Hi.. my name is Ankit Tiwari..37 years old from beautiful Pink City Jaipur. Working with Amazon & running since last 10 months only.

I am suffering from severe Anklosing Spondylitis with few fused vertebrae in spine & severe stiffness in neck resulting in restricted movement since last 15 years

In October’17 one of my friend Mr Kapil pushed me along with him to run 1 km but I completed 2kms which made me realized that I have still that energy which I thought disease has depleted it

So I set my target to participate in maximum number of marathon events & also try to increase my running Km’s.  In between Mr Kapil made me joined Pink City Runner’s Group of Jaipur wherein I use to get all registering/info help on upcoming marathons. Stories of runner’s & Mr Namit of PCR motivated me to increase my Km’s & endurance. Till date have completed successfully 10 marathon event & now able to complete 10Km’s run with ease.

Hundred Days Of Running Challenge Journey:

Through PCR I came to know about HDOR challenge which requires high determination, energy & endurance above all sacrifying late night parties, junk food or you can say your bad habits. From that day I set my target to complete 100 days what may come so as to test my endurance, discipline & determination.

My planning is to have average 3Kms per day b/w 1-15 days so as to develop endurance & pace also get adapted to daily running, later increased the km’s & set the target to achieve in 100 days around 4.5-5kms daily average.

Faced challenges like doing running when I was out of Jaipur, extreme heat & rain…had to ensure that I do not miss a day so sacrificed family time & parties to adjust the same in running hrs. Suffered knee injury, bruises & pain in back but still not stopped.

Because of determination till date have completed 93 days with zero break day & completed 400+ Kms

HDOR challenge tremendously changed my physical, mental & social outlook to positive side. People give me respect as a runner & take me as their inspiration, I have now got my identity as Runner & feel proud because of it. I have now become more disciplined in life & also my concentration, patience level & endurance has improved a lot because of HDOR.

Really the credit goes to my Wife & Kids as there quality time was shared in Running, my motivator Mr Kapil Pachori, Mr Namit & Pink City Runner’s Group.

There is no age & time to start running just require determination & zeal to do ….So don’t wait…Start Running.