Hello friends, my name is Nancy and I represent University Runners Group from Bangalore, where my running journey started about an year back. I work for Sonata Software as a Human Resource Professional. I have participated in many long distance events with distance covering 3k To 21.5k average pace being 6.2 and above.

However my 100 Days of Running has been my best journey ever. Let me list some interesting incidents which connect together my journey in this event:

Day 1

Was an Easy Go Day since I am anyway used to Running but a little more cautious to stay injury free since I have registered, announced and challenged myself for 100 Days of Running. All I had in mind was to ‘complete the event’, ‘Stay Consistent, ‘Persistent’, ‘injury free’ and opted for minimum target of 3k which can go higher basis flexibility and by time. Also that I had somewhere in mind, let me hit 21 days first and then decide further.

Day 2 to 21

Running journey continued that I started posting and making announcements on Facebook and other Whatsapp groups about the progress soon after that 21 day completion in my mind. I was too much occupied during this time that I completely missed updating and linking my Running app to the event links. I was using Run Keeper and not Strava and yet had options to export the data but it was Time-up by the time I realized this mistake of mine. I thought for few mins in my mind in the later days I will anyway not get any certificates or medals; should I really continue?? I said Yes Yes and Yes, thrice to myself knocking off all the odds saying ‘No’ and ‘Let’s See’ from within.

Day 81 and Onward!

This thought provoking happened with continually fighting challenges to reach the 21 Day and I thought how better could it be when I complete the 100 Days; And Yes Here I am to say that it’s my 82nd Day that’s had a massive change on my outlook, my thought process, my tasks execution both at work and at home which wouldn’t have been possible without this exuberant opportunity that team ‘100 Days of Running’ has provided, My Running Guide Runkeeper, My Team University Runners and Most Importantly my Strength Comes from the almighty, My 4 year aged Daughter, My 35 year aged Husband, My Parents and My Friends who’ve been my Rock to Stay, who didn’t let my feet stumble.

All my Runs are tracked in Run Keeper which I failed to update in the Event Link but didn’t failed To Give-Up The 100 Day Running Challenge Accepted.

I usually Run in Morning Hours in A park or on the Roads in Bangalore University and there were days that I missed In Morning and postponed to evening and sometimes in the Night and some days in-side the Room also that I did Running. Shocking ?? But this is the Truth!!

I was once on a Holiday and it was a remote place where I couldn’t go out and Run. So, ones everyone slept I silently completed my short distance Run inside the Hotel Room.

There were days that My Daughter used to get up cranky and wasn’t letting me Out in The morning, my husband supported me in waking her up early in the morning, taking her also to the park, making her also to Run along with me, making her play games in the park while I was Running, what All and what not has he done if I have to reach this 82nd Day!

There were days that i had to Run in late hours after the busy long days that my husband and daughter waited for me in the corridor, assuring me the safety in dark Nights ensuring my Running was complete for the Day at Gratis Spilleautomater På Nett.

As A Women, we are sometimes forced to have our own limitations and yet it’s up to us to stand up in confidence to prove and sustain the challenges accepted.

My Belief : Think Before You Start And Think Only After You Complete. Dont think in between that will for sure hamper all your efforts that’s taken you beyond the levels you even thought.

Running was Always an Idea but it’s now in continuous action, making Time was always difficult but it’s now A ‘No Compromise’ – ‘Come What May’ !!

18 more Days to Go and Here I am to Say that I opted Righter, Fitter and Better Than Ever. I didn’t do This alone, this victory belongs to the Almighty who gave me strength, the entire Team -‘100 Day Running Challenge’ who gave this opportunity; My Well Wishers who gave me motivation and My Family who gave me courage.

What an Idea for a fitter Nation!

How Can Anyone say ‘No’ for Yet Another Year of ‘100 Day Running Challenge’

Hats Off, Team And I proudly congratulate all the participants of 100 Day Running Challenge !!”