This looks crazy to me too : Century of back to back/daily HMs

Last year when Ii completed my HDOR (which included 21 by 21, regular/daily half marathon), I decided to do something more crazy to get on to the next level, I decided that I’ll do 100 continuous daily HMs in 2018 edition.

But yes this craziness needed to be coupled with proper planning and execution, diet/hydration/speed/recovery/stretching etc needed to be thought off before starting off, also proper time management, so that normal day to day life doesn’t get affected.

In a family of two small kids, it becomes very important to support wife for helping kids get ready for school, simultaneously keeping office routine as usual.

Entire HDOR’18, worked on principle of “early sleep and early rise”….

Entire season, i didn’t let my normal life get affected by running, though daily spent around 2 to 2.30 hrs on running.. while holidaying also, took my running kit to keep the routine intact…

This would not have been possible without support of my wife, Komal, who understood in the beginning that “I am not listening “,ultimately leading to her whole-hearted support.

What else you require if you have excellent co-runner like Sandeep Chauhan,self motivated, who inspires you also when you are low…

Though it wasn’t very easy, especially after around 50th daily half marathon when fatigue started engulfing body, but mind use to get rejuvenated by inspirations coming from CDR champions, difficult to name here, because they are many…

Some good memories like couple of HMs in manali, one in mandi , one from Zirakpur to Patiala(43 Kms), Zirakpur to Rajpura(26 Kms) , are part of HDOR’2018