I am Er Anand Sharma a Mining Engineer by profession. I started running recently from Dec 2017 at the age of 52 years, and got lot of motivation from Pink City Runners Jaipur, after having completed 10 km as my first run with them.

I have joined 100 days challenge for the first time and planning to achieve target of 2000 km. I got lot of injuries in my initial days but didn’t stopped and never gave up. After about a months time, to my surprise, all my aches and niggles went away! 100 days running transformed me into a regular / addicted runner.  My strength and stamina is increased significantly, and now I have a capacity to complete half marathon in (approx.) 2.00 hrs, which looked completely and totally impossible just a few months back.

I have been able to overcome many of health issues due to regular running.

Running should be made compulsory to every citizen to keep the doctors away and save medical expanses 🙂

Accepting 100 days running challenge has helped a lot to in making me a regular runner.

Thanks 100 days team for wonderful event .