Hi myself Anita Janu… a house maker,  mother of two grown up daughters and wife of a defense officer. After trying my hand at teaching job in various schools i decided to try running two years back. To begin it was purely for fun and to stay fit. However, after some time the story changed. I had never tried running in my life…so initially it took some efforts from me and some motivation from my friends and family. I did my first 10K in 72 mins, Jaipur nite run.

Some wise man once told me and i quote “Quitting is not an option in any activity or race of life”.  Keeping his advice in mind i started my journey  of running.

Till date on this journey i have done:

  • TEN official Half Marathons including ADHM, LEH, PCM, GURUGRAM……
  • THREE official full marathons including TMM, NDM & AU JAIPUR. ..within 45 days and
  • 16 consecutive half marathons. At an average i do 50-55 KM weekly when no event is scheduled.
  • I have been able to finish on podium in half as well as full marathons in female category.
  • Moving ahead recently i did my First Ultra Marathon – Mashobra Ultra 50K at Shimla and stood THIRD in female category.

It proves every thing is achievable….if one has made her or his mind.

100 HDOR Journey …..I started with an aim of doing 1000 K in this period. A great runner has said and i quote “run with your heart and mind”. I exactly did same in 100 days challenge and *till date have been able to finish 1700 K*. 100 days challenge has made me strong and helped me to rediscover myself. Today after going through this experience of 100 days…i literally feel that i can achieve anything i set my eyes on. I am sure that this challenge has changed lots of runners life because definitely it has changed mine. A great initiative by the organisers. …kudos to the team.

Bit of advice to all new runners…..Listen to your body and remember nothing is too difficult to achieve. Always eat properly….rest adequately and enjoy the run. Compete with only SELF. keep running and stay strong.

Remember: Quitting is not an option. God bless all.