I am Shahid Hassan from Jharkhand and live in Surat, Gujarat. I am not only a runner but also a triathlete. Through the ups and downs of running, I have a new perspective in life. The suffering and success has made me a stronger, happier person.

I had started my running journey in the last week of January 2016. I have taken challenge to come out from bed and do something that is challenging in itself. So started running. My colleague Deepak Jadam had run many half marathons, so I joined him for some practice runs. Here onwards our Jay-Veeru Jodi running journey has started.

He is always support, guide & motivated me throughout the journey. He knows the strength & he encourage a lot to me. After 3-4 practice runs, I did 5 Kms run at Vadodara International Marathon on 07.02.2016 and on next week completed 10 Kms at Surat Night Marathon with ankle pain. On this race got injured & it seems I cannot run further. However injury was heel out within 15 days and again started running.

By a post on Facebook, I came to know that there is 100 days of running challenge coming in last week of April. Without any thought I registered & encourage many friends for the registration.

As being newbie runner, my base is poor & I have no idea how & what to do pre, during & post run. You can say zero knowledge on running.

Started the 100 days challenge with a 5 Kms run continuously for 7 days and then after reduce it to mandatory minimum 2kms run but it is not enough to prevent injury after 15 days. As I always come to ground and started run & finished the target distance without any warm up or cool down. So got injury as Achilles tendon that resulted in sideline from running. My dream to complete 100 days of running challenge was over here.

Healing out the injury and again started run but limited to maximum 3 or 4 runs per week & concentrate on running form, diet & core strengthening. During these 100 days of running journey, on later part I did some good run & completed my first ever half marathon distance practice run and developed as a runner from zero to 22 Kms run. On a lighter note I have not completed the 100 days of running challenge but learnt many lessons. I had managed to run 204 Kms in just 34 Days only.

Through this challenge I could know many runners & made good friends all across India. Still I was very happy as I was the winner of quiz for guessing the nearest cumulative distance ran by 100 days of running challenge…………..

I had not accepted the 100 days of running challenge 2017 as I wanted to enjoy the run and run as & when I wish… There is no commitment of daily run…. It was very tough challenge. However, I had registered and run data was submitted whenever I ran. I had managed to run 193.79 Kms in just 22 Days only. But running practice was continue & completed many races which include many half marathons, debuted in full marathon & ultra marathon 76 kms. Moreover, completed half iron distance triathlon at Hyderabad triathlon in 2017.

I was running in good form but unfortunately got accident while cycling during BRM 200 on 19.11.2017. This was very disappointed to me & all my hard work has gone in a moment. After recovery started again running slowly with one hand hanging on neck as it was fracture. But I never give out & continue my training run for marathon to complete in Sub 4 hours. Again my right knee got paining after practice run of 35 Kms in 03:15 Hours and many back to back runs. So stopped the practice run before one week from event to recover soon & it seemed I recovered fully on race day. But on the race day 07.01.2018, my right knee pain got worsens & I was not able to run. So quit the race & accepted my first DNF (Did Not Finish) wholeheartedly as know it was not the last run but it would make me stronger, mature & wise. It was a learning lesson for me.

Consulted to Dr. Ashish Kapadiya Sir, Physiotherapist cum ultra runner cum mentor, he told me take rest & do stretching & exercise regularly for fast recovery. I would like to thanks him, without him it was not possible to recover soon.

Did only 2-3 practice runs and completed the 10 kms run in 50:20 minutes with PB & grabbed podium in officer category at the Surat Marathon on 25.02.2018. My confidence was again boosted up from this run.

Again taken one month break and resume running in the end of March-2018. Registered in Big Duathlon Challenge to indulge myself in discipline for run in which one had to run minimum 2 kms at least 15 days and cycle 5 Kms at least 15 days and this was started since 1st April-18.
I thought I am going to run 15 days in April. So why I can’t make it more challenging & One another challenge of Indian Marathon- April Challenge accepted n which one has to run 5 Kms daily for 30 days. Both the challenges of April successfully completed & it helped me lots to get confidence & overcome my fear of injury….

Base was already made strong by April challenges, so I thought one must experience the 100 days of running challenge once in life. Therefore, I registered for 100 days of running challenge with more confidence, determination & commitment and target is to complete the whole 100 days of running without any target in cumulative mileage……..So I continue my ruining streak for the 100 days of running challenge…..

In this journey of 100 days running challenge, I had run after lots of difficulties like amidst scorching heat & humidity, work for around 11 hours, Night shift work, fasting in Ramadan, and travel for whole day, over all I was able to manage & run minimum 2 kms on all odd conditions in morning-evening, day-night even in late morning – after noon. Due to work exigency I had worked around 10:30 PM, so run 2 Kms on office uniform to fulfill daily run. However, really I enjoyed the night run in hot & humidity after breaking fast. Each run give me immense pleasure and drive me for next run. During this period I got my back to back PBs in 5 kms &10 Kms even though whole day fasting and work. I had run first sub 50 minutes 10 kms on the occasion of the Eid & that made my day so special…… I have already completed 100 days of daily running on 9th July with 10 Kms PB run in 47:49 Minutes and first time wear my 100daysrunning challenge tee of this year…..During this 100 days of running I ran 500 Kms.

Still I am improving my run day by day and achieving new PBs too…..Now my PB stands for 5 Kms 22:20 Minutes & 10 Kms 47:49 Minute…..

Still I have not got sufficient time for long run and my long run was 16 kms only after injury.
Looking for the couple of long run on next week.

As on 29.07.2018, successfully completed 120 days of daily running & 93 days of official 100 days of running challenge…… Here I can say it is very true “Body achieves what mind wants”.

I am not looking back and continue my 100 days of running challenge with more focus, determination, discipline, commitment and more importantly wisely while taking care of body. I am always inspiring from Surti Runners, HDOR Community & Did You Run Today post.

This challenge made me more persistence, determine, discipline, strong & wise…. Now running has become an integral and indispensable part of my life. After each run, I feel a self satisfaction; inner peace & immense pleasure which drive me for daily run……Wish me luck for the rest of run…..

At the end I can say “Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring”.

Now I can say HDOR is a great challenge and one must do at least once to experience it.

First of all I would like to thank my lovely wife & daughters for tolerating my running passion and same time encouraging completing the challenge…..

Thank you very much Deepak for introducing me as a runner, constant encouragement, realizing my running potential and pushing me…..You believe on me more than me……

I would like to thanks to think tank of 100 days of running challenge Mr. Tanvir Kazmi. Thanks a lot sir for organizing a wonderful event in off season to keep motivated throughout the summer….