Izabella Gajewska (Iza) from Poland is an established runner as well as an ultra-runner. She has been very supportive of other participants in the HDOR community, inspiring them by her words and advice, and always encouraging others. Here is Iza’s story.

HDOR 2018 was an amazing event which saw a record 10000 participants from all around the globe having different running experiences which made the event oh-so memorable. There were runners who had just started running with HDOR, many who had already been running for years and still many who broke all barriers in running during this period. One such amazing runner was Izabella Gajewska who hails from Pruszkow in  Poland.

Conquering impressive distances at breath-taking elevations, the genial, warm and easy-going Iza managed to also conquer the hearts of the members of the HDOR community, never failing to encourage and motivate the runners with her positive words. Due to her injury in a bike accident Iza had to give a break in the midst of the event.

She ran a total of 60 days covering 1169.34 km and was ranked 4553 in the leaderboard.

We share today her inspiring story in her own words.

When did I start running

I started in 2012, because I would like to be better with my cardio activity. I am mountain lover and I always was thinking about improving my condition in mountain, so I start running workouts.

On the beginning were short runs aroud 5 km. I start read about and I saw there is a lot of running people and lot of events and that I really like this activity.

Before my adventure with running began I was always active person, I was cycling, play volleyball and tennis and of course I walk a lot.

How did you hear about HDOR 2018

My friend ask me to support team Amateur Runners Guwahati during HDOR 2018 and I was not thinking a lot but I just agree. I was sure it is not event for me I was already well motivated for workouts since few years I have running plan for main goals during all year it motivate me enough. I was also not good example because from beginning I was sure I will be not running everyday. My body just need rest days to get stronger and still have pleasure from running.

But I am sure HDOR it is good way to start running and this consistency can give good results.

Many people ask me about my results and events and some information about me

I am from Poland. I live near Warsaw in a central part of Poland. It is flat area with some forest and fields. We have 4 seasons weather and opportunity to run on hot sunny days and in a snow and minus temperature. I have luck to share my passion with my husband who is also runner.

My Personal Bests

  • Full Marathon
    Official 3.36.17
    Non-official 3.33.57
  • Half Marathon
    Official 1.42.17
    Non-official 1:36:37
  • 10 k
    Official 43.02
  • 5 k – never run

Trail Running

I love trail running. I take part in a few competitions throughout the year.

  • My longest run is still 120 km “Lavaredo Ultra Trail” (Italy 2018).
  • In February 2019 I was trying to make 168 km race in winter conditions (-10 degree) but I didn’t finish.

Biggest achievements in a trail

  • I Bieg Przemytnika (trail run – 75 km) – 08:15:49
    I was 1st woman and I am still the record holder.
  • VI Maraton Puszczy Kampinoskiej (trail FM) – 3.37.27
    2nd women
  • V Maraton Puszczy Kampinoskiej (trail FM) – 3.33.57
    3rd women
  • Beskidzka 160 na Raty (mountain race 104 km; +/- 5840 m) 18:23:50
    2nd women (only 2 finished in a limit time!!)
  • Chojnik Karkonoski Festiwal – Chojnik Maraton (Sky Race – 46 km; +/- 2319 m) – 6.23.32
    6th women
  • Chudy Wawrzyniec 80+ (mountain race – 84 km; +/- 3400 m) 13:01:23
    5th women
  • Półmaraton podhalański (Mountain HM) – 1:53
    3rd women
  • Maraton Podhalański (Mountain FM; +980 m / -720 m) – 4.21
    2nd women in age category

…and many more

During HDOR 2018

I registered 60 days. I did 1169.34 km and was 4553 in rank.

I was injured, nothing serious happened but I had break and I also had small accident on bike. So some days I just lost.

I found a lot of amazing people on my way time fly and some of this people become my friends still in touch.

In March 2019 I am trying to run everyday (small challenge with my friend) let’s see how it is.

HDOR 2019

I hope it will be great year for all. I cannot wait for it to start.

For those who want to follow my adventure with running link to my profile on strava:

I am not blogger, I am not coach, I also have no coach. I just read a lot. I am following strong runners and inspired by their work. I just love running and share my running experience.

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