Hi friends, this is Udit Handa. I live in Dehradun and running with Dehradun Runners Club (DRC) for almost 2 years now.

As a new runner without any knowledge about running or how to treat niggles I took up the 100 Days of Running (HDOR) challenge two years back. I considered myself fit enough to complete the challenge. I would run as fast as I could without any warm-up or cool down and complete my 2 km runs. In the 2nd week itself I developed a niggle in my right calf but I continued.

By 20th day it became unbearable and I dropped off. Next year I did not participate in the challenge but instead I signed up with coach Sri Naresh Nayal who gave a lot of insights on running, strength training warm-up etc which made me realize that running was a complete sport that required you to be strong overall.

This year I took up the challenge and completed my 60 days. I have been following my usual running schedule and running minimum of 2 km on my rest days. Also listening to my body and taking care of my body. There have been a few days when I was travelling or not well but I still managed the minimum number every day.

HDOR is definitely a great challenge which improves you as a runner but I would suggest every new runner to be aware of the basics of running before jumping into the challenge.