenge or motivation to carry forward my hobby and translate it into a habit. However, this 100-day running challenge is supposedly the game changer, which has in fact forced me to go out and run, be it sunny or rainy.

April 29th, the start day was the day my parents left abroad to stay with my brother. My wife was extremely supportive of my challenge… Who am I even kidding!! She had 2 conditions – You MAY NOT go for running when our child is awake (Read – Do not leave me alone to the mercy of our kid!!!) and Run wherever you want, but get the milk in the morning. So, my master strategy – Get up at 4 am, when both wife and kid are sleeping and start running (Condition 1 satisfied), and get the milk on the way back home (Condition 2 satisfied). Yay!! Sometimes I have run as late as 9:30 pm, after my kid decides that her day is done. However, whenever and wherever I run, I take a selfie. That’s my instant encouragement. Like, Ramjee, Good job!! Now go home before…you know what…

One of my most memorable run was that at Coimbatore. It was 5 pm, and we had just returned from an exhausting adventurous trek in the dense forests of Parambikulam, and had to take the 9 pm bus back to Chennai, which means I had to leave for the bus stand by 7 pm. So, I had less than 2 hours to rest, shower, dine, pack, exchange goodbyes and leave, with my kid in tow; and it started raining. Yet, I ran my 2 km, without minding either the rain or my wife’s glares. (I thought she had long given up on me) … This challenge helped me push when the odds were against me. Here’s that memorable hill-fie…

Jokes apart, in this challenge, I have run across the clock in a variety of places – from within the perimeter of my apartment to halfway down the city; from the hills of Coimbatore to the East Coast Road of Chennai. I have completed 300 km running till date (including a practice run of 21 km for my big day) Thrice every week, along with a few interested people in my apartment, I train for running, like performing the basic exercises, stretches, and cardio, under the guidance of a trainer. It is important to remain injury free, as one injury, and poof go away your dreams.

Prior to this challenge, I used to cycle in the morning, whenever I could. As I run now, I cycle to work, keeping my cycles from becoming a museum of cobwebs. Till date, I have cycled over 1000 km, including 500 km of commuting to work, which was a challenge set by the cycling club I run and volunteer for. Phew, A challenge within a challenge, is always a challenge!!! And yeah, I have lost up to 8 kilos in this period.
So, post the 100 days, I plan to continue running, setting short term goals. I personally feel that performing an activity when you must, will work better than doing it when you can. A challenge is a set target, and achieving it boosts your self-esteem, reflecting in your work. I would continue to run, as long as my role as a professional to the company that’s pays me to pay my bills, and as a husband and a father at home are uncompromised. A little more time, and I will ensure that my family and I will run together. Well, the trailer already begun this March, when all the three of us ran the Ridley run.

A family that runs together stays fit together. And so, I will continue to run for myself (of course along with running the rat race), creating challenges when there are none, just because I CAN, no matter what…
Miles to go before I sleep – Yes, exactly 19.88 miles to go before I find another way to get the morning’s milk!!!

Inspiring Stories #8 – Anushree Arora (Germany)

Our journey – best measured in miles

‘In my end is my beginning’, said Mary, Queen of Scots.

I never knew how relevant these words were until I realized that I can begin anew.

The end of my monotonous routine was the beginning of an exciting life.

Becoming a stay at home mom was never easy for me, especially after having worked for 12 long years. A change in location and the urge to give some quality time to my 7 year old son, I took the plunge. Within 3 months I was bored by my daily routine, which was somehow not exciting to me anymore. I no more looked forward to another day. No sense of purpose led me into unhealthy eating habits and not to mention, undesired weight gain.

But as they say, after a storm comes calm. Around 3 hours before the closing of the registration for 100 Days of Running, my husband chanced upon an email and without blinking an eyelid I asked him to register my name. In fact, we both registered. For me, more than running, more than a challenge, it was a reason to look forward to every day. I wanted a focus in life, something that will motivate me to do things differently. 2kms daily was an easy task, so I thought, only to be proven wrong the very next day! I could not even run 100 metres at a stretch!

The fact that I was not fit enough to run 100 metres, leave alone 2 Kms, was frustrating. Mental power was all I needed and my husband and my son ensured to put me back on my feet.

To give me company, my son started going along on his kick- scooter with us. This surprised us as he was never much into physical activities before. But now, he would keep encouraging me to keep going as far as possible without taking a break. This turned into a routine and slowly he stopped taking his scooter along. He started running with us! He hardly missed any days of running since then. His dedication amazed us. On weekends we would do 5 or 10 Kms and he would accompany us without any complaints. Since last week cycling has caught his attention and he ensures that we run fast enough to keep up with his pace. He has made us believe in ourselves.

The journey of the last 83 days has been amazing. We bonded over our runs as a family. We are spending more time amidst nature than on the couch in our drawing room. We are more confident of ourselves, constantly striving to be better than the other. We are trying our best to clock a little extra and go up in the leader board in our own little way.

Today, I am proud to say that I lost more than I gained during my journey of 100 days! I lost weight, I lost the urge to sit at home and eat, I lost the doubt that was dragging me down. I lost my almost depression -like mental state and I lost the feeling that I was not doing anything worthwhile. And all these losses gave me the power to gain self- confidence. Today I feel liberated.

Thank you 100 days of Running for bringing back the confidence in me so much so that I have registered for a half marathon in August. Thank you for inspiring a kid to take up running. Thank you for bringing us closer to nature. It really, really made a difference in our lives.

It is rightly said that a child can teach an adult that no dream is a big dream.

Anushree Arora (Erlangen, Germany)