Navjot Kaur is a fitness consultant at ClassiCurve. She’s now a fitness role model, but it was not always this way. Just a couple of years back, she was struggling with her fitness issues, depression, being over-weight, an unbalanced lifestyle. And then she decided this had to change. Navjot shares her motivational story with us below.

100 days of Running gave me a brand new perspective towards fitness and helped me shed 50 lbs of weight !

Looking back at my life just 2 years ago, I remember myself as a girl who has two sides of her:

First side – Professional:

A girl who is well-educated, strong-headed and creative, excels at multi-tasking, an achiever, and a dedicatedly working and growing marketing professional in the fashion retail corporate sector.

Second side – Personal:

A girl who does not focus on her over all well-being and emotional health. As an overweight child since birth; she has become accustomed to the burden of constant comparisons on the basis of looks & has self-esteem issues, deals with anxiety and depression regularly.

A girl with body issues and not feeling comfortable in her skin, has been subjected to occasional verbal & social bullying throughout different phases of life for being over-weight.

Nonetheless, always putting on a brave face. But then why was I never happy? Doing and excelling at everything that people of my age around me were doing, I was doing everything by the book!

The issue that took me a long time to acknowledge was that I had been ignoring my over-all wellness. My body was a reflection of my unbalanced lifestyle. I was extremely over-weight & looked 5 years older than my real age.  I had started showing early signs of health issues like PCOS & I was ignoring not just my physical health & fitness, but many more aspects with it like my mental, emotional and social well-being.

I became consciously aware about my issue, when I experienced a sudden nervous breakdown towards the end of 2016. I became clear that I was not happy at all and that’s when I quit my job to take a break from everything and place my life into perspective. I needed to realize what do I really want to do in order to be happy.

Since then I had given up everything overnight that I had worked so hard for relentlessly. I felt doomed at first with all the negative thoughts in the world turning towards me. So, to help me avoid all that noise in my head, I enrolled to a gym in the vicinity and that’s when things started to change for good.

I resonate with the famous saying – “The best project you will ever work on is YOU”.

Since, I was an overweight person all my life – I had tried to lose weight by all possible means but it was never sustainable as I did not plan & educate myself well to achieve it.

This time in January 2017, I made myself accountable & gave myself clear targets throughout my fat-loss journey. Took progress pictures, tracked my weight and inch – loss.

I dropped my body fat percentage from 39 % to 24% by following a consistent, realistic and easy to follow workout plan and a balanced, nutritional, Macro calculated, quick to cook whole foods  based diet plan.

Ever since I started my fitness journey I have been on a lookout for opportunities that help me discover myself better.

That is when, I came across this 100 DAYS OF RUNNING CHALLENGE on the last day of its registration – 27th April 2018. I enrolled immediately because I always wanted to see if I can do track runs. Besides the daily run as per rule I added one more rule for myself (although allowed) that I will not count treadmill runs if any as a part of this challenge.


Besides the improved health benefits like weight loss, better breathing pattern, improved endurance; this challenge also helped me realise that there are no limitations to anything that we plan to achieve if we really put our heart & soul into it. Well, that does not mean it’s easy but it does mean it will be worth it and so it was!

I ran against all odds. Be it the scorching hot days, during heat waves, rainy days, during travel to hills – so freezing cold days, after-party dead tired days, even on my birthday.

Ran just before mid-night sometimes and even when I was mildly sick too. Also, I ran to experience many happy, breezy, Sweaty yet personal best record setting days.

I ran no matter what !

  • In all weather conditions
  • Against all physical limitations
  • Against time to stay in the challenge
  • To break personal mental blocks about my stamina
  • To witness the mindset shift and a strong self belief that I can do what I want
  • To set personal fitness standards
  • To realise that self care is eternal love
  • To see that your efforts are inspiring others even when you don’t realise it at first.
  • To come across such real life super-humans that I can only bow down to with immense respect and get Inspired to get better myself

and lastly,

  • I ran to realise the most important factor of all.. Each effort counts!

I realised what it means by LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Today I am a girl with a positive mindset and a healthy body. I have reformed the two sides of me focusing on my well-being :

Professional: I have found my passion and decided to create solutions for the problems I have dealt with in the past.

I have launched an Online Fitness Consultancy – CLASSICURVE FITNESS with an aim to promote body positivity and provide science-based fitness & nutrition plans by certified professionals to the ambitious multi-tasking professionals of today. These services are online – emails/ WhatsApp/ calls /video chats which gives everyone the required freedom of taking care of their health from any where in the world. Not limited to any specific- hour based service or a physical workout space.

Personal :

I am in love with myself, my body shape and all flaws included. I am kinder and more patient with my body. I don’t acknowledge the social standards and definitions of beauty and I am focused on improving myself each day.

100 days of running challenge, 2018 Edition has helped me overcome my mental barriers and see a new side of me as a stronger person within! Now I am eagerly looking forward to the 2019 edition  to challenge myself again & set new personal best records. I wish to keep improving a step further mentally & physically everyday as this girl wont stop!

Navjot Kaur

Fitness Consultant

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