Hi friends, I am Kamal Naithani & I am running for better lifestyle and better me day by day. Currently I am working with Incedo Gurgaon (software firm) as Technical Lead.

Running has become a part of my life. I started running from Aug 2015, when I first time enrolled for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Being a sporty person I was confident that two month training will be enough for me to complete my first half marathon, but I was wrong as being asthmatic and using inhaler on regular basis it was tough for me. I have to daily challenge myself and have to set new target to achieve this painful journey which soon become necessity and sweet for me. I have completed my first half marathon with two month practice in 2 hours 54 sec. Thanks to my brother and wife who supported and make the challenge look so simple (Both of them are marathon runner too)

By the first year of my running I completed 14 half marathon and one full marathon. ADHM second year was 1 hour 44 min for me. During the first year I worked on various running technique, such as Tempo run, Interval training, Fartlek runs, Long run which help me to improve my timings and injury free runs. I usually give 3-4 times a week for this

In years 2017 I was not able to be consistent in running and not participated in single marathon and was also not so consistentv(But I was doing other physical activity and run on treadmill for shorter distance to be fit as always, as I can’t imagine my day without this things). I tried to start many times (long run) but was not able to carry it forward.

April 28 -2018, 100 Days of running challenge started and I decided to participate in that. I was not confident whether I will be able to achieve this or not but somehow I decided to give a try, at least I will be not a quitter before trying.

  • Day 1-20 – Target was to run 3 km a day, which went well and with no injuries
  • Day 20-40- I decided to look for average of more than 5km daily and willpower and dedication goes stronger day by day
  • Day 40-60- I was more confident and with no injuries as of now
  • Day 60-90- Average was increase to 6.3 km daily.

Till day 91 Distance covered is 575 with 46 hours 37 min. PB of 5 and 10 km. My main aim was to reduce the timing and as of now I have succeeded in that. Expecting this 100 days training will provide my PB in ADHM 2018.

Moments such as travelling to Bombay, Manali with more than 12 hours journey, but somehow managing the time in between the travel was challenge. I used to run late at night due to office timing (around 9 PM to 11 PM). At start I was thinking what people will say about me but soon they recognize me on daily basis and most of them waive their hands during my run at society and security officer of society salute me.

HDOR and running have taught me managing time, discipline importance, consistency effect, patience level, never give up attitude and most important healthy lifestyle (For more than 2.5 years I have not used inhaler a single time).