Meenu Lunia is from Jaipur. She is a fashion designer by profession. Read her transformation story from a designer to a social activist to a marathon runner!

The beginning of change

Hello everyone! I am Meenu Lunia. What I am unfurling now, is a journey from a fashion designer and social activist to a marathon runner! I never knew, I would be a source of motivation for myself! Although sports have been fascinating me since childhood but could never have imagined myself running like a pro. So, as any other wife and mother, I would also be busy with my household chores like preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner and other works.

Running mania takes over

But, one day , I had taken up this running mania and could spare myself an hour of fitness where I would just put on my running outfit, shoes and headphones like a gear as if I was going for a battle! This hour gave me pleasure and also a sigh of relief as I would jog and enjoy this leisurely time alone! I also learnt swimming and cycling  along with running. I started running with JC and it turned into a passion within a span of few weeks due to which I have completed many marathons.

And then I encountered 100 Days of Running

I can say that I am addicted to running, and I am proud of it as it is adding to my health as a plus everyday. I encountered a 100 days challenge a few days back and I thought that it is very tough but when I took up the challenge, I just reminded myself that I don’t have to think of any other day, I would run on the day like it was the end if my life hence it resulted into the day which is today when I am completing my 100 day challenge, I feel a sense of accomplishment! Through this journey, there have been days where I suffered dehydration, body pain but I overlooked them all and kept my eyes fixed on my goal.

The 99th day mishap and feeling of freedom

A mishap occurred on the 99th day where I lost a heart shaped diamond pendant which was tied around my neck in a chain! After all, chains always give us a sense of bondage! But this time it had set me free of my older self and here I am, a newer version of me where I have achieved this mighty target.  It would not have been possible without my husband and my little champs! I am grateful to them for being my partners of crime in this pious journey. Also, I thank my runner’s group which are now a part of my extended family, from the bottom of my heart.