On 31st Dec 2017, I completed my 50 years of existence on planet earth. I had been a health freak for quite some time but confined to gyming and walks.

In Nov. 2017 I had an injury in my knee while on the treadmill. People advised me to walk instead of running on the treadmill. I hit the ground and started warming up myself with walks before going to the gym. After a few days, my knee pain was gone.

While on regular walks in the stadium, I observed a gentleman running for hours together. I also tried to run but could find it hard to cover even 2 laps of 400mtrs each.

One day I met the same gentleman in the club (steam room). I initiated the discussion by asking him as to how much does he run every day. He told me that he runs a minimum of 90 minutes. He has participated in no. of half marathons and full marathons. He is 65 years of age and his name is Prabhat Singh ( a retired IPS officer). He shared some incidents with me and encouraged me also to run.

This incident was the first trigger point of my getting into running. I started running with some seriousness and started enjoying. I built up my stamina to 3-4 km a day. Then after 2 months, I had an injury that did not allow me to run for the next 45 days. During these days I missed my running very badly.

In March 2018, I met Mr. Rajesh Padha, who is an ace runner and leader of the group called Jammu Runners.

On the very first day, he made me run with him, gave me some tips and I was astonished to find myself running 7 kms with him. After the run, he complimented me with the remark  ” rk-you are a good runner”. These words coming from the ace runner of our state worked like a magic in my self-confidence and there was no looking back. I got introduced into the Jammu Runners Group. Jammu Runners is a great group with people from all walks of life and all age groups. I found this group to be very positive, vibrant, agile group of dedicated runners. Meanwhile, Mr Rajesh Padha told me about the 100 days of running and asked me to register for that. I did it on the same day. This was the second trigger in my coming into running.

So I started my serious running in the month of March 2018. 100 days of running started on the 28th of April and in 95days, here are my statistics :

  • Days run: 95 (5 days left)
  • Km done: 710 km
  • No. of days missed: Nil
  • No. of 1/2 marathons: 2
  • No of 10kms + runs : 25
  • No. of 5kms -10kms runs: 53

I thank HDOR from the bottom of my heart for making me totally a transformed person in just three months. Now running has become an integral part of my life. Long distance running is the best thing that could happen to my life.

I am indebted to Mr. Prabhat Singh sir, Rajesh Padha sahab , members of Jammu Runners and HDOR team for bringing long distance runner out of me.