I am Rahul Bhatia, a Chartered Accountant by profession. Generally people who deal with finance, tax and laws have very sedentary lifestyles with long hours of sitting.

I have loved running since my school days and participated in many events. There was a long gap thereafter. I later got into running sometime in 2015, when I enrolled myself for the ADHM at New Delhi. Since then I have participated in a few half marathons including Standard Chartered Mumbai Half Marathon and a lot of 10Ks. I typically love running 10Ks.

Initially I was, what I would term as, a “Napolean Runner” (he came, he saw, he conquered (/ran)). There were no warm ups, no stretching, no strength trainings – only Napolean runs. I would run generally long distances on weekends.

And that is very much how I ran almost every half marathon without much of training, missed more than I attended due to work personal and professional commitments. As a result, the more I ran the more I caused to small injuries myself which put me back. Further, in the process, I also realised that I may not be an early morning (4:00 am or 5:00 am) person. I also don’t prefer gyms and treadmills.

I was out of running, for around a year now, due to certain commitments and thought maybe it was time to get back. I joined the 100 day running challenge 2018.

I considered that it may be a good idea to make small beginnings and consolidate them instead of adding high mileage right from the beginning. Besides it is easier to squeeze in short runs and also manage the commitments of the day.

I started with ~2 K a day for the first 24 days along with warm ups and strength trainings. Thereafter I increased my distance by 1 Km which I held on to for a number days. The plan was that I would not exceed beyond 5-6 K a day in 100 day program and at the same time put in a 2 K whenever I felt like it. I would run comfortable (relative term) distances at comfortable pace whenever I wanted to. I have run in the rains, in summer afternoons in NCR, late at nights and sometimes in different cities. I have been chased by stray dogs (at times I have altered my route after sighting a pack of them) and also run on dusty and polluted roads. But the overall idea was to enjoy running and never miss a day. I stand on day 92 now!

Running is a great way to meet awesome people from diverse professions and backgrounds. You can see newer places, if you club your holidays with a running event/ location. Running is a great way to knowing yourself better as it teaches you self belief, faith, discipline, camaraderie, etc. It teaches all to be humble for there is always someone better than you. Above all it helps you meet your best competitor – you.

I am not sure if I will run the Half marathon events in the near future, but I do believe that running short distances regularly is a lot of fun and keeps us healthy. It is something that I would endeavour to do in the near future.