Hi, myself Suresh Dwivedi based at Jaipur, all of 44 years, and working for Resonance Eduventures Ltd as a professor of Chemistry and part of the Jaipur PinkCity Runners group.

Before starting to run,I used to go for morning walk 4-5 Kms daily for many years, but in Feb 2018, one of my friend suggested to run a marathon. For the first time I participated in an event, the AU BANK JAIPUR MARATHON for 10 Kms, and completed it in 51 minutes. I really didn’t know it was a good or bad pace but after that I regularly started running at least for 10 Km daily.

I have now completed my first Half Marathon in 01:49:39 hours which was supposed to be a very good pace for a new comer like me. Before HDOR commencement, I was running in the 50 DAYS RUNNING CHALLENGE where I completed 1240 odd Kms in just 50 days which is equivalent to a Half Marathon everyday…..

When HDOR commenced, I thought about completing at least 1000 Kms, but I just kept on increasing my commitments for running …..

In last 93 days of HDOR, I have completed

  • 40 Half Marathons
  • 2 Full Marathons (best 04:14:12 hours)
  • 3 Times -30kms
  • 1 Ultra run-51.3 Kms

In HDOR ,I have completed around 2450 kms in 93 days. This looks like a miracle to me. Just 6 months back, running like this was like a dream and I never thought I could do something like this.

I really thank the entire team of HDOR to provide such a nice platform at least for new comers like me … I thank my younger brother Mahesh dwivedi (a far better runner than me and a good learner ) for being a good company in running …

My would like to share my other recent achievements besides HDOR.

  • 3 HMs (best 01:49:39)
  • Two 10 KMs timed run (best 50:28 minutes)
  • One Full Marathon (04:43:10 hours)

I am going to participate in following events in coming 2-3 months

  • LADAKH FULL MARATHON(9th sept 2018)
  • ADMH DELHI(21st oct 2018)

Start of running for me was just to take away my mind from certain issues and to get rid of negativeness but now it has becomes a passion for me. I cannot start my day without running at least 8-10 kms ,but due to professional restrictions I run more in evening and long runs on Sundays.

Because of HDOR I am a proud Marathoner and an Ultra Runner …
I suggest everyone to run everyday whatever distance your body can take comfortably, and its really a beautiful and complete exercise !!!

#keep running and keep motivating#