My journey started from Feb 2018.. I always loved walking but some physical conditions motivated me to get going as I hate lying down in pain n living a life full of pills… I had polyarthralgia many years ago, its a kind of arthritis.. I fought with that pain n kept on moving then recently I got muscle sprain n doc suggested me not to do any exercise that could strain my back still I thought of fighting back n I joined the boot camp organised by Jaipur runners..

Earlier it was difficult for me to run even for 300 Meters at a go but then slowly I started enjoying this journey… I met so many good people in this journey all my runner friends were there to help me whenever I asked for their support because of them I kept learning more n more n then came hdor this was a game changer.. It helped me get the rhythm.. I thought of doing 200km in 100 days but I reached almost 500 km.. . Important things which I learnt in this journey are:

  1. have a fight with yourself and never compare your pace and timing with others
  2. warmup n cool down are two most imp activities n they should not be missed (I had to suffer in those days whenever I escaped my cool down routine)
  3. have more liquids
  4. good diet full of proteins
  5. over exerting our body will do harm then good we r here for getting our health not for any competition. everyone have a different body type n one should respects ones body
  6. consistency is imp n hard work pays off always.. I find a lot of change in my stamina speed pace from what I had 6 months back..

Many a times I ran at odd hours because of family commitments parties or something else but HDOR made me realize that running is addictive n now I don’t care about anything but my day is more energetic when I complete my run. Thanks HDOR.