44 year old Suresh Dwivedi from Jaipur works as a professor of Chemistry. He is part of the Jaipur Pinkcity Runners group, one of the biggest running groups of Jaipur. From being a morning walker to a 1:36 half marathoner, Suresh’s running journey has been amazing. Suresh shares his 100 Days of Running story with us.

Transformation from a morning walker to marathoner

Early days of my running journey

Starting from my early days as a professional, I used to go for a morning walk for 3-4 kms on regular basis but due to multiple reasons I put on significant weight (around 79-80 kg) in 2016. I  decided to join a gym and started it first time in my life in Nov 2016, where I used to run around 5 km on treadmill with decent pace. One of my gym mates advised me to participate in a marathon. While registering, I felt very bad to participate in a running event by paying a significant amount. I participated in 10K category on 3rd Feb 2018 and completed in 51 minutes, which few of my friends called a good timing. From here my perception changed and same day I registered for next half marathon on 25th Feb 2018, which I completed in 01:49:39 hrs and then I realized I can run a marathon.

HDOR 2018 – A paradigm shift

I learned about HDOR on social media quite by accident, due to the campaign run by The Marketing Heaven at the time. So I have started running in HDOR 2018 without any target, but the running community at Jaipur soon identified me as a potential runner. Day by day I kept increasing distance by running anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile my brother Mahesh also joined me in running and it becomes convenient for us and we both started covering good distances everyday and finally finished with 2648 kms on completion of 100 days on 5th August 2018. I was overwhelmed when Jaipur Runners felicitated me with beautiful memories of 100 days with a memento for running maximum kilometers from among the participants from Rajasthan. During HDOR 2018, my key achievements were as follows:

  • Total distance covered – 2648 km
  • Daily mileage – 26km
  • Farthest distance on a day – 54 km
  • Days I ran more than 10 km – 96
  • Daily mileage more than half marathon – 71
  • Days when it was more than a marathon – 7

Journey after HDOR 2018

After HDOR2018, I Ran AFMC full marathon with a decent finish (03:58:36 hrs). It was my second official full marathon with sub 4 timing and I was quite satisfied. I did the following events in 2018:

  • Half Marathons-6 (best timing-01:36:38, ADHM 2018 )
  • Full Marathons – 5 (best timing-03:51:01, IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2019),
  • Most beautiful and toughest was Ladakh Marathon AT 11070 feet, world’s highest
  • 10 kms – 3 (best timing-00:44:11, Decathlon run)

We (me and my younger brother Mahesh) attempted a world record of running a half marathon in Formal Dress (suit) by siblings and recorded a completion time of 01:47:00 hrs.

Because of HDOR I am a proud marathoner and an Ultra Runner!!!

Proper training matters

Before ADHM 2018, I along with my brother Mahesh met Coach Ajay Singh (from Big Apple and Fitness Coach Indian Polo Team). His advise and training schedule (which we follow strictly) has helped us a lot and I am highly thankful to him for his selfless support due to which we could clock decent timings of 01:36:38 for me and 01:27:16 hrs for Mahesh for half marathon.

Thanks to Jaipur running community

I am highly thankful to all senior runners at Jaipur for encouraging me and providing positive feedback and good advice. Special thanks to Manoj Soni (PinkCity Runners) and Mr Mukesh Mishara (Jaipur Runners) for always motivating us and Rajesh Dureja sir for being a very good support during long practice run and all my fellow runners for all your support during runs. Thanks to JAIPUR RUNNERS for felicitating us as OUTSTANDING RUNNING SIBLING 2018.

Also a very special thanks to my younger brother Mahesh Dwivedi for always being there for me during my runs and after the run to help in stretching and motivating me during long runs to complete.

Some advice for new runners

In last one year of running journey, I have learned a lot from established runners at Jaipur and other places. Initially when I started running, I just went and ran for one hour in a hurry and tried to complete around 10 kms without any stretching and proper diet, which resulted in injury. My doctor immediately advised me to run slow and focus on muscle strength and stretching, Thereafter I started following his instructions and improved a lot.

I would suggest to run with a proper guidance, strength training and stretching (pre and post run). If you are preparing for a particular race, consult a good coach/runner who has already done it.
During a race, don’t try to run too fast, maintain the pace as per your training.

I suggest everyone to run everyday whatever distance your body can mange comfortably. Running is really a beautiful and easiest workout. Never give up. During any race we might feel exhausted, but have strong belief in yourself and you will cross the finish line always, an that is the most wonderful feeling.

#keep running and keep motivating#