I am Prachi Thaledi from Noida. I am a beginner who runs outdoors and on her own. Found a group of charged runners (Adidas Runner- Delhi) & now I am trying to attend their weekend sessions for some serious fun. I am a rural marketing professional & thus travel to interior regions very often.

I picked up running last year in 2017 just as a casual form of exercise..little did I know that it would become the BEST FORM of mobile therapy for me. My running sessions started with 100 Days of Running (HDOR) -2017 but I did not officially participate because whilst I enjoyed running I was not sure of my dedication, health, routine etc. After running for around four months, as a novice, I got myself injured during a long run (and yes i had reached up to 12 Km). After sessions with PT, I was suggested to take complete rest, means no running! This went on for 6 months or so, of course I wasn’t happy but was living by the mantra that ‘recovery paves the way for comeback’!

So, when HDOR was announced this year, I had firm plans of participating as I wanted to come back badly for two reasons 1. I missed running 2. I missed running badly. So with top fervor I registered for the HDOR, starting slow. Initial 30-35 days I was running only 2 Kms a day as I had big time fears of the injury springing up. Whenever I tried running a little longer, mild pain surfaced, so I thought it intelligent to stick to 2-2.5 Kms a day. That injury made me wise!

I aimed to sail through the 100 days target amidst scorching heat, humidity, pollution, really bad menstrual cramps, personal commitments, office tours etc. Came June, I found myself reaching from 3 to 6 km a day. Having run 300 Km till mid-July, I still have no goals set as I am very much enjoying the journey. Running in general & HDOR challenge in particular has made me aware of my strengths & my will power.

Three days to remember from this HDOR so far

I was in interior of Lucknow for work, while I was on my morning run, people literally stopped their vehicles & looked at me like I was alien who had nothing better to do.

I was in Dehradun to attend a wedding & I remember the super tough run after two consecutive (complete) sleepless nights.

During a night run, when I took a path less traveled by & was lost. That was really scary & very unsafe.

As I sit on 83rd day today with a 10 K in my kitty, I just wish that I complete this challenge with the same euphoria and lot of learning.
Everyone runs his own race for his own reasons..this is just a beginning for me. Now, all eyes on ADHM later this year.

All the best folks!