Inspiring Stories #27 – Neha Dewan (New Delhi)

I heard about the 100 days running challenge from my enthusiastic friends and initially thought that if I had participated in half marathons and many 10K runs earlier, running 2 kms everyday would feel no less than a breeze. Of course I could not have been more wrong than that! I underestimated the challenge in good measure. Daily runs is something that I had not done before and I could feel the exhaustion initially as I pushed myself to run in the sweltering heat every single day!

I realised that the challenge was more about maintaining the consistency and discipline of going out and doing a minimum of 2 kms, no matter what the odds could be. And so I continued. From running in Delhi to the beaches of Goa to checking out gyms while on international trips.. I ensured that the run must go on! I even had my share of running when it was pouring cats and dogs in Delhi and I can’t say I did not enjoy that experience!

I remember when I was on a week long holiday in China, our itinerary was very hectic with the result that we were sleeping barely for 3-4 hours everyday. My sisters sounded skeptical when they got to know that I had to run here everyday as part of this challenge. “There is no time for you to run here.. we will get late,” they told me firmly on the first day. So I decided to get up half an hour earlier daily so that I could finish my run on the treadmill and be back before they were up. By the end of the trip, they asked.. “So what time are you going for your run tomorrow?”

I guess that’s how mindsets change when you are able to see what could not be envisioned in the first place. I have always thought that this challenge was more about the mind than physical endurance. My mind was made up to complete this target once I had taken it up. And I am only glad I did. Not just did it make my running pace and form better, it also made my mind stronger to complete goals that I had aimed for, irrespective of any hardships that came my way..

It’s an amazing initiative – kudos to Adidas for bringing health centrestage in people’s lives!

Inspiring Stories #26 – Dr. Sheetal Bidri (Bangalore)

It was not so long ago since I had given up on myself. Optimism had vanished and I’d look down on myself frequently. I also stopped running- something that I acquired in the previous year. Never tried running in past because of my flat foot and people kept telling me I can’t. So here I was, lost in negativity, a flat footed, awkward runner wanting to start from scratch.

I had completely cut myself out of social media during my first year exam of MD Paediatrics in Homoeopathy. Struggling through the study period I realized that I’ve neglected my mind, body and soul in the race of life. There sprung a feeling to do something about it.

Post exams, I was back on social media and I stumbled upon – 100 days of running Challenge which was intimated by Adidas on their Facebook page. I ran on weekends with Adidas and felt elated after every session.
I asked a couple of people from Adidas Runners if I could take up this challenge. Unsure if I could do it or not, I asked my best friend if he thought I could and he encouraged me with his positive words. Filled with doubt, I spoke to my mind. I told myself, that it’s you who has to run, did you ask yourself first? Then I finally got the answer to this and it was Yes! Yes! Yes!

It was a great start with some motivation from Team Adidas who conducted the first day at Sree Kanteerava Stadium. The aura was so positive that I started feeling happy from that point itself.
Came back home with a burst of happiness and told my mother, I’m taking up this challenge. She supported me instantly.

I thought 2km per day was something I could do. Here, I stopped doubting myself and started believing in me. Started my initial days by running 2km per day preceded by a good warmup and a stretch after the run. I was being as safe as possible, because I dint want an injury to stop me. I gradually increased my distance over time to a 5k once a week at least.

I started posting my journey on social media i.e. Instagram and Strava, giving an update on daily basis. I would click pictures of myself or the places I ran at or the people I ran with. The amount of admiration, encouragement and motivation I received from the world was immense and kept me going. My sense of happiness doubled, when I motivated people to get up and go for a run, workout or cycle. One of my friend actually started a self challenge of 50 days of running and gave me credits for motivating him to run. That feeling was priceless.

During these 100 days, I ran everyday, ate smart and worked hard. I enrolled myself for some small runs, fitness activities and workshops. I could see that I was driven and I wanted to know more on how I could get fitter.

The real challenge for me was how I could get myself running even if I had to go to the hospital and college. If I missed my morning runs I would run post 9 or 10pm. I would make plans according to when I want to run. I also avoided making plans because I have to run. When I travelled to Mangalore and the weather conditions dint allow me to run the whole day and by night I was running in circles in the basement. I dint give up on running be it sunshine or rain. I carried my shoes everywhere I went. Be it during the time of the month or a runny nose day, I would just run. My day revolved around my run and I started loving it.

On the 50th day, with my energy levels high, I was proud of myself that the person who never ran was half way down. I decided to reward myself with an awesome pair of new shoes. After this there was no stopping for this #HomoeopathWhoRuns.

So day 72 brought me more self belief when I attempted the tough Bengaluru10k Challenge which I completed in 72 mins,which is also my personal best. Nervous at the start as it was my first 10k in my 100 day journey but later it was all worth it.

After this, whenever I ran, my friends and family always were there for me. My mother would join me when I said I needed some company , at least for a stretch session. My cousins and friends accompanied me for running as a recreational activity.

The running bug bit me and there is nothing that could stop me from it. This journey has reflected so much on my personal life. I have become positive, I can work the whole day and still have energy to finish my run, learnt a lot about myself, started loving my own company, depend less on others for my happiness or running, and most importantly I was mentally fit which in turn is giving me a fitter life.

Being a Homoeopath, we realise the importance of mental health and its reflection directly on the physical plane. This journey not only gave me a practical experience but a reason to enlighten others about it.

I thank Adidas to have suggested this challenge to me and all those who have supported me during this whole journey. My mother who was there always with me, gave me company, fed me well and took care of me in times of need. My friends who motivated me throughout and dint let me give up anytime. This is one of the nicest things I’ve done for myself and these were the happiest days of all.

#AdidasRunners #TomTomSports #100daysofrunning #HomoeopathWhoRuns

– Dr. Sheetal Bidri

Inspiring Stories #25 – Durgesh Ghotgalkar (Pune)

Hi, This is Durgesh Ghotgalkar and I stay in Pune. It was April mid when all employees of our company received a mail on 100 days running challenge. I went through the mail but did not register immediately as I was not sure if I can take it and follow. I had doctors appointment by end of April for yearly health check up. I had a history of cholesterol. Some 5 years ago when I started yearly checkups, my cholesterol was high and I did not go for any medication at that time.

My life style was lightly active with 1 day riding cycle to office and coming back (around 25 Km one way) and occasional running on weekend. There was no consistency on any exercise. I used to do it for a week and then forget about it with laziness. The effect was obvious, in 4 years from initial checkup, I was put on the medicine for 6 months every year for increased cholesterol. It used to increase when the medicine stopped and reduce with the medicine. So this time I was sure that I don’t want to take the medicine even if cholesterol increased and have alternative solution. As the day of test neared, fearing the medicine I registered for 100 days challenge.

The medical test result was as expected as Triglycerides touching 382, cholestrol 205 and HDL ratio 5.7. Doctor said you need to take the medicine and then my wife came for my rescue and she insisted that I try exercise routine rather than the medicine. We asked for 3 montsh but doctor agreed for 2 months time to reduce it and get a better report.

Now I had no option but to follow routine and best option was to fulfill 100 days challenge. I started on 29th April with very slow run of 3 Km. I could not run for more than 300 metres at a go and had to follow run-walk schedule. Slowly I started increasing the distance and increasing the pace. I was able to biuld stamina slowly in one month. I started enjoying the run. Sometimes my wife and daughter also joined me and it was a family activity. As 100 days run was capturing daily run data, it was like someone watching if you do it or not. This was enough motivation for person like me who is highly inconsistent. The inspiring stories I went through at the start on 100 days running home page kept the tempo going. I have clocked 350+ Km in past 90+ days with longest run of 12 Km.

We did the cholestrol test again on 1st July and results were amazing. Triglycerides reduced to 205, Cholestrol to 185 and HDL ratio of 4.4. All parameters near to expected range. The doctor was also surpirised and I explained the activity done under 100 days running. He allowed me to continue the same and did not suggest any medicine. Now I continued with 100 days challenge and go beyond the same by making it routine to run atleast 2 Km everyday. It has already become a habit and I can’t miss my daily run. I have even found time everyday which was a challenge for me.

I thank 100 days challenge and my wife who kept me motivating to continue with running for better health.

Inspiring Stories #24 – Gaurav Sharma (Pune)

Hi, Gaurav Sharma from Delhi, IT professional started running in Pune since September 2016. Two reasons, due to i have started running. One, imbalance of cholesterol n fatty lever, and two, upset because of sudden loss of my mom due to cancer.

Initially it was tough to be regular at running, every time a sound pinched me, you can’t do it. In Feb 2017, again i have gone through a tough phase of my life, i was shattered like mirror then some where i read “keep running its a great sense of achievement and you’ll feel amaze within you” then i thought really? Lets try.

I started running n tried to go strong this time and i felt like Yeah! its really a sense of some achievement and i was being emotionally fit n health wise too up to some extent.

One day i saw 100 days running challenge on strava group while syncing my runs, i gave a thought, yes! it was really tough to accept this and i convinced myself and pressed button “Accepted”, registered and decided to go minimum 5km every day.

Today my feeling like super WOW, i have completed 93 days with covered distance 700km including 4 HM,s and 1 trail Endurathon 25km and many more 10/15 km runs. I am very thankful to 100 days challenging team to organise this event and this completely changed my life n my fitness level. I feel motivated, confident n deterministic. My fitness is superb.


Apart from this i earned fantastic lovely buddies whom I can’t forget/ leave now. 100 days run n you earned more than 100 lovely buddies for life time. What a offer, AWESOME!

Also, in these 100 days challenge, i learnt more than 100 of learnings not only in running but also view towards life n its upcoming challenges.
My heartfelt big “THANKS” to each n every member of organising committee. Now, i say “No excuses! only work in any challenge of life”
Love you all, 100 days running team for such a great concept.
3 cheers for you. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Gaurav Sharma
( A marathoner 🏃🏻)

Inspiring Stories #23 – Anand Bhatia (Mumbai)

Sharing ‘our’ 100 Day Run Challenge Story.

All 3 of us are running the challenge – Wife (Shruti Bhatia), Son (Ayush Bhatia) and me.

Sharing a little story of what happened on day 28 of the challenge.

Playing competitive scrabble is ought to be hard. Tough.
Getting your son ready for a tournament. Managing the logistics and then some office time. Needs management skills
A day trip to Pune for a presentation takes a toll.

Scrabble engages the pre frontal cortex
Travel and then endless meetings engages the right and left part of the brain
Presenting in a highly stimulating environment has your neurons lighting up like a Christmas tree

8 hours of competitive Scrabble burns 1000 calories and you may not even break into a sweat. But are drained.
3 hours of train travel, 4 meetings in 6 hours, 5 cups of coffee. The body can rebel
An expressway drive, 3 hours of energetic presentation, QnA, greasy Chinese food. Lethargy results.

A tournament played in a t-shirt, jeans and comfortable floaters
An office day spent in formal shoes and an elegant dress
A presentation made wearing a formal shirt and shiny shoes to match.

The sun sets and street lights take over.  Chaotic traffic mingles with vendors trying to sell their wares.
Vowels share the box with consonants.
Laptops get packed
Ties loosen.

All 3 are spent. In each in their own way.
But the 100 Day Run Challenge is on.
Run you must.

So in floaters, elegant dresses, formal wear and shiny shoes 2 km happened.

This mindset has helped – compete, push the boundaries, be tenacious.
Be us.

Inspiring Stories #22 – Rinki Shah (Ahmedabad)

After a long thought process about my story of 100 days of running, just want to express my feeling of registration and journey throughout. I was never a sports person and not at all into running. I saw my friends running daily and losing weight, getting fit day by day.  That clicked me and it was a great motivation for me with a statement in my head “Run for weight loss”.

With this I started exploring options and joined Kalenji Running Club. For the breakthrough I registered for Gandhinagar HM on 7th January that was just registration without any focus or goal, just thought to give it a try. On 29th Jan, the Race Day, I completed HM just before the cut off. That gave me a inspiration that if without practice I can run HM marathon, why not to just go ahead and improve it and make myself fitter rather than being a couch potato. Also my daughter would be proud to say my mother is a marathoner.

I started running thrice a week regularly, making me feel more energized and stronger. Then I came to know about 100 Days Running Challenge, and my first thought was “Aisa bhi kuch hota hai” and I registered for the same without any specific reason and started my runs. It was very tough with all the family duties, managing time for the daily run and my body was also not well prepared but I kept pushing my limits just to continue with the challenge and eventually I started liking the challenge and would do anything just to continue and do not break it.

One day I was referring leader board, and I was surprised to know that if I push a little more I can be in top 50 across India, and that made me more serious about my goal and made my determination stronger to run and achieve that feat. And I didn’t have to wait for long time, soon I was in Top 50 Womens. I was on cloud 9 and messaged all my family and friends about this achievement and details about  100 day running challenge.

Overall it’s a great journey for me and I have learnt a lot over a period of time. And icing on cake, have got many running friends which are now inseparable part of me. Just 10 more days to go. Running Strong. 😊

Inspiring Stories #21 – Bisr Kaur Jauhar (Chandigarh)

Hi I am sending out this email on behalf of my daughter Bisr Kaur Jauhar aged 12, who is participating in the #100DayChallenge. 

Hi! I started running because my father used to push me to run. Initially I used to dislike running , I used to run mostly on weekends. Gradually running grew a little on me and I participated in a few runs such as the ISB Joyathon (7K), TiE run for entrepreneurship (5K), the Global Shapers Chandigarh run for charity (5K) and the Earth day run.

I heard about the 100 days of running from my dad took this challenge up because I heard about a few of my school mates taking it up so I took it up as well. I started on 29th April and summer holidays were soon approaching. For me to run every day was a challenge enough and to run during holidays was dreary. But like it’s said ‘If you have the will, God shows you the way. My parents had planned a holiday to the U.S. which meant long flights. So during our travel I ran at the stopover airports, Zurich airport on our way to U.S. and Frankfurt airport on our way back which was a lot of fun. Yes running in America was enjoyable as the weather was very pleasant  there. And then finally running in my own city Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

But by now I am used to it. They say running doesn’t get any easier but you get stronger and I feel it too. I feel stronger and move quicker. Now my legs don’t ache as much and the motivation to finish this challenge keeps me going. Running relaxes me. I feel fresher and my tiredness wears off whenever I run. I have somewhere within me developed my love for running and now I don’t detest it any longer like I used to. It refreshes my mind and takes it away from studies and my monotonous routine.

I am writing my story so I can motivate others to take it up too. It’s not like you’re running against anybody, you are running for yourself and challenging your lazy self. It’s not a completion, it’s fun. I would want to stick to this newfound routine all my life. I don’t  know if I’ll be able to stick to it with my exams coming up but from now on I surely would not scorn upon the idea of going for a run to relax.

Finally, Mirror Mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk or have to crawl.  I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.

Happy 2017!

Inspiring Stories #20 – Swati Gupta (Lucknow)

IMPOSSIBLE? NO! I AM POSSIBLE. All you need is your Will power to make it possible!!!
While I was searching for ways on how to be a consistent and a strong runner is when I came across THE 100 DAYS RUNNING challenge. I had this urge deep within me to register for it right away.
But, what was stopping me were my own  logistics:
– 7 AM – 7 PM working + commuting hours
– mother of a 7 year old child
– responsibilities of a joint family with no helping hand
– and most of all where to run, when there is no place around. NO means “Not at all”!  I have never ever witnessed any girl going out for morning/evening walks around my house.
I was sure there is no way I can leave everything behind and go for runs every single day for 100 days. I will have no time, no energy, no place, no support, and I wont be able to answer the unasked questions while stepping out of home to go out and run.
However, something took over, my friends encouraged and I took this challenge as an opportunity to revive my own faith in me  that I can do things on my own way, for me, which I think are correct, even if no one approves.
And, here I am, after completing 90/90 days of 100 days running. All it has taken is “Madness” to reach the goal and eventually restore that belief in me, never to lose it again.
– madness to run on treadmill, when there is no time for outdoor run
– madness to go to children park and run relentlessly in 100 m loops, when treadmill is not available
– madness to run unconventionally in  residential society with everyone glaring around
– and madness to do on the spot running when cannot even step out of the house
“never say never” is what i have learned from this challenge. If you really wanna do it, only YOU can make it possible for yourself.. if you are determined, everything will fall in place – you will make time for yourself, you will gather the energy, you will build your own road, and you will be your own support.
Now, I can run anywhere, anytime of the day, in rain, with or without shoes, or alone, no matter how exhausted I am, i have learned to save energy to complete my 2 kms every single day. Everyone at home now understands, her 2 km run is as important as her cooking meals for the family.
Thanks to 100daysrunningchallenge, for providing this platform, for continuous motivation, and for letting us make possible what once looked impossible. I feel liberated, confident, delighted, and excited to complete the challenge with continuously growing vigor and zeal.
Waiting eagerly for 100th day, which happens to be my birthday, and i am sure there could not have been a better birthday gift 😃!
Cheers, Swati

Inspiring Stories #19 – Pragya Malviya (Noida)

I am Pragya Malviya from Noida, Project Manger in IT Firm. Here is my journey of this 100 days of challenge in my own words.

“Yes you read it right I ran in 5 meter room and did 500 rounds to stay in this challenge”

It was Day 76 and i missed my morning run as my husband was not in town and i am alone with my 3.5 year old son. I decided to run at night when my son goes to cycle ( which is his daily routine). But when we both came from work ( me from office and he from his day care) , he was having a temperature and slept at 07:00 PM . I cannot leave him alone, even he was not allowing me to leave a room . So i am not left with the option of running in room itself as i do not want to miss when i am so ahead in this challenge . I ran in front of him in 17 ft  width of room which is 5 meter and end up with 500 rounds to make up the minimum distance required .

That day changed me with more sheer determination, dedication and motivation. I failed in two running challenges earlier due to lack of this dedication and now i am self motivated. This is my third attempt and i see myself successful from that day only.

Second reason for being so much motivated and stick to  this challenge is I ran at every possible place – 5 meter room, railways track, airport, forest, lake side, river side, mountains, ground, stadium, express way, subway, service lane ,apartment, building corridor…

On Day 2 of this running challenge i have a flight to Paris as i am on business trip for 1 month in France, I managed to take time for bare minimum of 2 km run from 11 hours of hectic work schedule( 2 hours of travel + 9 hours of work)  and believe me i explored most of the places in Paris on my shoes(running). By this time i have already started feeling that definitely i am going to complete this challenge.

I can see the top of Eiffel tower from my hotel room and always thought it would not be far away from here and one day i will run to Eiffel tower and i did it. I gave myself a different kind of break during travel instead of watching TV in a hotel room or end up with talking to someone on phone

Third and the last reason for sticking up to this challenge is my son, he joined me in most of runs either on foot or on pedal. He used to run small distance with me, whenever he is on his cycle he chase me to run fast and wanted me to matchup his speed and indirectly he became my pacer for 2 km (in 11-12 mins).

Thanks to ‘100 Days of Running’ team who brings more confidence and more dedication in my life.

Thanks to my running cum fitness cum explorer group ‘Dare 2 Gear’ where each and every member inspired me directly or indirectly to stick with this challenge.

Only 9 days left to finish this challenge… yay.. hurray..

#100DaysOfRunning #AdidasRunners #TomTomSports #Dare2Gear

Inspiring Stories #18 – Venkatraman V (Mumbai)

Venkatraman V (Mumbai)
Age – 37
Reported days – 88 Kms – 262

The best that has happened to me is the day when a close friend dragged me to a half marathon without any practice. I had no idea what I was getting into until I crossed the finish line. A joy and emotion of disbelief swept within me and it was that day something beautiful inside me took birth. Yes, It was the joy of running.

Since that day, I have been looking forward to run on weekends and try my best to feel the body maximised. In a few days, I heard of this event “100 days of running” which gave me food for thought and if I did this everyday without fail, the incremental benefit will be immense and unquantifiable. I just wanted to cultivate a habit of running and improve my stamina day by day.

With over 4 weeks gone, I was addicted to run daily and I did this with a proper plan to achieve and balance my work life. The joy of running creeped into my lifestyle and it gave me a meaningful perspective of health and developing a passion. Now with almost 3 months in, it has taught me a great deal about how to take care of my foot and different techniques of improving my runs.

This helped me in doing my first 10 km timed marathon inside 70 mins. My next Target being 65 mins, I am sure the benefit of everyday running is only having a positive impact and I will achieve all the odds. Today when I run, there is a sense of belonging to the earth and I feel close to the nature.  Every step of my foot feels like kissing the earth and the sensation of hearing your own heart beat is something magical and unexplainable.

My desire to complete the 100 days has only being more magnified when I have completed couple of runs just before the stroke of midnight after a tiring days office work. I thank the event as it is bringing out a different person in me. In less than 3 months I have managed to release 8 KGS and get more fitter and sharper in my mind and everyday routine. As I continue this never ending journey from here, the joy of running is born and this is the beginning of something beautiful.