The 2018 edition of 100 Days of Running started on Apr 28th and finished on Aug 5th, making it the largest ever with more than 10,500 participants from across India, and indeed from around the world. The participants had an amazing 100 days, ran more than 3,000,000 km all together, cheering each other to the finish line. About 2,650 participants managed to run ALL 100 DAYS!

Now that the event is over, many participants, and new visitors to our website, are left wondering what to do next. Here’s whats next.

2019 edition of 100 days kicks off on Apr 27th

We organize the 100 days challenge only once a year, and the time period for the event has more or less stayed in the late Apr to early Aug time frame for the last 4 years. The 2019 edition starts off on Apr 27th and will finish on Aug 4th, hopefully with many more new records set by you all.

Smaller duration events through the year

We have a lot of interesting stuff planned across the year. The HDOR Freedom Run was the first such event. Expect to see more events in various formats across the year. In fact, we would love to hear your feedback on what formats or events you would like to see on our platform. Have any interesting ideas in your mind? We would love to hear! To send your feedback, click here.

Monthly distance challenge leaderboards are here

Race ends, running does not. So, for all you runners who are looking at keeping the 100 days momentum going, we bring you monthly distance challenge leaderboards which will rank runners who are running through the month on the basis of distance run during the month. To start off, we have the August Challenge Leaderboard (check it out now to see who’s still keeping it going post 100 days!), and we will have one for each month.

Some of you may want to compete to stay on top of the monthly leaderboards. Others may set a target for themselves for the month and try to achieve or exceed their own set targets. We hope our monthly leaderboards will help to keep you inspired and on your feet.

How do you participate in our future events?

To participate in any event organized on the HDOR (100 Days of Running) platform (or to see your name in the monthly leaderboards), you are required to register on our website. If you have’t already registered, register here. You are not required to register for any event specially. All registered participants are eligible to take part in any events organized on our platform/website.

Registering on our website will also ensure that you do not miss out on any updates we send to our registered participants via email about any upcoming events. So, if you haven’t registered yet, please do so immediately.

Feedback, Feedback, and more Feedback!

Before you go back to your running, let us remind you once again to send your feedback to us. Anything you liked or hated, want to see less of, or more of, new events, new formats, new concepts, anything which we can do to make your experience better here at 100 Days of Running. We would love to hear it from you. Please send your feedback here.

Let’s grow HDOR Community

10,500 participants, 11,111 followers on our Facebook page, 2000 members in your own HDOR Community group. We look forward to you the spread the word and motivate more people to join you. Please share this info with your friends, family, community and colleagues, and inspire them to take up running, and if they are already running, to improve!