Sukhpreet Kaur was not a sports person in her early years. However, with 100 Days of Running she found a way to help deal with a personal loss and find peace. Here’s her story.

My Journey of healthy lifestyle

My fitness journey began the moment I registered for the challenge #100daysofrunning in the year 2017 where all the participants had to run 2km every day consecutively for 100 days. For someone like me who was studious and who never took up any sports during school or college days, it was a difficult task. During that time, I was also grieving the loss of my beloved Mom. The pain of her separation engulfed deep inside me. The uncertainty of future overlapped with a weak inner self with no one besides was tormenting beyond any words. The loss of Mom is something that I pray no one has to bear ever in life.

I just pushed myself towards running overcoming all the issues that a beginner faces. I was amazed to complete this challenge defeating all my self-doubts and fears stepping into my Mom’s shoes (we had the same shoe size) and became a runner. Ideally, I became a Mom to her the day I was chosen by God to be her caregiver. You see, you don’t have to give birth to be in her shoes. This 100 days’ challenge was a test of endurance & commitment was a tribute to her & yes, with every step I took, it was one for her. My mom’s shoes protected me against stumbling numerous times like a Mom does – it really gave me goosebumps during those times as I could feel her besides me supporting & uplifting throughout the 100 days.

My Bit of Healthy Dose in a day

The best part of my day comprise of 45-minute run in the morning to kick start my day. I have such a good Bhangra Punjabi playlist that really never allows me to quit a day. A 30-minute power brisk walk in the office is my priority after lunch. In the evening, when my energy levels reach the lowest level, I prefer cooking in my sports gear and shoes. I have never been to a gym because I have a phobia that I might fall off a treadmill. It is very important to run injury-free so I prefer working out in the evenings at home. A 30-minute of calisthenics and core-strengthening exercises just lifts up my energy levels. What are keto diets? excuse me, a Punjabi can never diet. I eat home cooked food and drink enough water. I never forget to carry a bottle of lime water to keep myself hydrated during every run. I end up my day with a warm glass of milk and never take up any supplements.

Keeping Stress at Bay

A run (no matter the distance, time or pace) transports me to an unusual place of confidence and calm. Circumstances and people change with time; investing time into running made me realize to keep my integrity a priority over circumstances and people. As an example, I will run on sunny, rainy, cold, humid days because it’s all about commitment. Another example is to run at midnight if I have to travel or meet someone or a friend in need. On good days, I run once a day and on stressful days due to personal or professional commitments, I ensure that I run twice a day to keep stress at bay.

One health mantra that keeps me going

Running is a therapeutic for my grieving soul. This is one mantra that keeps me going. Anything or anyone we lose come around in another form. It takes care of me and is responsible for all the strength that you see in me. Isn’t just like our Mom?

The Best Tip to Stay Healthy

  1. I belong to Never Miss a Monday Squad. I treat every day like Monday.
  2. Every morning, tell yourself, if I run now, I will feel good about it all day. If I skip it now; I will feel guilty all day. I swear that every run is a sense of accomplishment that no bonus, hike or promotion can bring.
  3. Prepare like a mad woman. Keep your sportswear ready besides your bed and you will have lesser chance to skip a workout in the morning.
  4. Looking at life as a sports helps you feel motivated.
  5. Discipline, self-control and time management are key ingredients to become a good runner,


On a scale of 1-10, I feel proud to be called as a 13.1 miler. I completed 3 Half marathons – SBI Green Marathon, Daily World Marathon and Run for Seafarers with PB 2:30. I was awarded the title of Miss Fit Runners up in a contest held in Infosys, Chandigarh. Fitness is not about the perfect body weight and size but it’s about how well we are able to execute our daily chores including personal, professional or social commitments without getting exhausted. I completely owe this time to empower myself injecting the dose of happiness and wellness is guaranteed if I nourish my ears with Gurbaani. We were not born to only eat, drink, sleep and die. We were born to experience fully and grow physically (loss of fat / inches, more physical strength), mentally (calm and peace of mind with regular exercise) and spiritually (live a purpose and meaningful life in service to mankind which is possible with physical and mental wellness)