This is the inspiring story of Gurleen Arora from Gurgaon. An IT professional turned homemaker, Gurleen turned her life around after going through tough life situations. Transformed herself from 90kg to a fit 60kg, inspired her daughter and husband to take up running, and now a role model for everyone around her. Read her story below.

Thoughts vs Commitment

It seemed to be easy when I got myself enrolled for 100 days of running 2018 edition. The ask was just run minimum of 2 KMS every day, it looked easy. But as the days progressed, at times I found it extremely hard to get out for 15 mins too. This challenge actually is a change in your lifestyle. Once you get hooked to it, everyday you just think that I need to run which gradually becomes your daily routine. I would sincerely urge all of you, specially people who are new to running to accept this challenge and set targets for yourself.

It’s surely the test of your endurance, your strong mindset, grit and determination.

I ended up running 815 kms in last challenge and have set 1000+ Kms for this season.

RUN away from the STRESS, to see the sunrise. In the pouring rain aimlessly to CLEAR your head FAST or SLOW, SHORT or LONG, When you are happy with a FRIEND or a STRANGER, for YOURSELF for a LIFETIME, for more than the FINISH LINE.

मिल सके आसानी से .. उसकी ख़्वाहिश किसे है…

ज़िद तो उसकी है… जो मुकदर में लिखा ही नहीं ……

Transformation to a Runner

I have transformed myself over the last few years and I want to share my experiences with you to show that anyone can adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I’m an IT professional currently proud homemaker. I am born and brought up in Delhi. Over period of 3 years, I have completed 4 full marathons, over two dozen half marathons and two Ultra trail run (50 Kms and 80 kms respectively). I am also an avid cyclist, having covered Gurgaon – Jaipur and Gurgaon – Parwanoo Timber Trail cycle, going almost non-stop over 300km + distance.

Today, I live to run. However, it was not always so. I was a typical Delhi girl, interested in keeping myself fit but never actively engaged in any sport post school. After college came marriage, jobs, children and inter-city relocations with my family, leaving me with little time for myself or exercise. Post marriage I gave birth to two kids and had lots of women related problems. So much so that in 2015, when my children were 13 and 3 respectively, I weighed 90 kgs. That is when I decided to embark upon this journey of metamorphizing myself into what I always dreamt to be.

First Step Towards Fitness

As a first step, I joined a running group called Gurgaon Road Runners (GRR) and started following Chief Siddharth’s structured training. I also became very careful of my diet and sleep timings. The habits formed over most of my adult life were difficult to break but with grit and determination I stuck to my plan, waking up at 4 am every morning and being in the field by 5, for at least an hour of vigorous exercise and runs. Slowly, my fitness levels increased, I felt confident enough to attempt my first half marathon in 2015. Since then, running has become a part of my daily life. Today I weigh 60kg. Check

I am thankful to my family for their complete support in this journey. Sometime going early or travelling to fulfill my desire to run requires your family to support you. In fact my husband is himself a runner now. My daughter and I also jointly run in many 10 km runs, where she has made me proud by achieving podium positions.

Self Belief and Lifestyle Change

You need to believe in yourself and things will fall in place. Its complete change in lifestyle where you eat healthy at 7 pm and go to sleep by 9.30. It is initially hard to say NO to late night weekend parties and get togethers but then your circle will also fall in place over time.

I hope my story can inspire all those women who want to take their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle but think they cannot run or do not have the time to exercise. Believe me, if I can, so can you!

You need to cut down wastages from your daily routine and focus on yourself & family. There is always time for your self and nothing is impossible. If you make small changes to your lifestyle, you will find that there is enough time to live your passion. It is not difficult to manage 1 hour from your work week for your self and couple of hours in week end. Do whatever makes you feel happy – Running, Cycling, Swimming, GYM, Yoga, Zumba or keep juggling between them….we are fortunate enough to have so many options, go get it.

Remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone. WORK HARD DREAM BIG NEVER GIVE UP.

Key Accomplishments

  • Podium Finisher in Ladakh Full Marathon 2018, Chambal Ultra (50 Kms) 2019, HDFC 10K 2017, Starry Night 10 K 2018, Vaisakhi Half Marathon 2018, Darting Damsels 10K 2018, Trail-A-Thon 2018, 100 Days Of Running achiever.
  • 10:35 mins plank challenge in Rapid metro plank Challenge organised by #MilleniumCityMarathon
  • Cycling from India Gate to Chandigarh (No break – 300 Kms)
  • Have been featured in Times of India as “Mums the word.. Meet the marathon ladies

Read my complete story here.

Achievement does not require extraordinary ability. Achievement comes from ordinary abilities, applied with extraordinary persistence…