Dear friends… myself Keyar Srinivasan from Chennai, and Chief Technical Officer of O Clock Software Pvt Ltd. I am an enthusiast runner from Run T-Nagar Run group, a chapter from Dream Runners. I like to share my brilliant journey of this 100 Days of Running and how much it helped me lot to improve my Pace.

Basically I was a lazy ball couple of years ago who find very rare time for simple activities. But myself felt bad and decided to start with Walk and which converted as Running now.

My Start

I started 100 Days of Running as a challenge to compete myself as how much I am fit myself and to challenge myself as how many days I can postpone my lazy days.

In my group from Run T-Nagar Run, we have started with 29 runners with a big challenge by sure to complete 100 Days, but I have a little dilemma on this where to stop, just in case if I feel any uncomfortable, feel free to stop. By God grace… Everything going fine.

Before we start this challenge, lot of disturbance from other groups, friends, articles etc as to avoid it and not good step while in training, but I decided to take this challenge as one of my training.

My Plan

When I started my first day, I had clearly listed out how to cover this as below:

  • Day 1 to Day 30 – 210Kms
  • Day 31 to Day 60 – 250Kms
  • Day 61 to Day 90 – 200Kms
  • Day 91 to Day 100 – 90Kms

Which should cover exact target of 750 Runs in 100 days. My Initial plan is to do 100 Hours, but unfortunately now I can do only 93 – 94 Hours Rarely because my pace is improved in this challenge 🙂

Very simple to say, initially I take 38 Minutes for my easy 5 kms with my comfort zone. But, now I can do it in 29 minutes, which is yes below 6 pace 🙂

I have created a Google sheet of my daily workout & mileages with help of my Coach & group mates. Its by sure not to be lesser than 40 Kms per Week & not more than 70 Kms per week based on the long distance run in that week.

My Journey

I have covered two 32 Kilometres (20 Miles), two 28 Kilometres, 4 Half Marathons including an event with my personal best of 2:22:50. To be frank, last year, in the same event, I did my First Half Marathon in 2:59:50. My originally target was to complete it in 2:15, which I still feel, its an easy job now to finish it in this time. And yes, this confidence I came one and only because of this challenge. Including this, plenty of 5 Kms, 8 Kms, 10 Kms and More.