My name is Rajiv Kumar Sharma, 40 years old, based in Chandigarh. I am running my own business, and I am running for the last 3-4 years with Chandigarh Distance Runners (CDR)

Running apart from keeping me fit n healthy also helps me to burn my stress for a fresh start every day.  It will be correct to say that running become an integral and indispensable part of one’s life. At least for me, it definitely is. Further-more, the fitness is not only physical, it’s emotional and mental fitness as well.

I got to know about 100 days of running last year in 2017. Like many others, I took up the challenge however after running for about 68 continuous days, I got injured after completing around 1800kms in a time span of 68 days. At first, I felt devastated but time heals everything and I was confident to complete around 3000 kms in 100 days challenge in next year to come i.e. 2018.

With a fresh start and forgetting about all the previous scars out of my mind, I started my journey in 100 days challenge this year and with God’s grace and support from my near and dear one’s, I achieved my target and even ran around 2800 kms in this time span of about 90 days successfully achieving my target.  My longest run amongst this 100-day challenge is 60 kms. In the end, I would be very happy if I am able to motivate even 1 person towards the benefit of running.