Hi, myself Prem Singh Rana 45 years old based in Chandigarh. I am doing private job at a Chartered Accountants firm, and I am running since March 2018 with Chandigarh Distance Runners (CDR)

I am comparatively new to running as compared to all my peers in CDR as i started running in March 2018 in order to stay fit and healthy. At the age of 45, I don’t know or can’t remember how and when and why running became my passion and then a habit. Running helps me to reduce stress and keeps me going.

I got to know about 100 days of running through CDR only and took up the challenge like many others. Initially, I thought it’s just 2 km a day and that would be easy but believe me the difficult part is consistency and follow the motto – “COME WHAT MAY”. The true meaning of this motto is realised when there are days when your body doesn’t support your brain and heart.

You need to have this thing in your heart, this commitment, this zeal and eager to wake up early and go for a run and believe me after running becomes your passion, it’s the best time of the day. My best run is running during rainfall. I wake up at 3 am and start my run at about 3.45 am. My longest run till date in this 100 days challenge is 43 km and I am eager to break my own records in times to come.

In the end, I would like to thank CDR and all my peers, friend and family who just helps me keep going.

Stay Fit, Stay healthy, Keep Going (Running) !!! God Bless