My name is Anil Mohapatra, based in Hyderabad, working in a MNC with demanding schedule and I am running for the last 2-3 years with Hyderabad Runners.

In 2016, due to dormant life style my cholesterol level gone up and to keep me fit started running occasionally and finished 10K in 93 mins (yes it is!!), one of the last contestant of the event, since then i never looked backed started running alternate day in the second year. This year daily with HDOR and achieved my PB of 57 min (still high :))

HDOR Journey

When I have decided to take up this challenge, and announced in my group it was mixed feeling from them, some of them told it is too much and some of them advised some tip for recovery. I have started in April 1st to have some experience before the actual event happened and already completed 118days.


The best support I received from my Wife, who was not sleeping in night for somedays to ensure that my 2.5years daughter not disturbing me.

Also want to remember my group members to ran with me all my odd days to keep me motivated

Days to remember from this HDOR:

Day 21-30: Challenging period, severe cold, late night work and fever but nothing stopped me to achieve at least 5km a day. On 38th day, blood dripped from my nose in morning in yoga class, i stopped Yoga and went for running

Why I am Running now?

It is stress buster for me now. I have discovered a new Anil. and it helps me for a fresh start every day.

Journey So far:

Started with a target of official HDOR 200km and now close to 1000km.

I will be happy if this post can motivate a single person.