This is my first HDOR and I started with a target of 350Km for 100 days, increased it to 500Km after almost 35 days and reached this target today in 92 days. I have revised my target, a stretched goal to beat HDOR overall average which is about 5.65 per day today and constantly moving up. I think I will fall short of reaching this goal but that’s ok.

I am Nirmal Damani, starting running in late 2016 with LBNagar Runners group in Hyderabad, ran for few months and then stopped due to business travel & late evening calls (I realize now that this was my lame excuse). I restarted the running few weeks before HDOR as a preparation for Hyderabad Marathon. Life lessons often come from places you least expect and wanted to share some of my lessons, experiences & learnings.

LB Nagar Runners Group

  1. Persistence & Endurance – I never thought that I will survive 100 continuous days of running however I always had encouragement from my running group & buddies. I started the initial few days 2-3Km a day and could consistently increase the distance and improve pace without much effort. I am planning to run few HM this year and FM by next year August
  2. Time Management & Productivity – I remember what my professor wing commander Roy used to say in early 2000 – “A busy man always finds time”. Just getting up 30 min early (and not be on twitter & outlook till midnight) helped me run for 4-5Km consistently and HDOR has made me do that; The other thing that is improving productivity is planning my day activities too while running. This saves about 30 min of my work day

    Running with PHIN Deaf & Dumb Students

  3. Compassion – My personal experience during the timed runs (participated in 3 timed runs in the last 90 days) – if a fellow runner is struggling, the fellow runners help & guide them (at the cost of compromising their pace); Saying a simple thank you to the Sag support team or motivating & congratulating the fellow runners showed how running teaches you to be compassionate to others
  4. Making friends – Made lot of friends from different backgrounds – architects, doctors, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, and of course the people from the industry I work in – IT & Supply Chain and we share variety of experiences. I also got opportunity to run at places that I didn’t even know existed in Hyderabad and for that matter less than 10Km from my place – like a deer park that is 20 min drive (Err 60 min run) and a forest trail, again a 20 min drive from my home
  5. Given it back to Society – The activities I am participating due to HDOR gave me opportunity to run to support couple of social causes, ran with students PHIN Deaf & Dumb school, part of organizing team for Nagole Forest Run, mentoring about 15 office colleagues as part of our #E2Fit program (hope to sustain it). What I realized is that these activities improve my own motivation to run.

I wish we had a OYOR too (One Year of Running) that will become motivation for lot of people to run consistently.

Thanks for reading and wish you all the best. Keep Running !!

Nirmal Damani

Twitter – @nirmaldamani