Hello friends, my name is Bala from Dream Runner Group, Chennai.

I was weighing 108kg (waist +46”) before I could start up any sort of activity.  I was feeling very embarrassed to go shopping with my  spouse  as I was not getting suitable dress that fits me. I then realised that its high time to reduce the body weight to transform myself to a relatively decent shape. I tried out a series of diet & was able to reduce just 12kgs+.  But that wasn’t enough to make myself comfortable. I  felt that I was draining my energy completely to reduce weight which is not the right way of doing it. My purpose of following diet was to change my physique and I realised that I should charge my body regularly. After experimenting with multiple sports, I finally landed up to running as a last of resort of Weight reduction plan. But to my surprise Running gave me that energy and confidence will eventually help me to get to a physique of my choice.

With consistent practice and valuable tips from  Boat Club (Chapter of Dream Runner) &  Run-T.Nagar (Chapter of Dream Runner) I gained endurance which helped to complete my 1st Wipro FM in DEC’18.  I also Did by 1st 10kmX10days in Feb, but again  I always had the feeling that I lacked the spirit of proper running. During Mar’18 I came across this 100day Challenge from my Run-T.Nagar group. I decided to take up this challenge and pursue it how much ever I am subjected to any kind of barrier. I had the objective of completing 100 days of Running without breaking it out in the middle.

Apr’18~May’18: I started slow & steady  although I am used to Running.  but my Motive was to stay injury free & complete the challenge thoroughly. I was so happy that many of my friends in our running group were interested in the challenge & joined hands with 29 other Friends in Run-T.Nagar. They schedule the training every week with proper Strength & flexibility Trainings, which helped me feel strong all the time. I was so happy that I reached +200kms, when my target was 150kms.

This month I had few official & personal plan to  travel out of station. However I made my mind to do atleast 2kms everyday wherever I go. Interestingly, one Sunday morning, I had to catch local train in Trichy @6:30am. I went little early with my spouse & 4year old daughter. I asked them to wait at the station & I ran 2kms for that day. My daughter was really happy  seeing me run & she wanted to join me in running. I felt that Running inspires people of all ages. With that motivation I carried on with my running that month & achieved another 210kms mileage.

July’18: This month my confidence level grew exponentially & I was able to outscore my original target of +500kms on 79th day.

Aug’18: I have just landed on the brink of completing the 100 day challenge. This challenge has given me the confidence to lift myself up to a better running. Also my endurance and running style have also improved significantly. I am confident that I can complete 650kms in this challenge.

Month Targeted Mileage Achieved Mileage
May’18 (31days) 150 202Kmz
Jun’18 (30days) 160 210Kmz
Jul’18 (31days) 170 212Kmz
100th Day 500 +650 Kms (To Meet)

I would like to thank my wife whom I had to disturb waking her up at 4am when I leave out for my work out. My best friend Santhana Krishnan always stood beside me and guided me throughout the period of this  challenge.  Without my Run-T.Nagar  Run team support & office colleagues & running buddies support I  would not have not been continuing my streak at all.

I feel running give us positive vibes to keep ourselves fresh throughout the day. Best part running with group will give you more friends of all ages and inspire us with their spirit of Running.

I hope this is the seed that I have rooted myself today & wish I could grow my Tree of fitness taking good care for long term.

Hats Off, to the #100days Organising Team and I proudly congratulate all the participants of 100 Day Running Challenge !!”

Balasubramanian T.